Los Herederos del Monte (gossip conmigo!)

Julieta says to Paula, "No lo toques!" right before the cat fight over Juan.

Okay, I know that many of you are watching this telenovela with me, and the only thing more fun than the telenovela itself, is talking about what happened as if these people aren’t fictional but are actually our vecinos or something.

I love how fast-paced Los Herederos del Monte is. We’ve had a taste of almost everything: love, lust, sex, infidelity, a brawl, a cat fight, a car crash, drunkenness, confusion about a baby’s Daddy, vandalism, an attempted suicide…

Híjole! That’s just in the first 2 weeks!

After last night’s episode, here is where I’m at:

Juan es un completo imbécil. At this point, he and Paula deserve each other. (By the way, that lake they keep swimming naked in doesn’t look very clean. I hope they don’t get a rash…and when I say “I hope they don’t,” I actually mean “I hope they do.”)

Julieta should just go with Pedro. He’s sort of boring, (though less so when drunk), but he loves her. Better to pick a man who loves you than chase a man who doesn’t. She could learn to love him, verdad?

Show me the money, Gaspar!
Gaspar and Lupe… they are the cutest couple. Lupe is a fool and a Daddy’s girl for not running away with him. Also, I like Gaspar even more since he lent Paula’s mother the car with the faulty steering. Jajaja…. By the way, did anyone notice the money he pulled out of his pocket at Lupe’s restaurant? Those were U.S. dollars. I wonder if this was a production mistake, or are dollars really used more than pesos? Does Gaspar have a primo working in the United States sending him remesas? jijiji…

Paula is getting more hysterical and ridiculous with each episode. When someone destroyed her office and she cut her hand, tell me how it is that tripping on a wrinkle in the carpet caused her to pass out like that? Certainly it wasn’t loss of blood from that little cut on her hand? Very silly…. Also, when she told Gaspar, “For trying to kill my mother, get out of my house” – what was with the three snaps of her fingers? It was just weird.

Lucas is growing on me. Poor kid. I hope he gets over his crush on Paula and falls in love with Julieta’s youngest sister.

Character I’m most sympathetic towards right now: Efraín … I can’t believe Beatriz told him she doesn’t love him anymore. Heart breaking.

Favorite scene so far: José and his brothers changing baby Simón’s diaper. Qué chistoso.

Subplot I’m bored with: The whole fiasco between Julieta’s parents and Paula’s mother. I can’t stand the cheesy music during these scenes. (Of course, these are Carlos’s favorite parts.)

Random thing you may not know: The horses on the show are owned by Vicente Fernandez Jr. in real life.

Real chisme: Apparently Mario Cimarro, the actor who plays Juan, didn’t want to be slapped and refused to do a scene as written. (source)

Music: I’ve noticed there are two songs they switch between. One is “Desde que Estás Aquí” by Paola Vargas and David Castro. The second one is “Me Cuesta Caro Quererte” by Marco Flores.

Which do you like?


  1. Love your synopses! I told you from the beginning Gaspar was the best :) I like how fast-paced the show is, as opposed to the US soap operas, which drag things on for months at a time. How refreshing!

    I enjoy too, that on my TV at least, I can choose between CC1 and CC3 if I want to see the subtitles in Spanish or English, for my language learning enjoyment…both are available.

    Aver lo que sigue esta noche! :)

    • Great tip, Amanda! I didn’t even realize that was an option, but I’ve been doing so well, I’m not going to use this, (though it’s good to know for future use if there’s a program I’m having more difficulty understanding.)

      As for Gaspar – you were right – SO FAR… I don’t know, there’s something about him that makes me think he’s going to do something really bad later. lol

    • Okay Amanda – you told me on Twitter you were going to miss last night’s episode – so here is what happened January 20th, 2011 (Thursday)…excuse lack of accents – just typing this quick:

      Efrain walk in on Beatriz and Jose but Beatriz lies and say Jose was just there to get a photo of his godson.

      Gaspar gets mad at Lupe because she won’t run away with him.

