Pollito Asado Lollipops

A co-worker sent my husband home with a few Mexican lollipops which are shaped like pollitos, (little chickens.)

The brand name is ALVBRO, but I didn’t see anywhere on the label where it said what flavor the lollipops would be.

Being too curious for my own good, I closed my eyes and stuck it in my mouth, fully expecting a roast chicken-flavored lollipop, but I was pleasantly surprised. The lollipops are fruity tasting. (Later I looked it up on the internet and discovered that they’re described as “peach and pineapple” flavored.)

After sucking on it for a minute, you start to get to the spicy chili flavor which is common in so many of these Mexican lollipops, but this one I actually liked.

I’ve decided I would like to track down a bag of these to give out to the mini-Hershey-bar-eating trick-or-treating gringo children in my neighborhood for Halloween. The purpose is to spark their curiosity about other cultures, and though I’m not usually pessimistic, I can’t shake the feeling that my house is totally going to get toilet-papered this year. What they do to me will make what they do to the dental hygienist who gives away toothbrushes, look like child’s play.

19 thoughts on “Pollito Asado Lollipops

  1. Oh, I am SO glad you said they we’re fruity flavor, I was cringing just imagining you trying it. That is EXACTLY why I had kids, lol. “Here try this and tell me what it tastes like.” And I think that’s funny, passing them out for Halloween!

    • @ humincat – Yeah, just imagining chicken flavor makes me a little ill. LOL. I also use the boys for taste testing sometimes. Hee hee…

    • @ Lies – “toilet papering” is when people throw rolls of toilet paper all over the trees in your yard, on the outside of your house, and/or on your cars. If it rains then it gets really stuck on there and is really messy.

      Why would people do this? It’s a prank people play – either to be funny, or to be mean.

      Sometimes children in the United States play “tricks” like this on houses that don’t give good candy on Halloween.

      You can read about it here:


      or look up “Toilet papering” on Google Images to see some pictures.

  2. Just imagine a chicken flavored lollipop! yuck! Reminds me of Harry Potter ( :

    How does someone clean their house after getting toilet papered…I have always wondered???

    • @ Marcela – LOL. You know they really make those disgusting flavored jelly beans from Harry Potter. My kids have gotten them before. There are some really gross ones.

      As for how to clean up a toilet papered house, so far I haven’t had to figure this out, but I assume there’s not much you can do but wait for the rain to disintegrate it – especially if it’s high up in tree branches. I imagine it would be quite ugly for weeks or even months… Maybe spraying it with a hose would speed up the process? (Or that could make it worse. LOL.)

  3. Dress up as a mummy or a scarecrow and sit still on your porch. Then when the kids come up, scare them by moving or growling. Not only will they never TP your house, they’ll be deliciously terrified! Happy Halloweenin’! LOL!

    • @ MJ – They really are different than most Mexican lollipops. So many Mexican lollipops are made from tamarind, and I can’t tell you how much I detest that flavor! … These pollitos are a perfect combination of flavors though!

  4. My sons got some of these candies a friend’s little birthday party this weekend. I was the only brave person in the family that would try it. I love them, yum.

  5. I think my taste buds must be off, cause I always thought they had a slight sabor de pollo. No matter, I like them just the same.

  6. I refer to these delicious treats as “hot chickens” – my friend laughs at me, but always manages to come up with one for me! They are numero uno.

  7. I agree that I don’t usually like Mexican candies, however these are an exception! I also like the use of real sugar (not man made sweeteners like sucralose or asuflame potassium. They also warn you about possible allergies to dies (these contain yellow#5 & red#40 both common), which is a big problem for my girlfriend. this is the first product that warns you about it, & I wish it would catch on in American food production.

  8. OMG, Really….. spark the “gringo’s children curiosity”, TP’ing your house, really, what kind of comment is that, get with it man, the Mexican heritage is all around us, the kids don’t need to be educated on the heritage, it’s already here, they don’t care what your skin color is or what kind of food anyone eats, as long as their’ friends are fun to hang out with and food is tasty. It’s the adults who still have a race issue, like Tracy Lopez.
    By the way, I’m 53yrs old white female and luv Pelon candy and even your Pollito Asado, my son is married to a beautiful Hispanic lady, race has never been a factor, you need to open your eyes.

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