Herederos Del Monte

Who else is watching Herederos del Monte? (Telemundo, M-F, 9 pm EST) … I have to say, this is my favorite telenovela ever.

The first episode, especially for the first 10 minutes, I wasn’t so sure it would be good. It was like, “I’m going to go get my brother” {horse racing across field in slow motion}… “Hello brother, let’s get our other brother” {two horses racing across field in slow motion…} – Rinse and repeat until you’ve got all 5 brothers and thus 5 horses racing across a field.

The scene after that was Juan’s engagement party to his girlfriend. Again I was laughing because the brothers kept doing these gritos which weren’t very convincing. They sounded like frat boys at a kegger instead of rancheros… Then Paula showed up and things got interesting!

I’m having fun watching this because I’m at a point where my Spanish is good enough to understand 99% of what is said. I only asked Carlos once what something meant and it was because a character used a chess analogy which totally went over my head. Of course, even if I were a chess master, there’s a good possibility I’d have been otherwise distracted as two of the hermanos del Monte were shirtless and wearing very low slung jeans.

My youngest son came into the room during such a scene and said, “Woah! You can almost see his pepito!” … My response was something like, “Yes, well, he’s a farmer guy and he’s working hard so he has his shirt off because he’s hot…now get back in bed!”

I haven’t picked a favorite brother just yet. I initially thought Juan was the cutest but his voice is too deep and he keeps kissing Paula when he’s already engaged. Then I liked José but I don’t like how he reacted to his girlfriend when she revealed that the baby is his. Qué poca madre! …Lucas is the youngest and very sweet so far, but not for me. Pedro seems very boring – all he does is pine away for his brother’s girlfriend. Then there’s Gaspar, pero es muy presumido.

My prediction so far is that Lupe, the novia of Gaspar, will turn out to have sangre del Monte. I also think Paula (me cae mal esa mujer!) will turn out not to have sangre del Monte as she claims since her mother seems to be rather promiscuous. (This would mean that Lupe is actually the only true heir.) … Vamos a ver!


Videos, photos and information en español about the show – Los Herederos Del Monte (Telemundo)

Herederos Del Monte on Twitter

Information about Herederos del Monte in English (Wikipedia)


  1. There are no telenovas aired around these parts (as far as I know)… but I may have to see if I can find episodes online! Language barrier or not, those brothers are HOT!

  2. Was trying to resist from saying anything, but can’t. This post was so very entertaining on so many levels because it gave me a little more perspective on the female mind and what you all are thinking when lusting over a man. Definitely not the same kinds of things we’re thinking, LOL! Mejor ahi lo dejamos pa no meter la pata :-)

    • Juan, now I will forever be wondering what you’d have said if you didn’t bite your tongue. LOL.

      I think that what women think about when lusting over a man really depends on the woman. As you can see, my calculations are a bit more complicated – not sure if that’s “normal” lol.

      While I like to look at, and can see the allure of muscle tone and a chiseled face for aesthetic reasons, (like the beauty I see in Michelangelo’s David), in the end, that’s not what wins my heart :)

  3. I like how you put their names over their heads. I was right, Gaspar es mi favorito… Let’s see what these fellows are up to tonight at 9pm!

    • Yes – the names over the head were necessary for me to help keep them straight. Did you watch last night? OMG – Cat fight! Rarrrr! … And it looks like tonight, Paula gets run over! YES! … jajaja

      • Yes, I did get to see it anoche. I don’t like Paula one bit! I couldn’t believe the cat fight happened so early in the show! I bet it won’t be the last.

        On another note, I thought it was funny (albeit awful) how Paula’s mom told Julieta’s mom that they were sure to be “sharing things” in the future!

        I think it’s obvious from all these comments, that you MUST have at least a weekly posting about this show :) Your readers have spoken! ;)

      • This show is moving super fast, right? Paula almost got run over – too bad it was only ALMOST. lol

    • I believe complete episodes are on the Telemundo site. (Link on bottom of my post!) … If more people start watching this with me, I’ll have to post once in awhile about the show so we can gossip about it ;)

    • jiji… well, it appears that way on the surface, but as a writer, I have to say, I actually admire their ability to have so many subplots going on at once – all intertwined and coming together for a final conclusion. That’s not easy!