      Julieta tells Juan she’ll get the pregnancy test alone. Juan wants to go with her, but she refuses.

      Jose finds out that Beatriz told Lupe about the real paternity of baby Simon. He’s freaked out that Lupe will tell Efrain since Lupe and Efrain are cousins.

      Paula puts it in Juan’s head that Julieta’s baby could be Pedro’s.

      Juan again asks to go with Julieta for the pregnancy test but she refuses again. He asks if the baby could be Pedro’s and she tells him it’s not possible.

      Modesto pleads with Efrain to go home for the sake of the baby. Efrain doesn’t go back but expresses that he wants to win back the heart of Beatriz.

      Julieta’s pregnancy test comes back… POSITIVE.

      Julieta’s parents are happy but Julieta seems sad at first. Julieta’s parents try forcing advice on her and she tells them calmly to let her make her own decisions.

      Juan receives news of the pregnancy and is super happy that he’s going to be a father. All his brother are excited they’ll be uncles – everyone is congratulatory – except Pedro of course.

      Brothers ask Juan when he’ll marry Julieta – he says he’s not sure.

      Paula tells Pedro privately that this pregnancy doesn’t mean they give up – it means they have to fight even harder to get them away from each other – fight for what they want.

      Julieta’s parents go talk to Juan and insist he marry her or else it won’t look decent. Juan tells them respectfully that it’s between him and Julieta.

      Pedro gets drunk (again) … and tells Lupe he’s in love with Julieta. Lupe’s father overhears Pedro say it again a few minutes later.

      Juan ask Pedro if the baby could be his. Pedro answers that it could not. Juan tells him to then forget about Julieta and that he’s destroying his own life.

      Julieta’s mother buys a bunch of baby stuff. Julieta’s father upset about the money spent.

      Paula’s mother tells Beatriz that she’s going to be owner of that store and things would change. She tells Beatriz she can’t dress like “that” anymore and will have to wear an apron – also Beatriz is no longer allowed to bring baby Simon to work with her.

      Julieta’s youngest sister asks Lucas if she could work for him because she wants to earn her own money. Very cute little moment between the two. Lucas doesn’t seem to be in love with her or anything, but there seemed to be potential in the way he smiled at her.

      Pedro tells Julieta – “If you ever get sick of Juan, I’ll be waiting for you – I’ll take care of you and the baby”.

      Lupe’s father meets Berta (the housekeeper lady for Julieta’s family) – they seem to like each other romantically.

      Paula tries to seduce Juan – tells him that Julieta wouldn’t be the first and last single mother and he doesn’t need to go with her just because the pregnancy – They’re very close to kissing but Juan resists! (FINALLY! Geez.) … He says he won’t do the same thing his biological parents did to him – he wants to be with Julieta and the baby. He tells Paula it’s over between them.

      Efrain asks Jose’s help in winning back Beatriz. Jose agrees but looks upset.

      Juan goes out riding on his horse and has flashbacks about Julieta and Paula.

      Lucas tells Paula to forget about Juan because he loves her. Paula looks as if it now occurs to her that she could use him in part of her scheme — but not like she sincerely likes him back.

      Paula’s mother is hanging around outside the store and overhears Beatriz and Jose talking about the real paternity of baby Simon. She smirks at them and they know that she heard them. They’re very visibly upset that she heard.

      Lupe tells her father that her mother probably left him because of his egoísmo. Father tells Lupe, “No, she left because she never loved you.” — Both look hurt.

      Julieta’s mother gets a blank check from Juan which she requests – I believe it was to pay for wedding expenses, but I’m not sure. (She insists that it be blank and Juan obliges.)

      Juan tells Julieta they’re going to get married. Julieta doesn’t seem overly excited about this for some reason.

      TONIGHT’S EPISODE: (preview) Julieta taunts Paula with the news that they’re getting married. LOL… Paula is super depressed, crying, telling her mother that she’s in love with Juan. Paula tells Juan that he’s only marrying Julieta because he feels obligated.

      WHEW! Okay – you better watch from now on. I’m tired. LOL.

