If the gringos like it, it must be okay?

(Overheard in the car.)

Suegra: I want to stop at Target. I need to buy shoes for your Tia Marta.

My husband: And what about my Tio Emilio?

Suegra: I already bought him a pair.

My husband: Which ones?

Suegra: Remember? The white ones I bought yesterday on sale.

My husband: But, those are orthopedic shoes. Those are for my Tio?

Suegra: Yes.

My husband: But, they’re kind of ugly. Will he like them?

Suegra: I will tell him they’re in fashion in the United States. He will like them.


  1. Whenever we visit family in Mexico the entire town wants to know about the latest American fashions. We always bring clothes. People go crazy for them.

  2. We had guests from Bolivia for awhile and when it was time for them to return, they loaded their suitcases with gifts….t-shirts and clothes from WalMart. I was like, “Are you sure you don’t want to get something different?” And they looked at me like I was crazy…”No, this is perfect.”
    I must admit, clothes are more expensive in Bolivia, but it still seems like a funny gift to me. Shoes would be even harder to get right, I imagine.

    • @ Susan – My Suegra ships boxes full of clothing and shoes back to El Salvador. Some of it is gifts, and the rest she re-sells.

      Also, whenever in-laws visit, they also buy their souvenirs at Wal-Mart.

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