15 thoughts on “Pelucheros

    • @ Marcela – To be fair, you’re the mother of a little girl – maybe she’s to blame?… If your sofa still looks like this when she’s older, then we can laugh ;)

    • @ Rita – Thanks :) I actually used to draw more than I wrote but now I’m a little rusty as far as art. Glad you liked the drawings anyway.

    • @ Catalina – Same for me – my sofas are gringo, at least now that the kids are older and don’t leave their toys around, but my in-laws’ sofas are covered in peluches. Quite a few family friends “decorate” in this way, too. LOL :)

  1. Hilarious. LOL

    You forgot the plastic cover. LOL

    For your next installment, draw the backseat of a car. The latino one is the one with the zarape or flag seat cover. LOL

    • @ Cheleguanaco – I had a Mexican blanket over the backseat of my car in high school. Had no idea it was a “Latin” thing to do – I was just trying to cover the ugly interior of the hand-me-down car I had at the time. lol

      • These drawings are hilarious and they are transporting me to my grandmother’s living room. Her sofa was just like this one. She didn’t have “peluches”,but she had a huge collection of ceremic dolls, and of course, with a plastic cover.

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