mis muchachos

It’s always nice to know someone is thinking of you. I have good kids who think of me often. The younger one, though he’s almost 9, picks a flower for me from the yard almost every day when he gets off the school bus. (Thankfully they are “weeds” such as dandelions, and not a neighbor’s roses.)

Last week he even confessed, “I thought of you while I was at school and I missed you so much I wanted to cry.” He’s a tender-hearted boy who requests cuddles often and unashamedly loves kittens, babies and Silly Bandz, (even the pink ones.)

My older son is 12 now and a little more reserved. He shows his love in more practical ways like washing the dishes after dinner or helping with yard work completely unasked, which is fine since cuddling would be a little awkward. He’s already taller than me and has quite a mustache growing.

That being said, he still thinks of me. I know this because the other day he came home with a little surprise. Apparently he went to the school book fair, and using his own money, he bought me this bookmark.

He said he knew it was perfect for me because it’s in Spanish.


  1. Sra. López,

    Reading post made ME all tender hearted. What a sweet anecdote. Your boys sound like amazingly sweet young men.

    Having two boys myself (albeit much younger than yours), I can see how different their demeanors and appetites for affection are.

    In our case, the roles are a bit mixed. Our 3 year old (who appears to be the reserved one) is the one picking dead flowers and leaves to bring home to mamá. And for papá, he has frequent compliments on my shirts and ties (“papá, me gusta tu corbata!”), which suits me just fine at a time when a midlife crisis drove me to change to a wardrobe that may or may not make me look like a man clinging to long-gone, hipper, younger times.


    • @ Rubén – LOL! Little kid compliments are the best because you know they’re sincere. (Because when they don’t like something, they tell you that, too!) As for your new, hipper wardrobe, you can pull it off. You’re not a viejo yet ;)

      • Haha! This made me laugh!!! Always that Suegra appears happens the same! I even imagine her face scolding you for eating in the market instead of her home made food and her fancies buying all those presents in Salvador!!

  2. When I need a grin, I know I can find it in Latina-ish!
    How sweet!!
    The mustache part made me worry a bit though. My three little boys will also get those!! Oh! I´ll stop blogging right now and I´ll run to cuddle three of them at a time!


    • @ fermaria – Glad this gave you a smile. As for the mustache, you’ll see the shadow of one before you know it. Hug them tight and make them promise to grow up as slowly as possible ;)

  3. The bookmark… in Spanish AND it’s green!

    It’s so sweet that he loves you so much. My youngest is a cuddle bug too.

    • @ Alejandra – I have a whole drawer full of them. My youngest son keeps giving them to me, (and I’ve worn them a few times just because I like to fiddle with things and they’re convenient. lol…) – Anyhow, don’t feel ashamed for wearing them at 24. Not sure how old Shakira is, but I know she’s not 24, and she’s got a wrist full of them on her new album cover! (Go to Google Images and search “Shakira Sale El Sol”)

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