      • Wow! You miss a night, you miss a lot! I wasn’t sure if we were going to find out if Julieta was pregnant or not. Bless your heart, but I feel quite informed now! Muchas gracias :)

      • LOL, but just knowing what happened isn’t enough. You didn’t get to see los hermanos del Monte! ;)

  2. Laughed out loud at that “hope they don’t get a rash” comment! Love your summaries and all the little extras you tell us about. Still haven’t seen it…but I’ll have to try that youtube option.

  3. omg so tio Juan… (ill write on him 2morrow maybe) came last night and he is novelero! So he had this on and i have secretly been wanting to watch it so i did on monday… dont ask me what i saw, or liked let alone understand… just a bunch of vaqueros and there tight pants.. some partially shirtless.. its taking RICO to a whole -notha level

    • Okay – I so want to hear about this Tío Juan. lol… and yes…”RICO” is a good adjective for this show. Mmmm :)

  4. I truly love this show.. I am looking for anyone who knows where I can find the lyrics to “Desde Que Estas Aqui” is the song from the show…. Any suggestions.

  5. I have to got to get caught up so I can participate in the discussion! Watching novelas “with” you all is so much more fun than watching it alone. :-)

    • Pedro is a total yawn,I know he loves Julieta, but his tricks to get her will only makes Julieta hate him.He should fight for her like a man, Del Monte man!!not like a “quinceanera”.

      • “He should fight for her like a man, Del Monte man!!not like a “quinceanera”.” <<<< jajaja! That is hilarious. Love it.

    • Angelina – depending on your TV, English subtitles may be available while the show airs. I don’t know of anywhere online to watch with English subtitles unfortunately.

  6. I’m glad someone else is watching this drama and yes I agree that its fast paced and so far alot of things have happened, but then again, I feel like nothing much has happened…I don’t know lol I for one am liking the Juan and Paula pairing, and I’m hoping she’s not just pure evil…

    My fav brother so far is Gaspar, and Lucas, it makes me sad that his love for Paula’s not gonna go anywhere, so I also hope he moves on already :)

  7. i think julietta should be the one of the novela i think she much prettier i dont like paula i dont know when were gonna start liking her with her attitude

    • Yeah, Paula’s attitude isn’t very nice but I’ve felt a little sympathy for her here and there.

      Julieta is super pretty – I agree.

  8. I dont know but does anyone think Juan is like blah, parese tonto I dont think he knows how to act, Gaspar is the finestttttttt!!!

    • LOL – I go back and forth on Juan. Sometimes I don’t like him and sometimes I do. As for Gaspar, he is definitely very nice to look at!

  9. I am loving this show. I don’t read or speak spanish, but this show caught my eye. I watch it Mon thru Fri, I love the cast. Like Angelina, I am looking for English sub-titles. The only thing I have found so far is an english verison of the trailor. I would be most thankful to any one who would let me know what is going on after each show. To all of you on this site I am happy to be sharing this show with you. I know who most of the people are but I am unsure of others. Any help in that area would be great. Happy watching : )

  10. Hi guys/ladies,
    Here is my 2 cents: I absolutely love Paula and Juan, for personalities and looks both. Of course, Jose is super handsome, it s his little mean streak that can be a turn off at times… but altogether, they have a great looking cast.

    And… while I am usually a happy audience of CNN, I can’t wait for 9pm to watch this show… best of all, my Spanish is improving!!! YAY!!!!!! =)

    Last but not least, i take pleasure in watching those beautiful black horses in the movie and listening to the music…

  11. Please help! The subtitles on my local telemundo channel in New Orleans have not worked in weeks. They appear as total gibberish on the screen and tonight there was that great scene at the end of the episode and I could not for the life of me understand what it was that Gaspar was confessing to Juan. Someone please tell me what happened!!!

    Thank you thank you!

