14 thoughts on “Carros

  1. JAJAJAJA cierto! Aunque te diré que he notado que a los gringos les encantan los bumper stickers (que si mi hijo está en el Honor Roll, Obama/Palin/Bush, Coexist etc)O sea, que los gringos decoran el carro afuera y los latinos adentro!

  2. HAHAHAHAHA! That’s so true! I’m glad to say my car is not latino style. But, I have noticed something about the gringo cars. They always have stuff around, on the seats, teh back seat, wherever. Even if it’s a single person (no kids, so no toys, etc). I used to be amazed and wonder why they had to have so many things in there! Now, I’m used to it.

    • @ Dariela – It’s our mobile office, that’s why. LOL. Seriously, when I was younger, (before kids), my car was used for changing clothes, reading/studying, eating, making phone calls, taking naps, storage, … it’s like a home away from home.

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