Familia López Home Videos

Sometimes I get to feeling nostalgic and I pull out old photo albums or home videos. Today was one of those days and before I put everything away, I decided to make a little video of funny Spanish moments from my boys. (They are nine and twelve now, but in the video the oldest is only around 3 years old.)

Chécalo :)


  1. Santísimo Sacramento del Altar = sisimo samento de atar!!! DIVINO!!! Qué bella es la voz de los niños, más aún cuando son medio mudos!!! Lástima que todos los tapes de mi hijo cuando estaba bebe se los robaron. Tienes un tesoro mi amiga!

  2. Qué lindos!! I especially loved your son’s answer to where his father was born: In a Latino country!! That reminded me of how just the other day, my 4 YO daughter said to me: “Mami, nosotros somos latinos, verdad?” I have no idea where she got that from…

    I love watching old videos too. My kids are about the same age yours are in the last video. They grow up so fast, no?

    • Too, too, quick, Roxana :(

      As for where your daughter got that from, it’s a little scary what they manage to pick up when you think they’re totally oblivious, isn’t it? lol

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