Hot Blooded

My nephew gave me a handmade birdhouse for Navidad and yesterday Carlos said he was going outside to hang it up for me. I told him it could wait since it’s so cold outside and the birds won’t make use of it just yet, but he insisted. Of course, if Carlos is going somewhere with power tools in hand, the boys want to follow – so I heard them scramble out the back door after him. When I went to check on them, this is what I saw.

There they are – all three of them in shorts, in the snow. Carlos didn’t even put shoes on, just went out there in chanclas and socks… At least my younger son remembered his chumpa?


“chumpa” (choom-pah) is Caliche/Salvadoran slang for “coat.”

19 thoughts on “Hot Blooded

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    • That makes sense ;) LOL. I just imagine the birds in your neighborhood looking through your living room window longingly… lol

  2. Qué valientes… no se “achicopalan” con el frío (será por el gen Chalateco?)
    Anyways…. yo también amo las bird houses! Tenía varias pero como eran de madera, se pudrieron; además, no sólo pajaritos venían a comer pero ratas! Así que soy más cuidadosa. A ti no te gustan las arañas, a mi no me gustan las ratas!!!!

  3. jajjajajajajjajaja

    Creo q tenes razon porque cuando hace frio aqui, voy a correr o jugar fut, y me pongo shorts. Si siento frio, me pongo gorro o un sueter liviano, pero nunca sweat pants. LOL

    De hecho, yo tengo un par de shorts igualitos a los que tiene Carlos. Para jugar fut. Son Umbro. LOL

    • Así anda! That is like Carlos’s uniform in the winter time – Shorts with a coat. LOL. Over the years he wears jeans more often, but he still prefers shorts, (y parece que los cipotes son iguales a su Tata.)

      Y sí, son “Umbro” los shorts. To be funny I wanted to check the tag to see if they were “Hecho en El Salvador.” but it’s too faded to read. lol

      • jajajajjajajajjajajajaj

        I’ll have to find mine and read the label….that’ll be hilarious if they are! LOL

  4. Con el trabajo no se siente el frio, Tracy! Igual diria sobre un par de cervecitas, lo que normalmente nos ataja un poco del frio a mi y a mis compas cuando estamos evitando el frio con tal de pistear agusto…afuera. Put a smile on my face :-)

    • “Con el trabajo no se siente el frio” – Tienes razón … pero depende el trabajo. Escribiendo no me hace sudar, (unless I’m working under a deadline. jijiji)…Carlos es muy activo. Él no puede sentar por más que unos minutos. Siempre anda buscando algo por arreglar, o quebrando algo para que tiene algo por arreglar más tarde. Jajaja….

  5. LOL!! Living in Los Angeles, it doesn’t get nearly as cold as it does in places where it truly snows. At 52 degrees I feel frozen and bundle up as much as possible. Que bravo your guys are!! Brrrrrrr!!!!

    • I used to run around in flip flops and no jacket on cold days but maybe I’m getting old because I don’t do that so much anymore. LOL.

  6. brrrr…..
    I have a birdhouse on my fence at about that height.
    The birds moved in, but then as the sun brought us out into the yard more often, they moved out. We were so sad.

    • Awh :( I hope that the birds who move into our birdhouse aren’t shy. The birdhouse is hung right near my hammock. I promise to nap quietly :)

    • Yes! My babies drank from “pachas” too – how cool! … I bet there are many more “cross over” slang words between El Salvador and Guatemala, (and possibly within Honduras and Nicaragua as well.)

  7. Excellente trabajo Tracy. How I wish my boyfriend will interest for my culture as much as you do. Bueno supongo that he does in his own way. AH SIIII EL AMA LAS PUPUSAS. Asi que tratare de hacerlas mas seguido. Le he ensenado how to make them and then he wanted to tried chicken pupusas. I refused to because I said he needed to try all the original recipes firts. He insisted and even offered and cooked the chicken. We mixed it with Cheese and they were good. He was so proud!! I love my Alaskan pollito.

  8. Lol the reaason why I tried to comment first was to say that my bf is the same. Here is Alaska he will go anywhere in shorts and wont wear a Jacket either.

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