Raising Bilingual Niños: Tip #5

Find something your kids like to do, and incorporate Spanish into that activity.

My kids, (especially the youngest one), like video games, and so we have a video game that teaches Spanish. The Nintendo DS game my kids have is called, “My Spanish Coach.” The kids like to play it and it adjusts to skill level so it is good for any age or ability.

Bonus tip: My older son has also switched the language mode on his Nintendo DS to Spanish, so regardless of the game he’s playing, even if it’s just Mario and Luigi bouncing around, he still practices his Spanish.

On a side note:

I was looking for the “My Spanish Coach” game on the internet yesterday so I could get an image to show you, and instead of “My Spanish Coach” coming up first in search results, I was getting “My English Coach: Para Hispanoparlantes”.

Qué interesante, verdad?

I’m wondering if this means anything from a sociological standpoint. Anyway, we may have to buy this new game for my husband.

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