    • Most real people don’t look like people in telenovelas. Don’t worry, I don’t look like the women on that show either ;)

  4. I was going to say that I don’t really watch telenovelas. But then I looked at the pic of the hotties and noticed that one in black looks like Mario Cimarro. The ONLY telenovela I got sucked into was Gata Salvaje. So then I Googled to see who starred in Herederos del Monte. Sure enough, it’s Mario Cimarro AND Marlene Favela, stars of Gata Salvaje. I loved that novela and their chemistry was just amazing. I could not stop watching! So…now I’m hoping that we’ll get this novela here, even though we don’t have Telemundo.

    • If you can’t wait – the videos are on their website. Yes, that’s Mario Cimarro. I never got into Gata Salvaje, but I heard he had good chemistry with Marlene Favela as you noted. (And they definitely do in Herederos del Monte!)

  5. Hot! Hot! Hot! A fantasy come true, even if it does look like the cover shot of a gay mens calendar! I don’t even care, them boys are fine!

  6. No estoy viendo esta novela en particular pero todos los chicos están guapetones. Y para qué escojer uno???? Tienes unos para cada dia de la semana (laboral). Ya el sábado y domingo son para tu esposo!!!!!
    Y porqué le habrán puesto “Gaspar” al papasito ese… a caso es Rey Mago!!!!

  7. Omg you don’t know how happy I am that you posted something on my MAN Fabian Rios aka Gasper lol (Where do they come up with these names?! Lol) Fabian is the definition of beauty to me! I haven’t been able to watch this yet because I moved out of my grandmas house :( You always keep up with the most recent things! Blog on girl!!

    • Oh, you’re claiming Gaspar as your own, are you? We might have to have a cat fight. LOL ;)

      Will keep you updated on this telenovela! (BTW, you can watch it online!)

  8. I always watched telenovelas in english where i come from, but since getting to america I haven’t. I am obsessively in love with Mario Cimarro & seeing how much I love him I can’t wait to catch up. I understand spanish about 50% of the time though I’ve never taken a class and now watching it in spanish helps. I just wish when Telemundo made their dvd’s they didn’t cut off most of the interesting parts.

  9. Me! Me! Although I’ve been busy and traveling, so I’ve only seen the first episode so far. But I’m looking forward to watching the rest.

  10. I picked a favorite…Gaspar! He has quite the temper, but seems to have the best sense so far – distrusts Paula, but wants Juan to forgive Pedro – seems like a good one to me! We’ll see if he stays that way…

  11. It’s getting soo juicy(: ! Haha but i REALLY wanna know the name of the song they play when Juan and Paula are together it goes “desde que estas aqui el centro de mi mundo se movio” do you have any idea what it’s called ? I’ve tried the obvious pero tu sabes, nunca puedo encrontrar lo que quiero. and my favorites Lucas(:

  12. I agree with Tracy and friends’comments. I too think that Sofia and Paula are “usurpadoras” trying to scoop “lo que no es de ellas.” Will Efrain forgive Beatrice? All the women are gorgeous! Fine role playing by all! Got lyrics for “Me cuesta tan caro quererte” from novela pausing long enough to catch words. Will share what I have if interested. Can’t wait till “el lunes.” See me “Pepe” Villarino in facebook.

  13. i have also thought from the beginning Lupe to be the real del monte daughter, & Jose’s attitude reminds me of an ex, Pedro attracts me the most, something about the quiet one’s (minus the alcohol).

  14. i am not into novelas since dos mujeres un camino, then Tu duena, until i seen the preview of herederos del monte, i am a country girl so i am facinated by cowboys & country living,,,,,i really enjoy watching Jose because he is too funny with his facial expressions, pero Pedro acting or not mmmmm only God knows what i am thinking that the devil himself may shake his head, Pedro is my favorite though & i wouldn’t mind seeing him i can see why lil chaparita has brain cancer…lol she definitely has no idea what’s in front of her ojos (blurred vision) although it’s just a novela…..Pedro has it going on……mmhmm.

  15. Mmm i think juan iz da cutest cuz hes sooo hot! Wonder if he’ll stay with paula or julieta? Comment back if u have a suggestion! :D

  16. I dont get it. the preview 4 the grand finale shows paula havin the baby but right now she isnt showing AT ALL! wonder what’s gunna happen with julieta and the baby? I hope this iz gunna be a happy ending, not a sad one :/

    • I think Paula isn’t showing because it’s telenovela-landia… jajaja… People don’t get fat or swollen ankles, etc when they’re pregnant on telenovelas ;)

      Looks like Julieta is going to steal the baby, but hopefully Julieta will fall off a cliff, the baby will fly up in the air when she trips off the cliff, and Juan will catch the baby just in time.

      What do you think? lol

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