Let’s roll!

Most of my husband’s co-workers are Mexican and they usually bring thin corn tortillas in their lunch. The past few months my husband has watched as they take a tortilla in hand and seem to magically roll it up within a split second before eating it. (This is something that would be impossible with Salvadoran tortillas as they’re very thick.)

I witnessed this myself at a party this weekend and immediately wanted to learn how to roll a tortilla Mexican-style. After a few false starts I did it. After you roll the tortilla up, you can eat it right away, or dip it in something and then eat it. Here is a quick video demonstration of my husband rolling the tortilla if you want to learn, too.


  1. That was pretty good, very smooth! There’s also the quarter roll, which you loosely fold it in half twice. Don’t forget, Mexican tortillas are also a great alternative to forks and spoons too because of their pliability.

    • @ Liz – LOL. Great minds think alike. Hurry and make a video about how to fold a burrito before I get to it! ;) Hee hee hee…

  2. as a mexican I’m so used to this that I do it without thinking!!! it seemed so normal to me that I find your post really interesting! seriously, I can’t believe something as little as taquitos de tortilla can be so fascinating!! I definitely would think of you next time I eat! In Mexico we buy the tortillas fresh made every day and at some tortillerias they have a salt shaker so you can put it on a warm tortilla roll it up and eat it while they wrap your tortillas… hmmm tacos de sal…. ok, I’m hungry now!!

    • @ MJ – Love your comment. It really made me think how weird it would be for me to see someone make a video about how to make a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, as if it was a really fascinating thing. LOL.

      I believe you that you do it without thinking. When we were at the party, I watched people doing this so absentmindedly while talking, eating, watching TV – it was almost as if it were as innate as breathing or blinking to them!

      I will definitely try salt on my warm tortilla. I already know how it’s going to taste somehow and I’m salivating :)

      • Now that you mention it, when I was living in Spain I got some peanut butter in the mail and immediately made some PB & J sandwiches. My Spanish boyfriend loved them and I had to show him how to make them!! lol And I don’t think it’s weird, it’s fascinating really!! I love when someone takes interest in your culture and actually goes out of their way to learn about it some more!! =D Your husband probably won’t like what I’m going to say but you would make an awesome Mexicana!! LOL

      • @ MJ – See, now you’ve fascinated me. LOL… Teaching someone how to make a PB&J is funny to think about because American kids learn it just by watching their Mom make it every day. (I imagine the same way you learned to roll a tortilla.)

        I agree that it’s great to see someone take an interest in your culture. I wish all people were curious about such things. It’s a big compliment to others and I like the idea of celebrating/embracing/loving the differences, instead of finding fault with them :) … in an ideal world, right?

        {Abrazos} – from your honorary hermana Mexicana? ;)

    • Jaja I thought the same when I saw the post-it is funny that this is interesting to other people! This is how i eat tortillas, especially to put into caldo. Or straight off the comal in the morning. We do tacos with miel y sal, or natas y sal for breakfast.

      when you are an old pro, you don’t even start the roll with you fingers, only to use the palms of your hands!

      • @ Graciela – Right, you can tell my husband is an amateur because he had to start the roll with his fingers. I know many of you out there can do it much better because I’ve seen his Mexican co-workers do it and it’s at the speed of light. LOL.

  3. Hola guapa,
    Esas tortillas se ven super suavitas y blanditas.
    ¡Qué delicia!

    Ahora I’m yummi.

    Tu marido tiene such a bonitas hands.
    But he still the lucky one teniendote cerca.

    Océanos de amor.

  4. That was super quick! Usually my esposo just folds it in quarters and eats it with his food that way. Definitely not something that you can do with papousas! Do you know how to make them? My suegra hasn’t shown me yet but I know that I will learn one day. I have finally mastered making pico de gallo her way, that’s my fave! Oh, I have to tell you that I told Senor Ortiz how you said that I was married to a guanaco and he cracked up! He hasn’t been called that in forever, lol! So, for now I’m calling him guanaco daily, just cause I love to say it! Guanaco!

    • @ Kimberly – Suegra did teach me how to make pupusas but I don’t get consistent results. Usually my first 10 or so, the cheese leaks out, and then they get better with the last of the batch. I have to get into the rhythm. LOL.

      I love that you’re now calling your esposo “guanaco”. This makes me smile :)

    • @ Marcela – LOL, I believe you! he had a bit of a slow start there, but he’s a guanaco so give him a chance to practice ;) You know you can’t do that with pupusas! ;)

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