Birthday Queque

Today is my husband’s birthday and having no pisto in my pocket to buy a gift, I decided to bake him a cake. He loves my banana bread, so last night I got started on baking him a banana cake.

While I was busy baking, Suegra called on the phone. Carlos went off to talk to her for awhile and then, following the scent of banana, returned to the kitchen after he’d hung up.

“I told her you’re baking me a cake from scratches,” he said, hugging me around the waist as I cleaned up.
I giggled.
“What?” he said.
I didn’t correct him because it was too cute. Jijiji.

Anyway, I layered and frosted the cake with homemade chocolate butter cream frosting. The cake tastes delicious, but it looked feísimo. It’s completely lopsided and crooked from every possible angle. I showed it to my older son for a second opinion. ‘Maybe I’m just being too hard on myself’, I thought. My older son confirmed that the cake wasn’t exactly pretty and noted that it looked “kind of like a log.” With that in mind, I did some quick thinking. In my younger son’s toy box I found the perfect cake topper.

“Sapo Verde” to you, Carlos.

(“Sapo Verde” [sah-poh bear-day] – which means “green toad”, is a fun way to say “Happy Birthday” in some parts of Latin America. It’s a Spanglish version of the greeting, since saying it aloud sounds similar to the way a native Spanish speaker would pronounce “Happy Birthday” with an accent.)

9 thoughts on “Birthday Queque

    • Never heard “Apio Verde”. You taught me something new :)

      Okay – “scratches” son “rasguños” – eso sabes, sí?

      Pero, el dicho en ingles, “made from scratch” – Eso significa que uno lo hace de ingredientes simples. (O sea, el queque que hice yo, no era de la tienda y no hice de una mezcla de caja. El queque se hizo en la manera antigua.)

      El dicho es “made from scratch”, pero si dices, “made from scratches“, estas diciendo “hecho de rasquños” – es muy chistoso y raro.

      Espero que me entiendes!

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