52 thoughts on “¿Me oyes?

    • @ Deputy’s Wife – It’s really me. I forgot I should include subtitles for English speakers! I was just saying (totally abbreviated translation):

      I’m making this video so you can hear how I speak, my accent, the words I use, and if you want to tell me how I can improve, you can tell me. I think this is the last video I’ll be making because the day before I made a whole bunch and showed them to my husband and he didn’t like them. He said I was talking really weird and too “Mexican”, so now I’m trying to speak more clearly, but I’m not sure if it’s better or not.

      (And the text on the screen, I was just joking about the Salvadoran accent/vocabulary.)

      As for voice overs – LOL. I can’t even imagine! My Spanish isn’t fluent enough for such a thing but we can play pretend for a moment. What sort of gig do you think I would get? Something like dubbing voices in movies? Hmmm, I doubt it. My voice is not very feminine. I would get cheesy gigs translating informercials. Hee hee…

  1. Tracy, you speak perfectly fine Spanish! Tell your husband that “normal” is relative. No, you don’t speak like you’re from El Salvador…but that’s because you’re not from there! ;) My husband was just giving me a hard time about this recently, but when I go to Mexico City, nobody hassles me about the way I talk!

    • @ Maura – Thanks, chica! :) … I think my husband isn’t trying to give me a hard time, he’s just trying to help me. The thing is, my accent can vary wildly and I’m trying desperately to latch onto something and make it “mine”. I might never sound like a native speaker, but I want my own “sabor”, sabes lo que estoy diciendo?

      The problem is that I am picking and choosing what I like from different regions and I’m going to sound mixed up. Mostly I like the Mexican accent, (I know it varies from state to state, but you know what I mean), but I also like the carelessly dropped letters in Central American Spanish. And then from Spain, I’m fond of the “th” sound. I can’t incorporate them all or I’ll sound crazy? LOL.

      My husband is just encouraging me to speak with a “clean” accent, (like I’m a reporter on Univision, pues), LOL, but that doesn’t appeal to me.

  2. Oh gosh. Eres un Latina de veras, verdad? :) How did you do it? I wanna try! Y si, voy a tener que ser un chingo tambien, y practicar que voy ha dicir, para me entienden bien, porque ay muchas palabras que no encuentro cuando estoy hablando. Y por SEGURO voy a escuchar como una Mexicana (or gringa que quiere escuchar como Mexicana) porque no ay mas aqui. :) Y POR FAVOR! Tienes que hacer mas!

    • @ Humincat – I would love to hear you do it, too! Si lo haces, vas a practicar mucho sin tratando porque vas a hacer bastante errores. I’m shy and mess up in English or Spanish, so I was constantly stumbling over my words, cursing and shutting the video off and starting over. LOL. Because I did it so many times, I became more comfortable with what I was saying. I don’t think I usually talk that fast, (ni en inglés!) – but I had said a variation of that recording about 20 times already.

      Ni modo, tal vez voy a hacer más. No sé. Vamos a ver.

  3. Muy bien… muy bien… bien por ti.
    Tienes un bonito acento centroamericano no muy pesado, solo suficiente para darle un toque mágico a tu hablar.
    Sigue así, practica mucho con gente que hable correctamente español, pon más atención al conjugar los verbos y recuerda que en español se manejan muchas palabras que algunas veces se usan en masculino y otras veces en femenino, eso es todo lo que te falta, pero no es casi nada, solo práctica más. La práctica hace al maestro.

    Te sacaste un 10… Felicidades.

    • @ Cuty – Entonces, el acento centroamericano es contagioso después de todo ;) Puchica!

      Bueno, gracias por sus consejos. Las dos cosas que has mencionado, (conjugando los verbos y masculino vs. femenino), estoy de acuerda que tengo que practicar más. Esos siempre me joden ;)

  4. OMG! you sounds sooo cute! I loved it, your accent is just like my brother’s wife, she’s from Honduras. I love the way you pronunce the “J” and also how do u cut “S’s” to some words :)

    • @ Blo – I don’t know anyone from Honduras very well, but I imagine the Spanish is very similar to El Salvador, so I guess it would make sense that I’ve picked up some of that accent being around my husband and Suegra.

      Thanks for your kind words :)

  5. Very cute Tracy. I think you speak better Spanish than me! ;)

    I, of course, sound very Spanglish, but don’t really even have a typical Puerto Rican accent, since I haven’t lived there since I was 8. But, no one gives me a hard time.