    • Lizzie – I had a lot of work yesterday evening so I missed the end of the episode while I was multi-tasking. Luckily mi amiga Amanda was watching. She said this is what happened:

      “Gaspar said he was with the father when he was dying and he didn’t help him, as a way of getting back at the father, b/c Gaspar was the mama’s favorite and she’d told Gaspar that she knew about Emilio’s amante y hija [lover and daughter]. Gaspar said he didn’t help him, and let him die, as a way of getting back at the dad for what he did to the mom. Juan and Gaspar argue the truth of that for a bit and it abruptly ends.”

      If you want to thank Amanda and you’re on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/amandaefs

  12. Just wanted to say thanks-I thought i was the only one watching Spanish telenovelas in order to learn Spanish. It was nice to read comments in English about the show, since my Spanish is still not real good and I miss some of what is going on. I like to put on the closed captioning in Spanish, because it helps me identify the individual words, after which i usually can get the basic idea, but i sometimes miss whole sentences. Every so often i get online to figure the rest out. Gaspar is my favorite, partly because i loved him as Montecristo in “El Fantasma de Elena”!

    • My pleasure, Sandi. I love gossiping about this telenovela – and it’s cool to know so many native English speakers are tuning in along with me!

  13. Beatrice is not exactly smart, is she??… and doesn’t look very pretty (anymore) either!

    ok now, from what I had gathered, Paula y Juan were clearly in love, so why was it that when Juan found her fallen from the horse in tonight’s episode, Paula told Juan that he confuses her with the way he behaves?!?? :?

  14. This telenovela is filmed in Colombia they do have American money over there. Also, when I went to Mexico, American money was everywhere. You don’t need mexician money to shop in Mexico. There money is no good here though. Does that tell you something!

  15. Hi!! Can someone please, please, please tell me what has been going on during the past 2.5 weeks? The last episode I saw, Paula found out that she was not a Del Monte. I have not been able to watch since then…. :(


    • Mandi, I am super behind too. I’ve been too busy to allow myself to sit down and watch each hour long episode every evening. When I get time I’m going to get caught up. Some fans have been uploading full episodes to YouTube!

  16. Tracy!!! Any luck watching the Los Herederos? My Spanish is not so good, so even though I watched tonight’s episode, I have no idea what kind of a reason Paula gave Juan for not wanting to be close to him. Who is Esteban, why pretend to be Paula’s husband, and why is Paula not getting together with Juan..It s killing me! I thought I try you once more…

    Thanks! :)

    • Mandi – no subtitles on your TV? I think you can put them in English…

      (Okay this is all like more or less what was said – not word-for-word) — In the scene in Juan’s office, Paula told him, “Julieta is still living with you, and with the way that Esteban left, it doesn’t look good.” Juan told her, “I feel disconcerted. You never told me about Esteban before.” — Julieta says, “Well you didn’t tell me about your past relationships” and Juan says that’s different because of how they met. Paula says that from the first time she saw him, she loved him. He said it’s better they don’t talk about love, and she agreed. She said, not to worry, that she doesn’t want to get between him and Julieta and that he should try to make Julieta happy and enjoy every moment.

      The thing about Esteban has me confused too, because I’ve missed a few episodes. I’m not sure what her motive is with that.

      How cute is Lucas’s new puppy?! *SQUEAL!* … jaja. As if Lucas couldn’t get cuter – Lucas holding a puppy is twice as cute!

    • Oh! And then the scene outdoors – Juan rides up and says, “I needed to see you.” Paula says, “Why do you do this?”
      J: You can’t imagine why I do this?
      P: You’re trying to have a baby with Julieta – that’s the only thing that matters.
      J: I can’t do things with one person when in reality I want to do them with another.
      P: Don’t you realize you’re causing us hurt?
      J: Don’t you realize the necessity of desire I have in my eyes? [This sounds horrible in English. ROFL]

      Paula turns away, he takes her face and tells her to look in his eyes.
      J: Tell me you have nothing to do with Esteban’s theft.
      P: Please, Juan! How could you think that?… You know what? Think whatever you want!
      J: Tell me.
      P: Everyone is judged for their own actions. For example, you know what, I never thought that YOU would be capable of stealing.

      Later Julieta confronts Paula and asks what her plans are now that her husband is gone. Paula tells Julieta that Juan is all hers. Julieta chokes and threatens Paula. LOL… Paula insists that Julieta has nothing to worry about and that her and Juan are finished.

