Spanish Summer: Conejito Azul

My youngest niño just asked me for a popsicle. It’s before noon, but it’s summer time and it’s hot already, so I figured, ¿porqué no?

“¿Cuál quieres?” I asked, opening the freezer.
“Hmmm,” he said, “Quiero, el conejito azul.”

First, I was surprised that he answered me in Spanish. He’s doing this more and more without prompting the past couple days, which is very exciting – but, what in the world was he talking about? I asked him which kind of ice cream he wants and he responds with “the little blue rabbit”. I thought something got seriously lost in translation until I looked into my freezer.


  1. Awesome! this is very exciting.

    I love how resourceful they are when they are willing to use the language to it full extent.

    Hopefully he won’t ask you for a “Limpiex” when he means a Kleenex.


    • We call them creamsicles here! And, we can get them in other flavours besides orange…

      and… I was thinking about this for a while… flavour in French is Savour… French and Spanish are really related. I find myself picking out words by their common roots lol!

      • @ Mandy – I call them “creamsicles” too – not sure why the box doesn’t call them that. (Maybe the name is trade marked by another brand?)

        Very cool that you’re seeing similarities in French!

  2. Ola Senora Lopez! I just found the message you sent me on Twitter a bit ago and just had to check you out. You had mentioned that ModernMami told you about me, that I am white but my husband is Latino. I am Senora Ortiz, lol! Or so I am called by telemarketers sometimes – ha! They usually hang up when I reply with No Se, No hablo espanol, lol. My esposo and I have been together for eleven years and we have three ninos. Like you, I am great friends with my suegra, thankfully she doesn’t live with us or that might drive me loco! Thanks for reaching out to say to me, I look forward to getting to know you better :D

    • Hola Señora Ortiz! :) Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to getting to know a fellow Latina-ish :)

  3. […] “¡El verano de español!” – (“Spanish Summer”) – originally started out with me simply committing to speak to my children only in Spanish all summer. At first it was a headache. I suffered self doubt and frustration with my own limitations in the language. I tried many methods, including bribery. I asked myself everyday if I was wasting my time. Finally, things started to get better for all of us, (though things did sometimes get lost in translation.) […]

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