Te Encontraré – PART III


Te Encontraré – PART III
~Fools Rush In~

Summer gave way to Autumn. Carlos and I spent almost every day together at the expense of everything else. If I worked, he showed up on my lunch break to eat with me and exchange love letters. If he worked, I waited at his brother’s apartment for him, watching television with his visiting mother, who seemed to go back and forth between admiring me and disliking me.

I brought Carlos to a pumpkin patch for the first time, showed him how to carve a jack-o-lantern, taught him how to drive my car in an empty parking lot. He took me to a Spanish language Catholic mass, movies, introduced me to family friends, gave me my first sip of horchata. We watched telenovelas together, babysat his niece together, took his mother to the airport together. One day we ordered a large pizza, ate the entire thing by ourselves, and then just laid on the carpet feeling sick together.

It felt as if we lived a lifetime in only a couple months. We laughed, we cried, we shared secrets, we had fights and made up, and though I liked him, I became uncomfortable with how quickly things had happened between us. I felt like I was being swept away, like I had lost control.

Though he hadn’t done anything wrong, completely out of the blue one night, I gave him the “maybe we should just be friends” speech. Carlos begged me to reconsider, cried and literally held onto me, wouldn’t let me go.

Looking back, I think that both of us were lost in a way, and we found comfort in clinging to each other. He was far from his homeland, feeling every day that he was in a place he didn’t belong. I simply had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I was the one certain thing he could count on each day, and I couldn’t take that from him.

Though my heart felt conflicted, I decided to give things another chance. Remembering that day now, I shudder to think how thoughtlessly I almost threw it all away.


Wise men say,
only fools rush in,
but I cant help,
falling in love with you.-Elvis Presley


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    • @ Roxana – If you like drama, you are going to love Part IV. LOL. I’ll post tomorrow morning as soon as I wake up, okay? :)

      Thanks for the link. I did miss that one. Just went and read it and WOW. I love it and can relate to her story so much even though it’s quite different in many ways. I left a comment over there on Part II.

  1. you DIDN’T?!

    I guess that was one advantage to taking it slow… once I had made up my time to want him “in that way” my mind was all the way made up from every angle — no turning back.

    • @ *pol – See? Told you taking it slow had it’s advantages.

      I’m usually a “head-over-heels” type of person, but I do like time alone and I guess I felt smothered and maybe even worried that if I let myself get too attached, he’d hurt me. So many conflicting emotions! lol

    • @ Cheleguanaco – Well, as you know, he was living with his brother. His sister was also in the U.S. but living out west. He had a cousin up in NJ … I think that’s it.

      So, no, he didn’t really have other family in the area. Even now, not much has changed. Most of his family is still in El Salvador.

  2. The opposite was for me, soy weddo y mi esposa es mexicana, pero era igual que carlos cuando conoci a mi amor. thank you for sharing this, it’s brought back a lot of memories for me.

  3. This sounds like such a warm, sharing, time, though it led you to feel out of control. So often, the most beautiful times of our lives are filled with conflicting feelings. Or at least, that’s what I’ve concluded.

    And horchata? Yum!

    • @ RitaElizabeth – True about the conflicting feelings.

      Have you tried Salvadoran horchata? It’s different than the Mexican kind.

  4. Roxanne said she is sucker for love stories. I’m almost crying over here!!! It’s so funny- where have I been I feel like I missed out on a good novela! You are taking me back to my old days- lindo es el amor! Your first love….soooooooooo cute!

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