Pollito Asado Lollipops

A co-worker sent my husband home with a few Mexican lollipops which are shaped like pollitos, (little chickens.)

The brand name is ALVBRO, but I didn’t see anywhere on the label where it said what flavor the lollipops would be.

Being too curious for my own good, I closed my eyes and stuck it in my mouth, fully expecting a roast chicken-flavored lollipop, but I was pleasantly surprised. The lollipops are fruity tasting. (Later I looked it up on the internet and discovered that they’re described as “peach and pineapple” flavored.)

After sucking on it for a minute, you start to get to the spicy chili flavor which is common in so many of these Mexican lollipops, but this one I actually liked.

I’ve decided I would like to track down a bag of these to give out to trick-or-treaters. It’s kind of like a trick and a treat!


  1. Oh, I am SO glad you said they we’re fruity flavor, I was cringing just imagining you trying it. That is EXACTLY why I had kids, lol. “Here try this and tell me what it tastes like.” And I think that’s funny, passing them out for Halloween!

    • @ humincat – Yeah, just imagining chicken flavor makes me a little ill. LOL. I also use the boys for taste testing sometimes. Hee hee…

    • @ MJ – They really are different than most Mexican lollipops. So many Mexican lollipops are made from tamarind, and I can’t tell you how much I detest that flavor! … These pollitos are a perfect combination of flavors though!

  2. My sons got some of these candies a friend’s little birthday party this weekend. I was the only brave person in the family that would try it. I love them, yum.

  3. I think my taste buds must be off, cause I always thought they had a slight sabor de pollo. No matter, I like them just the same.

  4. I refer to these delicious treats as “hot chickens” – my friend laughs at me, but always manages to come up with one for me! They are numero uno.

  5. I agree that I don’t usually like Mexican candies, however these are an exception! I also like the use of real sugar (not man made sweeteners like sucralose or asuflame potassium. They also warn you about possible allergies to dies (these contain yellow#5 & red#40 both common), which is a big problem for my girlfriend. this is the first product that warns you about it, & I wish it would catch on in American food production.

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