Feliz Día Nacional de la Pupusa!

Yes, it’s that time of year again – National Pupusa Day!

I wish I were able to celebrate by eating them but Suegra is not here and our local place is, (for reason’s unknown to me), not making them anymore. I would attempt to make them myself but the fruits of my labor are not worth the effort. (O sea, my pupusas are not as good as my Suegra’s pupusas… yet.)

Ni modo – We must commemorate this day in some way. Luckily I stumbled upon a clever poem called “La Oración a la pupusa Salvadoreña”, by Mauxito Lemus, and luckier still, Mauxito is generous enough to share his poem with the world by allowing it to be re-printed with attribution. (Gracias, Mauxito!)

by Mauxito Lemus

Dios te salve, pupusa sagrada, de tu seno hemos comido y engordado; eres el maíz que cultivamos, el frijol que nos sustenta, el chicharrón que adoramos, el quesillo que se derrite, el platillo que nos alimenta.

Tú vienes a nuestros hogares queridos, bien doraditas, bien rellenitas, bien calientitas, con curtido y salsa, y hasta con gaseosa.

En tus adentros figuran rellenos extraños, las hay de camarones, de papa o de jamones, de chorizo o de zanahoria, cochinito y papelillo.

Pupusa, en cada pupusería pedimos a la pupusera que se apure, que eche más pupusas y que nos atienda luego, grande ella, dulce afecto a la señora pupusera que nos nutre con gran amor.

Pupusa, tu historia, tan autóctona cuscatleca, reseñas el robo de los hondureños; tú reverencias el acta que te consagró como platillo nacional, y marcas el segundo domingo de noviembre en que la justicia y la libertad nos llevan hacia vos.

Pupusa de mi patria, platillo sagrado de El Salvador, te saborean las nuevas generaciones.

Para tí, el fuego flameante de los polletones, los comales de Ilobasco, los curtidos de Izalco.

Para tí, el respeto de tu pueblo y el toque de sabor, que hoy torteamos para que siempre nos alimentes.

For more pupusa fun:

Las Pupusas performed by Espiritu Libre (music)

Pupusiao by Crooked Stilo (music)

Find a Pupuseria on Yelp.com

Learn more about pupusas on Wikipedia

National Pupusa Day celebrated in El Salvador 2010 (news via ElSalvador.com/El Diario de Hoy)


A hilarious post by mi amiga, Claudia, who forgot to celebrate!

(Image source 1: Besighyawn.)
(Image source 2: Elchurro.)


  1. yum!!! que rico!! I found this lady that sells pupusas door to door.. she stops by every week and knocks on my door.. no me puedo resistir!!!!!

    • Gracias, Juan. Add an horchata for me, too.

      We have pupuserias por todos lados, but for the time being there isn’t one 5 minutes from my house {llorando} lol… Now I will have to drive 20 minutes, pero sabes qué, when one is craving a pupusa, they will drive to the ends of the Earth ;)

  2. I’m so sad I missed such a celebration! Being in the US for all these years might be the reason why I really didn’t know the second Sunday in November was Pupusa Day! The 2nd most important (1st being Independance)Salvadoran celebration. I will make a note so I’ll never miss it again.
    ¡Qué Vivan la Pupusas! :)

  3. Tracy… if I were to celebrate on a monthly basis, I would be also celebrating “Cholesterol Day” mentira… yo sería a quien seleccionarían como la imagen/mascota de Cholesterol Day! Ganaría el concurso de “La Cintura de Huevo” o “Cuerpo de Jícama”. LOVE Pupusas but just like alcohol…. consume with moderation :(

    • LOL! Here is my problem. I’m caught between your thinking and a second line of thought which goes like, “Live like there’s no tomorrow!” … As Erma Bombeck said, “Seize the moment. Remember all those women on the Titanic who waved off the dessert cart.”

      Hee hee… then again, if you live like that, you sort of ensure that your tomorrows are not as plentiful.

      Ay, la vida :)

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