Today I want to talk about “crushes”, and I found myself sitting for a minute, trying to think of my title options in Spanish. I know how to say “in love” and things of that nature, but a crush is not love. After a quick search, I gathered these possibilities:

Estar embobado/a con alguien – To be besotted with someone
Estar colado/a por alguien – To be cast by someone
Encaprichado/a de alguien – To be infatuated with someone
Estar prendado/a de alguien – To be smitten with someone
Tener un flechazo – To have an arrow shot
Estar pillado/a por alguien – To be caught by someone
Tener un metejón – (difficult to give a literal translation, maybe something like “To be really into”)
Estar remetido/a – To be tucked in
Estar perdido/a por alguien – To be lost for someone
Perder la chaveta por alguien – To be haywire for someone
Estar templado/a como las cuerdas de una guitarra – To be tempered as the strings of a guitar

All of these are fabulous in their own way – but none of them, for me, carry the sentido of “crush” – that silly, intoxicating feeling that makes one feel like a 10 year old girl crying into her pillow for New Kids on the Block just because she hearts them SO much. (…um, not that I know anything about that…pero, hands off Jonathan. He’s mine.)

So, why am I, (una mujer casada!), talking about crushes? Well because I have one!

Now I’m sure you’re wondering who my crush is. Well, he is a man with an inspiring story that came from very humble beginnings. He came to the U.S. from Mexico to work farms in California at a young age. He loved to write songs and he loved to sing. Some people told him he wasn’t good enough, but after the death of his mother who always encouraged him, he followed his dreams. You may now know him as “Espinoza Paz”.

To add to my juvenile feelings for him, él tiene frenos iguales a los que yo tenía when I was in middle school, which I find completely adorable.

The best thing about Espinoza is how shy he can be. (For all you timidos out there, some girls like that so just be yourself!)

“It’s just a little crush,
Not like I faint every time we touch
It’s just some little thing,
Not like everything I do,
depends on you.”

Crush / Jennifer Paige

Okay – now you have to spill the beans. Who is your crush?


  1. I totally know what you mean!
    I have two: a white boy & hispanic boy.
    Henry Rollins (whom I’ve seen live twice & stood merely feet away from).
    Pitbull. Yes. Pitbull. Nom.

    I haven’t heard of Espinoza Paz. Will now, though. Esta guapo!

  2. That is too funny! How did I guess you were going to say precisely Expinoza Paz? The dude is pretty humble and talented, two very rare traits to find together, so I can understand your crush, lol.

    Mine, is a little less innocent, more steamy and idolizing. Who you ask? None other than the only woman who can abbreviate her name into three single letters and inspire so much excitement in me: JLO!

    Ever since, Selena I’ve had a huge crush on her, and no matter what anyone says about her…I watch, listen and read anything with her name on it. It’s really pretty funny now that I think about it, but she is just all wonderful in my eyes!

    ‘Estoy bien clavado!’

    • @ Juan – So you guessed it, huh? You must know my type.

      I loved J.Lo as Selena, too! … I have said more than once, “I hate J.Lo… and when I say ‘hate’, I actually mean I love her and wish I could be her.” LOL. (This is usually what women mean when they “hate” other women.) Jenny from the block. She’s adorable and still very “real” despite all her fame :)

      I have her “On the 6” album. “Feelin’ So Good” and “Let’s Get Loud” are two of my happy songs I play to put myself in a good mood.

      You know she one of the new American Idol judges, right? I will actually start watching again now. I’m sure you’ll be tuned in, too. LOL.

  3. Maybe he’s not celoso since Espinoza is not someone you see (in person) day in day out, so he’s no real threat? I am so lucky to have a partner who is not celoso as I am constantly having crushes on other people :) – nobody famous at the moment I’m afraid, but there is one guy at the lab here who always makes me turn my head. Short blonde hair and an adorable accent – see, I don’t need much ;)

    • @ Lies – Wow, your partner is super secure and trusting. A “real life” crush would be something else entirely! Like you said, it isn’t like Espinoza Paz is my milkman, so there isn’t any real threat ;)

  4. I heart Enrique Iglesias (jr obviously). He is so sexy, I don’t even care that he doesn’t go for girls (or so the rumors say, who knows huh?) I am not CRAZY about him, but he comes on the tv or I hear his song, I stop and smile.

  5. Espinoza Paz is cute and definitely sweet but, certainly not my type. Those braces distract me too much. They remind me of my son’s braces.

    Oh my goodness!! Who’s my crush/es? I’ll keep my list short and sweet. Clive Owen, Russell Crowe, & Brad Pitt. All tall, strong, macho, very handsome men with thick wavy hair. Hmmm… I think I just described my husband too. ;)

  6. I’d never heard of Espinoza Paz before but he IS a cutie pie! Thanks for introducing us. ;-)

    My crushes all remind me of my husband (at least I’m consistent I guess!) although he doesn’t think he’s like them at all. Here’s the short list: Cristiano Ronaldo (hel-lo), Gael Garcia Bernal, and Chris Martin from Coldplay. Ok, maybe the last one isn’t close at all to mi esposo, but there is something so hot about rock stars… :-)

    • @ melssel – Cristiano Ronaldo, ah, so you like the fútbolistas too, eh? … Mine is “Chicharito” Hernandez. So adorable.

  7. Oye Tracy, se te olvido la version guanaca para “crush,” cual es “enculada.” LOL

    Ej: A Tracy le encula Espinoza Paz.

    • I don’t know which one is which! LOL… The Permitame video is so hot though – always been a favorite of mine.

  8. Hola chicas,

    I’m new here and I have been really enjoying your blog. I found you while I was searching for lyrics of the musica entrada de Los Herederos del Monte.I have been reading through your archives and I stumbled upon this entry. I wanted to share my big crush with you all,he is a 35 year old papacito originally from Madrid Spain that makes me melt everytime I hear or see anything about him. My daughter says I’m completamente obsessionada con el and my husband can’t stand it anymore. Everything is Enrique, Enrique, Enrique!!!!! Enrique is the reason why I started to learn espanol so I can watch his interviews en espanol. I wished I had someone to practicar mi espanol with. It’s still muy mal pero I understand suficiente to get me into trouble. I am trying to teach myself through some books, internet and mi favorita: los novelas cada noche. I’m muy feliz to have found your page and I hope I can make some new amigas/os here.

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