Donas y Sabotaje

Suegra knows I’ve been trying to avoid junk food and now she is trying to sabotage me.

Yesterday she came home with this…

She smiled wickedly, held the box under my nose and said in a sing-song voice like you hear from the street vendors throughout Latin America, “Traigo donas, por los que les gusten…”

It seems like a kind gesture, but don’t be fooled, gente.

I am not eating one.


  1. Just got all caught up on your posts…oh man, my heart just sank when you said she’s back. I feel for you.

    • @ MJ – LOL. Bubu Lubus are allowed in the house, (need to re-stock with our dealer. LOL). The thing is, they’re about 130 calories, which isn’t bad for a snack/treat. Also, since I eat them frozen and my teeth are sensitive, after I eat one, I have no desire to eat another…

      Most foods aren’t off limits entirely, (I love cooking and eating way too much!), I’m just trying to eat in moderation – but I have “trigger” foods, (usually foods from my childhood/comfort foods), which I know I will over-indulge in, so I just avoid them altogether, (like donuts).

  2. LOL! Omg…cannot tell you how much weight I gained after meeting my suegra! She begs me to eat with her and then when she’s angry, tells me how I’ve let myself go. Loca viejita…lol! ;)

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