23 thoughts on “How to Eat a Pupusa

  1. Me fascina este video, from beginning to end!

    Some of my favorite parts are:

    – your use of the word “pisto”

    – noting of the disco ball, otherwise known as “noticing the tackiness of the decor at most pupuserias”…LOL

    – the soundtrack for the drive back…LOL

    – use of “cipote”

    – telling cipote “no” about the dipping in the curtido

    This was awesome! Thanks for sharing! It made me smile. :)

    • @ cheleguanaco – Not sure what the cipote was trying to do there with his pupusa. He was dipping it like a tortilla chip in salsa. Too many visits to Mexican restaurants for him! LOL.

  2. LOVED IT!!!! Cada día el Guanacariño crece más!
    Hago un recuento de mis partes favoritas (pueda que coincidan mucho con los de @cheleguanaco):
    – Me encanta el “choice of song” en la pupusería.
    – Sabias que en Studio 54 las pupusas eran el appetizer #1 (de ahi la bola de disco en el techo).
    – La mesa de billar y una pupuseria!!!!! Donde crees que te limpias las manos despues de comer pupusas? El guanaquito estabe medio-limpiando la mesa, que bello!
    – El Perreo de la pupusa! No se como no chocaste al escuchar esa canción; los pies y “otras partes del cuerpo” parecen moverse sin control.
    – Esa pupusa se gana el premio de la Pupusa más Quesuda del North East!
    -Me encanta la wise-decision” de comerte la pupusa en el carro para que la suegrita no se fuera a molestar. Esto más bien parece la pupusa Watergate!
    – El niño va por buen camino, buena técnica!

    Gracias Tracy, you made my day!

    • @ Claudia – For a few seconds I thought you were serious about Studio 54. LOL! So naive! You got me.

      As for my cipote cleaning the pool table, lol. Cute, right? They should be paying him! (pero, en pupusas, of course!)

      The pupusas from this place are REALLY full of cheese. My Suegra says that the woman in the kitchen who makes them is Mexican, but I think she’s just making up malicious chisme because Suegra likes to sell hers to people in town. She’s trying to eliminate the competition by saying they’re not authentic. Jajaja

  3. Okay, after the amazing success of the meatballs at my home, I need to know what these “pupusa” are and how to make them!!!!

    I shall now google it and hope the ingredients can be found up here.

    • @ *Pol – So glad the meatballs were a success! :) … The pupusa is a very simply food as far as ingredients, but you may find that actually making them is difficult. There is a technique which takes practice. I wish you luck! (If you need links to resources, E-mail me!)

  4. Okay, I’ve never had a pupusa and the idea of the curtido didn’t sound very appealing, but it does look deliciosa. I might have to try this. BTW, my kids were all dancing to the music in the video. I’m loving the videos.

    • @ Susan – Thanks :) I’m glad you’re enjoying the videos. They’re fun to make. I think I’ve found a new hobby.

      I hope you’re able to find a Salvadoran restaurant and give pupusas a try!

  5. yay!!! you made the video!!! =D

    I’m guilty of eating pupusas like taquitos!! you would think that having a salvadorian roommate in collage would help but I never got around to learn the art of pupusas!!!

    Oh, I still have an extra box of bubu lubus if you want them!!

    Gracias very much for your comments by the way!!

    • @ MJ – Okay, if you seriously have a box of Bubu Lubus for me, I’m not going to say ‘no’ again. LOL. Send them to me and I will have to send you a little treat in return :)

  6. That was such a fun video! I have to say, I have only been to a pupuseria once. There are a couple near our house but we have never been. My suegra makes pupusas quite often so we always have our fill. La familia de me esposo eats their pupusas totally different. They eat it more like a taco. They put the cabbage on top then top it with homemade salsa. Then they fold them up like a taco and eat it that way. I do not like cabbage so I just eat mine with the salsa. I rip it into pieces and dip away. I have to admit, when I first started eating them I used a a fork and knife – for years. Oscar’s family laughed at me every time I did it. I finally started using my hands about five years ago, lol! The pupusa you ate look like it just had cheese inside, my suegra usually makes them with cheese and pork. A few times she made them with beans, those were pretty yummy too! The art of making pupusas is one thing that I have yet to be taught but something that I need to master eventually if I want to keep my esposo happy!

    • @ Kimberly – My suegra makes decent pupusas, (much better than mine), but I prefer the greasy fast food ones. LOL. That’s interesting that your husband’s family eats them taco-style. I have NEVER seen that done. I wonder if it depends on which department one is from?

      Yes, the pupusa I ordered was just queso. I like revueltas, too though.

      As for making pupusas, this is a much more difficult skill to master than eating them! I can make them, but my cheese sneaks out of half of them because I guess they aren’t sealed properly. Practice, practice! :)

  7. Tracy, I always love your videos. I busted out laughing at the part where you were talking about having to eat it in the car so your suegra wouldn’t know you were cheating on her by eating someone else’s pupusas. I’m begging you to please do a video of your suegra giving an instructional lesson to your boys about how to properly eat pupusas!!!! :D

    • @ Maura – LOL, a video starring the Suegra is so NOT going to happen! I would definitely get myself in trouble that way. And if I told her up front I was putting it on the internet she would find out about my blog. At this point she doesn’t understand the concept of a blog and thinks that her weirdo gringa nuera takes photos and videos to “show friends” — I don’t want her to understand any more than that! ;)

  8. Just had a chance to view this, as my cell phone won’t let me watch your movies :( Anyway, it was awesome! Your pupusa looked delicious (though I would add beans, lol) and I think I would definitely fit in nicely with your family, so let me know when the suegra moves on, so I can move in and eat all your yummies, lol. Make more videos, I need them in my life. Maybe with the boys speaking Spanish? Anyway, loved it!

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