Spanglish Songs

Mi amigo, Federico, randomly dropped a fun multilingual song in my comments and so that got me thinking of my favorite Spanglish songs. Here they are! Be sure to leave yours in comments! Please be aware, most of these songs are not appropriate for niños. There is strong language in some songs, and music videos in general, even if the language isn’t strong, tend to objectify women, so please use discretion.

Kevin Johansen + The nada – Guacamole (Gracias, Federico!)

Me gustas tú by Manu Chao

Frijolero by Molotov (WARNING: Very strong language)

You ready for some old skool? That’s It/Ya Estuvo by Kid Frost

Señorita by Los Lonely Boys

Electro Movimiento by Calle 13 …This song came out last year, but it is puro 1980’s in style.

Pitbull featuring Akon – Shut It Down

Rico Suave by Gerardo … Ay. Dios. Mio. Qué raunchy! I was like 10 years old when this song came out. I didn’t understand the lyrics back then but was fascinated by the video. I can’t believe my parents let me watch MTV at that age.

Cha Cha by Chelo

Stand by Me by Prince Royce

Dejalo Ahi by Fulanito

Yo Digo Baila by Mexican Institute of Sound

If You Want it by Pacha Massive

Okay, now which Spanglish songs do you like? Díme in comments!


  1. I am still laughing at the Rico Suave. I can’t believe you have that on the list. LOL

    Funny enough, I was thinking about that song a few days ago and tweeted something relating to whether or not anyone ever doubted that he would be a one hit wonder. LOL

    As a side note, one of my older sisters knew his family. His younger brother went to the same high school with my sis.

    • I believe that thing about everyone in the world being separated by no more than 6 degrees. LOL. Now I can say, “My friend’s sister knew the family of Rico Suave” (porque sabes qué? White people call him Rico Suave instead of Gerardo. LOL.)

      Anyhow, I had to include him on the list because sitting on the floor and watching this video on TV, it was a formative moment for me, man. ROFLMAO.

    • I was about to leave a comment about “Mentirosa” too–I’m glad I’m not the only one! My cousins and I loved that song and I’m pretty sure we still know all the words (which will now be running through my head, I’m sure).

    • Leslie – Are you ready for a shock? I have never heard this song before in my life. LOL. I’m glad you brought one up that gave everyone such smiles and memories but it’s totally new to me! … Apparently this came out around the same time as “Rico Suave”, so I was otherwise mesmerized at the moment. LOL.

  2. I love the me gusta song, i use to sing it all the time just to annoy my siblings. Also anything calle 13 is cute. There is a cute song my yolanda perez called estoy ennamorada ft don cheto I think you’d like it!! it uses both as well and cracks me up!

    • I also love Calle 13. their style is always uniquely his. I’m still waiting for Residente’s sister Ileana Cabra (aka “PG 13”) to come out with her own album. She has an amazing, phenomenal voice. You can hear her on a few of Calle 13’s songs, (most notably at the beginning of Pa’l Norte.)

      Thanks for your recommendation. Enamorada by Yolanda Perez ft. Don Cheto is HILARIOUS!

  3. Here are some other recommendations from Twitter amigos!

    “Que sera, sera” recommended by @mzelma

    “La Isla Bonita” by Madonna recommended by @ergeekgoddess

    “Quizas, Quizas, Quizas” recommended by @ginaruiz

  4. Yes!!! Awesome post! I too believe “Rico Suave” aka Gerardo had a part in mi obsesión latino jaja! Perhaps I was born with it. I distinctly remembering having a crush on our elementary school principal, Mr. Lopez…and I was only about 7 yrs old! I’ll have to go back and watch some of the other videos you posted.
    And yes, thanks to Keen, the lyrics to Mentirosa are now running through my head, jaja!

  5. Remember Flex/Belinda Te Quiero? It’s still on my ipod.
    A year or two ago it was Watagatapitusberry (Del Patio’s original, not Pitbull’s) as well as Shake Lo Ke Tu Mama Te Dio and and Alex Sensation mixes. This summer we were on Armada Latina and Abrazame por Los Rakas with Favi.

    • Good job, Graciela! How could I forget Te Quiero! – also on my iTunes and a favorite I’ve listened to a million times.

      And that reminds me of another great Spanglish duet – Perdoname by Carlos y Alejandra. LOVE this song:

    • LOL @ Graciela … I don’t hear any Spanglish but it is an excellent song which I hadn’t actually heard before, so thanks!

  6. Another one I remembered:

    Akiwid & Jae-P – Al Estilo Mexicano

    (objectification of women at 2:30, unfortunately, but otherwise I love Akwid and Jae-P.)

  7. Tracy… me quedo con el Guacamole y la de Calle 13! Me encantó en Guacamole, qué buen ritmo. Jamás los había escuchado. Y que puedo decir de Calle 13, canta puras tonterías pero debeo admitir que admiro su creatividad y su manera tan “relax” de hacer música!

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