Go to the doctor? Nah. We have a bunch of guys from Veracruz, Mexico for medical advice.

My husband started having back pain the day after we picked Suegra up at the airport. I think he pulled something lifting her enormous suitcase into the car. When I mentioned this possibility, Suegra gave me la mirada that means she is cursing me inside her head, and she responded that if he hurt himself lifting then he is “más débil que yo” – and so therefore, it was his own fault.

Ni modo, back pain or no back pain, my husband has to work. The guys he supervises, (all from Veracruz, Mexico), eventually noticed that his back hurt and they asked him about it. They began trying to help him by asking some rather personal questions, which I think even our doctor has not asked my husband before. Ultimately they all agreed on a diagnosis. My husband has been instructed to stop having sex with the ceiling fan on. Apparently the cold air on his bare back while he’s…um… exerting himself… is not good for him.


  1. You gotta love the Mexican diagnosis process: “Estava prendido el aire? Oh, pues! Por eso guey!” If it isn’t the air, its the ice, lol.

    • @ Humincat – LOL, exactly.

      My husband can’t even laugh too hard because it wasn’t too long ago that I remember he would wait a specified amount of time to take a shower after work because he said the temperature of the water would make him sick after working in the heat. Also, you should see how he and Suegra take things out of the freezer. They do it so quickly to minimize exposure to the cold air. Some days Suegra even asks other people to get things from the freezer for her… “No quiero meter las manos por el frio”… I guess she doesn’t care about our health? LOL.

  2. OMG your blogs never fail to crack me up. LOL Oh those very wise Vera Cruz-ians…they are like your husbands own personal Spanish speaking Buddha’s, so full of wisdom and intellect! <3

  3. Jajajaja! Ay Traaaaysi, this is soo funny! I can imagine my compatriotas Veracruzanos perfectly! And their final diagnosis (excuse me, I need to be say it like it is, LOL!): un aire “polaco”.
    Guess what that is???!!!
    Love reading your blog!

    • I’m scared to guess what is “aire polaco” …LOL. Mandame un E-mail por explicar si no es “proper conversation” para las damas. jajaja…

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