Sleep With One Eye Open

My Suegra often shares her sueños with me – and when I say “sueños”, I don’t mean her goals in life, but her real dreams that occur when she’s sleeping.

The problem is, she doesn’t understand anything about psychology and how such things reveal her. She has told me about dreams in which she slaps me and she thinks nothing of telling me about it because to her it was “just a funny dream”, when in reality I know it reflects her true feelings towards me.

Last night she had a dream that her (long ago deceased) husband was cheating on her with another woman. She said when she saw the woman she was shocked because “the other woman” looked like me.

Maybe it would help if you know that my husband, (her son), is the spitting image of his father.

Well, she says that in this dream, when she saw this woman that looked like me and she saw that this “other woman” was with her husband, of course she became extremely angry and jealous. She then told me that in her dream she decided she would follow them and take revenge.

¡Dios mio!

I guess I should just thank my lucky stars she doesn’t sleepwalk?


  1. She would not harm you while sleepwalking. Don’t worry. All she wants to do is to skin you alive – in real life. Suegras are bloodthirsty.

    • @ Jana – Well, I’m a struggling writer and vampires are popular right now. Perhaps I should write a Suegra Vampire character into one of my stories? ;)

  2. My mom tells me she “had the funniest dream” where she gives me advice or deals with a concern. Advice that applies to my real life or oddball worries that only a mother would have. Its her way of talking to me, passively of course.

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