Do you speak Puertorriqueño?

I was out on my usual internet adventures today when I stumbled across something un poquito raro.

I’m used to seeing a “Click here for English” and “Haz clic aquí por español”, but this is the first time I’ve ever run into a “Puertorriqueño” button.

Now I know each Latin American country has their differences and their own palabritas, but was this really necessary?


  1. I wonder if this doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that Puerto Ricans are US citizens and this organization offers free consultations to US Citizens and Permanent Residents. So instead of just having Spanish and English, they have Spanish for the general Spanish-speaking public (so possibly no free consultation), Spanish for Puertorriqueños (free consultation).

    A very poor way to architect a website and a great (though unintentional) way to create a buzz.


  2. Ok, totally not necessary. I clicked on both and compared. The “Puerto Rican” Spanish page gives the same information but in “toned-down” Spanish. So less big words were used to say the same thing.

    They must think we’re “toned down” or stupid, I guess. ;)

    What do you think?

    • @ Melanie – I have no idea what they’re thinking! I’m tempted to contact them to ask why they have the separate button. LOL.

  3. Interesting since it’s written. Puerto Ricans certainly speak in a very distinct way but since there is no video what’s the point?

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