Will you be my Diego?

After reading my friend Juan’s genius post on Do-It-Yourself Halloween Costumes (Estilo Mexicano, por supuesto!), I was reminded that I haven’t gotten a costume ready for my boys.

Looking around the house at what we already have on hand, I decided my youngest son would be a mariachi. I found a little guitar in their closet and then using a few odds and ends from Suegra’s sewing supplies, a little hot glue and pins, (because unlike Suegra, I can’t sew to save my life), I have a cute little traje de mariachi… But mariachi is not really mariachi with one lonely guitarist.

The problem is, my older son turned 12 over the summer, and I had previously told him he would no longer be trick-or-treating. I wasn’t happy to break the news to him because despite the shadow of a mustache and the fact that he’s taller than me, he is still very much a child at heart… But, because of my mariachi situation and the fact that he plays trumpet, I’m going to let him go one more year. (Honestly, I hate getting older children at my door asking for candy, but if they actually put effort into the costume and are polite, I think it should be okay.)

As for myself, I haven’t dressed up in years, but I felt inspired. After thinking about it, I decided I wanted to dress up as Frida Kahlo. The only question is, will Carlos be my Diego Rivera? So far he has refused. The conversations have gone something like this:

“I want to dress as Frida Kahlo … will you dress as Diego?”
“Diego Rivera.”
“Who’s that?”
“Her husband! A famous Mexican artist!”
“No way.”
“It won’t be chistoso, te juro!”
“It’s just a normal outfit, like a suit jacket, and…”
“Come on!”

…Later in the evening, I thought maybe if Carlos got a taste of my costume, he would be able to see my vision for how chévere this would be, and be convinced. So using an eyebrow pencil, I drew my eyebrows closer together and then put my hair up whimsically, before throwing on some artsy earrings and an elegant serape.

“Look!” I said, “I’m Frida!”

And then Carlos laughed and laughed until he almost cried. “You look like one of those weird old ladies from my neighborhood growing up!”

“Hey! No I don’t! I look pretty! I’m Frida!” I said, my unibrow furrowed.

Later that night as we lay in bed in the darkness, I thought maybe I could convince him to agree if he was half-asleep.

“Will you be my Diego?”
“Will you be my Diego?”
“….no. Go to sleep.”
“He’s a little fat so you’ll need a pillow under-”

So, I don’t know if I’ll be Frida if Carlos won’t be Diego. So far, all my usual tricks to get him involved in my locuras have failed. Stay tuned!

23 thoughts on “Will you be my Diego?

  1. Too funny! My hubby is never on board to dress up with me. I finally convinced him last year and that was because the costume was super simple. I was Charo and I went all out and he was the Captain of the Love Boat. It was soooo funny!

  2. But you’ve started a bit earlier, so that is good for your case, to give him time to change his mind.

    Remember that Mexico shirt, you just had to have, a few months ago? He initially refused, then went back to the store and surprised you? Then there’s the “not-really birthday” cake he picked up because you asked…I think he may surprise you…. :)

    • @ Amanda – What a good memory you have! … You’re right, he usually does give in, LOL. I’m not confident he will this time, but we’ll see :)

  3. Your husband is funny!! I’ve been Frida for years!! but because I wear traditional Mexican clothes too often people don’t even see it as a costume anymore.. This year when I announced I was going to be a “chola” my coworker said, “and that would be different from now because?”…. I was just like, “I’ll get my eyebrows done!” :P

  4. You had me literally laughing out loud trying to picture you in a unibrow parading around Carlos. Too funny!! Did not mean to cause so much borlote…but I’m pulling for you. Amp up the apapachos y derrepente lo convences.

    Best of luck!!

    • @ Juan – As I tweeted you, no te preocupes. This is just me being my usual crazy/weird self (in his eyes) … If it wasn’t this, it would be something else, LOL.

      Taking your advice on increasing “apapachos” (I like that word!) … As a fellow lover of dichos, ya sabes, “Más moscas se cogen con una gota de miel que con un cuarto de vinagre.”

  5. Lol…this was too funny. Was a great idea. Picturing you with your little (okay big) unibrow. And I’m now *totally* convinced that you should write a book about your life. Or at least fictionalize it. You have love, laughter, suspense, and STYLE–you’re good to go! ;)

  6. Estás loca, Tracy, pero por lo menos me has hecho reir (en silencio xq estoy en el trabajo y ya sabes como son mis compañeras gringas, jaja!!!)

    Anyhow, my man NEVER EVER wants to dress up for Halloween. He’s only maybe done it a couple of times and only for parties. Last time he was a pimp and he absolutely looked the part: un sombrero rojo, unos lentes oscuros, a big, tacky golden necklace and a black leather jacket! He looked great! We’ve been invited to another Halloween party this year, but I seriously doubt I’ll even be able to convince him to go…

    Good luck and I’d give anything to see pics of you as Frida!!! Jajaja!!!

    • @ Roxana – Sí, ya sé que tienes que guardar el silencio cuándo estás trabajando con los gringos… shhh, shhh, shhh. LOL.

      As for your husband, for a man who never wants to dress up, he sure goes all out when you convince him! LOL.

      If you dress up this year, I want to see photos, and maybe I’ll show the ones of me as Frida. LOL… MAYBE!… (I need to stop bleaching my mustache so I’ll look the part. LOL.)

  7. Once again, I think your husband stories are SO SWEET!

    I have only seen my husband ever dress up ONCE. And he basically wore is mechanic grubby clothes with an ugly troll mask. I loved it, but he scared a heck of a lot of kids that year just by answering the door! Too many fairy princesses and puppy dogs. I prefer to be “undead” in some way or another. Pirate ghost, witch, murdered lady in an evening gown, zombie bride, something like that. Call me traditional, but I like a bit of gore in my halloween to scare away evil spirits, and I don’t think a tinkerbell costume is gonna do the job. :)

    • @ *pol – We weren’t allowed to dress scary when I was little and I’ve always been a big baby as far as gore/horror type stuff so princesses and puppy dogs for me! ;) … Just seeing some of those plastic masks at the store creep me out a little.

  8. hahahahaha asi son los hombres…. Is ur husband Mexican as well? I could see my boyfriend doing the same… oh but if u dressed up as a little slut nurse he’d more than likely agree to be the helpless patient…pervertidos

  9. Sería buenísimo que Carlos se atreviera a hacerle de Diego (sólo por que tu quieres ser Frida!)Bueno, aquí te doy algunas otras opciones: Opción Guanaca = Carlos Cipitio, tú Ciguanaba; Opción Cartoon = Carlos Fred tú Wilma Flinstone; Opción Cantantes = Carlos Sonny tú Cher, Carlos Marc Anthony tú JLO. Qué te parece? LOL!

    • @ Claudia – Well, I *do* have the nalgas to be a convincing J.Lo, but I will have to work on the cintura though ;)

      Another option would be Lucy & Ricky (I Love Lucy). You have no idea how many years I’ve tried to convince him but he can be as stubborn as a burro when he senses I’m trying to pull him into one of my crazy ideas. LOL.

  10. I absolutely adore Frida…ask my family.
    Lots of undergrad and graduate school papers/analysis written about her – by me.
    How festive and creative.
    Everyone who puts forth some Halloween effort should be rewarded with treats. That’s our motto over here.
    (BTW – my suegra saves my life, as well, in the sewing department!)

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