Bubu Lubu

When the piñata broke open, niños y adultos alike, scrambled to retrieve their favorites. (The adultos pretended they were just helping the niños but I saw them gleefully flee the scene, their hands and pockets full of dulces.) My husband kneeled down and plucked up a long candy bar in a shiny blue wrapper that fell at his feet.

Bubu Lubu…What’s this? Ice cream?” he said, handing it to me.

It was cold in my hand, and as I stood sweating outside in the tiny courtyard surrounded by twenty kids screaming in a mix of Spanish and English about what was fair and who stole what from whom, I decided a little ice cream would be real nice. I unwrapped the “Bubu Lubu”.

Biting into it, I realized this wasn’t ice cream at all, just candy that had been frozen. A chocolate flavored coating surrounded marshmallow and some sort of jelly – and while most Mexican candies, (besides my precious Dulce de Cacahuate), leave me feeling indifferent at best, Bubu Lubu became my new favorite candy/addiction with just one bite.

“Oh my God…you have to find more,” I said to my husband, licking my fingers. He scanned the ground but only the remnants of popped balloons and lollipop wrappers littered the grass.

Just at that moment, Tico walked by. (The guy is from Costa Rica, and usually the only non-Mexican to hang out with this particular group, so that is why they call him that.)  Tico had a bag of extra candy and he was handing them out to kids who hadn’t gotten enough.

“Pssst! Hey Tico!” I called to him, “No tienes más Bubu Lubu?”
Tico looked into his bag and dug around, “Solo hay uno,” he said handing it to me.

I wanted to eat it, but I forced myself to save it for home. I later stuck it in the freezer and managed to wait a whole 24 hours before giving into temptation.

My last bite…

I mourned for a little while, because I have not seen Bubu Lubu at our local Latino markets, but this morning when my husband went into work, he asked his co-worker where they bought them. The co-worker said he loves them too and that once a week, a man comes in a truck and he buys them from him. If we give him money, he can buy me some.

Por Dios! He has a Bubu Lubu dealer!… I told you, this stuff is addictive.


  1. I am intrigued!! I have never tasted Bubu Lubu!!!

    I feel the same way about Mexican candy, except for the little cream cajeta and chocolate Duvalín candy!!!

  2. Frozen Bubu Lubus are a most for summer…. and any other season really!! If you can’t find any, I’ll be more than happy to send you some! My mom is going to Mexico this week and she always brings a few boxes!!

    • @ MJ – I knew I liked you ;) … LOL. I will let you know if I’m not able to get any. Thanks for your generous offer! (And if I take you up on it, I would be willing to send you something from out here on the East Coast.)

    • @ Claire – If you E-mail me the area you live in, I will try to track down a dealer — I mean, supplier. LOL.

  3. So what’s in it? I asked Hubby and he said “Oh, the ghosts? Yeah, they’re good.” ???? Um, do they look like ghosts, or maybe have ghosts on the wrapper or what? Anyway, is that jelly inside, with marshmallow creme?

    • @ Humincat – I thought the character on the wrapper was a marshmallow dude, but it makes sense that he’s a ghost. (Buuuuuuuuuu!bu Lubu) LOL. Google “Bubu Lubu” and look in “Images” to see the wrapper/box. (There’s also a link on this post).

      The outside coating is chocolate-ish, (though maybe not true chocolate), and inside is a somewhat firm marshmallow/jelly combo, (though it could just be firm because I ate them frozen. Not sure of the texture at room temperature.) … I’ve heard that Target stores in southern California have them for 50 cents a piece.

      • Actually, they’re only 24 cents a piece. :]

        I’m tempted to just grab the entire box at the checkout, but yesterday i noticed Walmart has a box of eight for about $2!

      • @ Lina – Wow! That’s a good deal. We have them in my city now so I don’t have to search everywhere. They’re 50 cents here.

    • @ Itzi – It seems I have created a Bubu Lubu love epidemic. LOL. I hope the company reads how much they are loved and expands distribution worldwide!

  4. OMG, you are TOO funny! :) Of course, I think we ALL have our own little weird addictions to things we can’t get very often (or ever). When I was in college, I would have my mom mail me all sorts of stupid things I couldn’t find up North–like Sunbeam bread, country ham, and Cheerwine. Mmmmm…Cheerwine.

    • @ RADgirl – I have a few regional favorites too. Mallowmars, U-bet chocolate syrup, real NY bagels, and hazelnut Manner wafers. (A lot of mine are from NY b/c that’s where my Dad is from.)

      There are also American candies I love which are hard to find that I adore – like Juju Bees. I recently discovered them at CVS so now I know where to get them! Otherwise, Cracker Barrel is always a good source for hard to find nostalgic candies.

  5. Well, I’ll just have to check out my local Target and see, though not a huge fan of jelly in my candy….maybe frozen it’s better. And EWWW, Juju Bees? Why dontcha just eat rocks?

    • @ Humincat – I understand what you’re saying about Juju Bees, but I like them anyway. LOL. Sometimes while I’m sucking on one, I say to myself, “This sort of tastes like soap” … but in a good way, if that’s possible. Hee hee.

      As for jelly in my candy – also not a fan – but the jelly in the Bubu Lubu is not very jelly-like. It isn’t gooey-ish, (at least when refrigerated or frozen, which is the only way I’ve eaten them.)

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