The secret ingredient in my kitchen is love

I love to cook. I love it because it fully engages all my senses and allows me to be creative while doing something practical to care for mi familia. I love the diversity of colors, textures, scents, tastes – the memories it conjures and creates.

My only problem is that I often used to stain my shirts. After I ruined much of my wardrobe, my husband asked Suegra to make me an apron.

Here is something nice I have to say about mi Suegra – she is a very talented seamstress, (and she’s completely self-taught!) She can make anything imaginable, from the sweetest little dresses for baby girls to silly Halloween costumes for mis niños – and when she’s not living with us, I realize what a useful skill it is as I haphazardly repair sofa pillows myself with crooked, child-ish stitches.

My favorite thing she ever made for me is my apron. She takes a lot of pride in her work and she took the time to embroider it in the traditional Salvadoran style. Salvadoran folk art contains colorful images of familiar things – houses, flowers, birds, and animals.

I wanted to take a photo of my apron to show you, so I put the camera on the counter top and set the timer.

I always take more than one photo just in case. I set the camera up again and while my husband has been known to run into the kitchen and steal bites of food before dinner is ready, this time my husband ran in to steal a besito.

I don’t usually post photos of myself or my husband, and especially one so intimate, (¡Qué escándalo! ji ji ji…) but this photo makes me happy and I wanted to spread the love.

“Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.”
– Harriet Van Horne


  1. Cute shot and cute apron too. It is easier to talk fondly of someone when they aren’t planted in your sala, gritando a tus hijos, no? :) You need to post more pics of you guys, you’re adorable, I mean it.

    • @ Humincat – So true about how much easier it is to say nice things when she’s not here! That’s why her trips back to her country are so important. They give me time to mellow out and regain sanity.

      Thanks about the photo. I don’t know about posting more. I’m still feeling a little skittish about having posted this one. LOL.

    • @ Lesley – An Etsy shop is a great idea except that all the responsibility would fall on my shoulders since she doesn’t know how to use a computer. She does sell her things though sometimes at local Latino Festivals, etc.

  2. uyyyy qué rico ese besito! Y qué lindo delantal. Tu suegra se inspiró en los dibujos/imágines de Fernando Llort, un conocido artista Salvadoreño que vive/vivió en La Palma, Departamente de Chalatenango.

  3. I second putting the ninny to work lol! Etsy would do her good but you’d have to teach her the computer.

    I love the apron! It’s super cute, I love the ‘a’ it’s very unique.

    Don’t feel so squeemish about the photo C’est tres belle!

    I don’t think I’ve seen a photo of Senior Lopez before

  4. I love the apron and I love the picture. Absolutely beautiful. I hope you remember me la otra Senora Lopez from NYC.
    You changed your blog, for a minute I thought I was in the wrong Latina-ish blog. Enjoy it as always.

  5. One other thing I meant to say is I love cooking too. I just found a great blog on cooking before I came to read your blog, I was telling her that I love feeding my family and that nothing has brought me more joy than having my family enjoy a meal.
    Here is to cooking and trying new recipes and loving our familias.

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