    So, make your Español your own! Whether it’s Mexican, or whatever. Y dile al esposo que se calme! jajaja

    • @ Melanie – Gracias. I will indeed make my Spanish my own, even if it’s a complete mix of whatever strikes my fancy :)

  6. Love it! I could tell from the video with your kids that you had a great accent. I agree with your husband you do speak like a Mexican. No complaints here! You do not immediately sound like a gringa and that is awesome. My mom is constantly telling me I sound like a gringa. What’s your secret?

    • Grace – I’m sure that if I talked long enough, and more importantly, off the top of my head, you would be able to tell that I’m a gringa within a minute or two. Here and there I would give myself away. (Maybe you’ll catch me in the next video!)

      As for my “secret” – one thing I like to do is read books in Spanish aloud. It can be children’s books or adult books. This way I run into words I don’t know and practice pronunciation and fluidity, (since I love to read aloud in English and I strive to have the same rhythm that makes for good storytelling.) I often have my husband correct me as I go along.

  7. tu español es muy bueno!! Yo trabajo dando tutoría a gringos que quieren aprender el idioma, y tu te oyes mejor que muchos que estan en el nivel mas avanzado!! And you also sound better than my boyfriend, who is mexican pero mas pocho que nada!! I should show him your video, maybe he’ll feel bad and start practicing! lol
    Enhorabuena, sigue así!!!

  8. You’re great! Seriously — what are you talking about, not being cruel? Your accent is wonderful and you speak such fluidity. I’d be scared to death to record myself speaking Spanish and put it out there for the world to see. You got guts.

    • @ Lesley – In the interest of complete transparency, I had done so many “takes” of the video, that I came off as having much more “fluidity” than I usually speak with because of the accidental “practice” of doing it over and over!

      Thanks for your comment!

  9. Tracy, I just had a chance to listen to your podcast. I LOVE IT!! I cannot believe that’s you! You sound so Latina….and I love your intonation. You sound like you had a great time doing this. I say “do more” and, next time, let us see you!

    • @ Angelica – I did have a lot of fun. You all have convinced me to give it another go – but it will probably be just audio again since I will feel self-conscious doing video. Baby steps! ;)

  10. WOW, you sound great.

    Estaba deseando oirte.
    You are wonderful.

    Pasa de tu marido. Don’t pay attention to him. You sound lively.

    Love from Madrid.

    • @ Itzi – LOL, first time in my life anyone has ever described me as “lively”. Hee hee. In person I’m very shy pero muchisimas gracias for your comment.

  11. Remember the Cosby Show? I remember an episode where Claire was speaking Spanish and Dr. Huxtable smiled and said “I just listen for my name!”

    And that’s what I just did! LOL!

    • @ HeartinHand – LOL! … I don’t think it’s the same episode but you reminded me of the one with Placido Domingo… We watch the Cosby Show re-runs all the time here. Love it. One of my all time favorite shows.

  12. Your hubby said you sounded too “Mexican”? What’s wrong with that?

    No. Seriously. I once had a landlady from Mexico. I enjoyed hearing her and her family speak.

    I know. I sound like a clueless gringa.

    Pienso que hablas muy, muy bien! And your Spanish is much better than mine!!

    • @ Claire – He’s only half joking. He’s Salvadoran and there’s a little unspoken rivalry/jealousy thing there. I also love the Mexican accent, (though really, there are MANY Mexican accents depending on the state, etc.)

  13. Tienes un acento muy dulce! Opino igual que El Cuty. Practica, el amor por el español ya lo tienes, así que vas por muy buen camino!

    Ahora, si te gusta un tono/estilo más casual: Puchica chava, está chivísimo eso que te llegue tanto el español. Andás en la mera onda. Salú (Creo que mi abuelita desde el cielo está queriendome dar un chindondazo)

  14. Gringo to gringa….pretty good, but it sounded like it was being read…dime la verdad? Y los sipotes? Como estan? I always think sipotes sounds funny!

    • See my comment to Lesley above! I had practiced what I wanted to say many times and started recording over again when I made a mistake, that’s why it may have sounded like that. I definitely don’t speak that fluidly all the time, (even in English!)

      Los cipotes are doing well, gracias :) Thanks for your comment!

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