I had a few errands to run today and it’s so hot out that I didn’t feel like bringing the whole circus along with me for the ride, so I left the niños at home with la Suegra.

My weekend was emotionally draining and I’m tired, but even though I was entering the fires of hell by going outside today, (high of 93 F today in the D.C. Metro area), I decided to make the most of having a couple hours to myself.

Before I left my air-conditioned sanctuary, I put on a black belted shirtwaist dress which shows my curves, (the good ones, not the bad ones.) I hadn’t yet worn this dress which has hung in my closet for many months because although I adore it, I never had occasion to wear it. I was over-dressed for running errands, but wearing it made me feel good, so I did. Some days you just need to do that for yourself.

Well, while I was out, I got a piropo. Now, I’m not going to lie and pretend I’m offended. I know that some modern women will shake their heads in disgust at being treated like a piece of meat, but I don’t mind being a pork chop once in awhile.

The truth is, sometimes I even make up reasons to go by the Latino market when I’m having a low self esteem day. I’m sure to get a smile and an appreciative glance . Another confession? I love nothing more than pulling up at a red light next to a truck full of construction workers on a hot summer day.

So anyway, today I’m walking out the store and this young guy, (I’m guessing 20’s and he wasn’t feo, okay? He looked kind of like Jadiel and I’m only exaggerating un poquito), smiles, stops in his tracks and says, “Hey girl. You lookin’ fine. Look at you. Mmm, what’s your name? What’s your name, huh?”

I played it as cool as possible even though I was freaking out. I blushed and then managed to point to my ring as he approached me.

“Oh, man, you married? Dang, okay then,” he said, checking me out one last time before going on his way.

After I made it to my car and turned the air conditioning on, I burst into giggles and called my husband to brag. His first question was, “What are you wearing?” and then he told me to “Behave.” Hee hee.

So, chicas, how do you feel about piropos?

9 thoughts on “Piropos

  1. Ja ja ja ja!!! From the male perspective, this was hysterical to read! Years ago I was painting a series of pieces on the Gallos who would do this stuff. I had done young as well as old men. All Gallos. It’s always hysterical to watch the cultural differences with these guys. My favorite place to see this type of action is in border towns (US/Mexico). Especially towards blonde women; “Aqui vienen las blondies!” The older Gallos are a little more refined but Piropos nonetheless. Here’s a link to a few of the Gallo/Romanticos that I’ve still got on my gallery site: http://tinyurl.com/29j5wav

    The ego runs deep with lust. Lust and love are a fine line with the Gallos.

    I’m still laughing from your post. I don’t think I had ever put the female perspective with my Gallos. You may have inspired a new painting!

    • @ Joe – LOL – I love the paintings of the gallos, (I think that “Tacos Con Huevos” was my favorite. I love the story behind it!)

      If my story ends up inspiring a new painting, don’t forget to come show me!

  2. Realmente, los piropos en inglés son bastante desabridos.
    Un diálogo piropero en la Argentina sería así:
    -¡Esperá! ¡se te cayó el papel!
    – ¿Qué? ¿Qué papel?
    – El que te envuelve, bombón.
    – Jijij… Gracias, pero estoy casada.
    – No importa, linda, yo no soy celoso.
    ¡¡Aprendan gringows!!
    Me encantó este post. ¡Siga así!

    • @ Federico – Ay, tienes razón! Los piropos de Anglos y otros Estadounidenses casi no tienen sentido. Los piropos son un arte, y los Latinos son los Picassos ;)

  3. It does make me a horrible wife if I say that piropos is one of the thing I miss most from my country? Oh well, maybe Im not getting so many piropos in Italy because I’m also older than I was in Mexico =P

    Federico is right, latinos are the best regarding how to piropear a woman.

    • @ Blo – I don’t think it makes you a horrible wife. LOL. Everybody likes a compliment and to feel good.

      When I visited Roma and Firenze I got a few piropos, (maybe one of the reasons I loved it much more than other European countries I visited. LOL.) … Of course, I was about 16 years old and an obvious tourist, so that never hurts one’s chances. Maybe you should throw a camera around your neck and look lost? They love that ;) LOL.

    I love that you dressed up to go out, and I love that you got some attention too.

    I’m a big fan of the spontanious flirt-calls. It’s not all that common for me, but I REALLY feel good after. Now that I am in my late 30’s it’s all the more appreciated — I blush and flash my ring too…. though the tactic doesn’t seem to disuade Greek nor Middle Eastern ethnic groups, like it ups the challenge (no offence intended to these groups, is just MY observation).

    (hmm…. now I don’t think there are nearly enough latino men around here… too many british descent, too reserved)

  5. I think it’s fun. I especially love the men that actually say polite things but the ones that just yell comments usually make me laugh. Of course, I know that there are some that take it to a whole new level that is awful. I’d like to get rid of those guys and just have the fun and nice compliments.

    p.s. that comedy clip had me rolling!

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