      — I hope this helped?!

      • Tracy! Thank you so much…. you are so very kind! I just have to improve my Spanish. And yes, caption would help, but my TV does not have that.


  17. By the way, I love your daily comments and loved, loved, loved all the stuff from Miami. Thanks so much from us non speaking spanish people for up dates on our favorite show.

  18. Dos putas: Sophia Y Paula: what kind of woman chases a married man? Juan, tambien, knew he was married, knew she was pregnant, and thought with his **** when it came to Paula.

    Yo pienso que Jose is gonna die.

    • I don’t like when women go after married men either, Lesa… And yes, Juan was wrong to pursue Paula, too.

      Vamos a ver que pasa con Jose!

  19. Hi Tracy I love how you follow the show and help translate it for people who don’t understand the language. What do you think of Julieta don’t you think some are have acts have been cruel, desperate and crazy why does Juan stay with her. It doesn’t make sense to me. Why isn’t she put away yet?

    • I absolutely agree that Julieta is mentally unbalanced – but I think love can make you crazy.

      Juan stays with her because that is true to his character. Even though he screws up, he likes to believe that he is a man of his word – that he keeps his promises – that is the way of a real Del Monte man – just like his father. He committed himself to Julieta, so now for better or worse, he has to stick by her side.

  20. what I want to know is, where does Lupita get those great earrings she wears! Especially the orange ones that looked native-American – does anyone know?

  21. I can’t believe it took this LOOOOOOOOONG time to finally give Pedro some screen time, he was the only reason I started to watch this thing in the first place, (he had a bit part in La Reina Del Sur too woo!) remember that first scene when he was washing himself, giving the illusion he was nude???, (have to admit I paused that scene and made that my personal screen saver on my phone ***sighs**), prior to Paula’s mother walking out and catching him? As far as the rest? Julieta? Just die already! That character and Gaspar as well almost made me stop watching this novela altogether a few months back. Then I decided to continue with it, less that two weeks left…boo hoo, and considering this is my first Telenovela I have watched in about 20 years!!!

    • It’s funny how I was definitely on “Team Julieta” at the beginning but have since switched sides and want Juan and Paula together.

      “Julieta? Just die already!” <— LOL!

      So Pedro is your favorite hermano? That's my suegra's favorite too. (Juan is mine!)

  22. does anyone ellse think that luupe should just gaspar because why should she stay with a man who disrespects her?? And i really just want juan and paula to be together because they r the beat couple ever!!!!!

  23. does anyone ellse think that luupe should just leave gaspar because why should she stay with a man who disrespects her?? And i really just want juan and paula to be together because they r the beat couple ever!!!!!

  24. Will someone plze tell me what happened on last night’s episode? i left off on the part where juan said he and his dad needed 2 tlk in private. what happened??? thanks(:

  25. Paula and her mom had been “rescued” back to the Arboleda by Juan. He showed up on a motorcycle in the capital to stop their taxi, then he “rented” the taxi for the day to take them back to the ranch.

    Emilio and Juan talked with Paula there too and the main thing of the night was that Emilio admitted that he knew all along that Paula was not his biological daughter, but he wanted her to have a part of the inheritance too, because he loves her. Juan is the only biological son, b/c Emilio admitted that he had other “amantes” and became sick (with something he didn’t care to go into details about, but it sounded like an STD) but he took medicine and got better….however the dr told him he could no longer have any children.

    Juan’s mother, after the affair and the subsequent pregnancy, wanted more and more of Emilio and he couldn’t comply (since he was already married) so she became more and more mentally unstable. Emilio took the baby (Juan) from her because Emilio wanted his own son and he was fearful for the child’s future. It ended up that the lady committed suicide, and Modesto later admitted to Juan that if Emilio hadn’t taken him, that Juan might’ve been killed too.

    Berta’s trying to convince Lupe to “denunciar” a Gaspar because he keeps hitting her. Lupe acts like she wants to believe Berta, but cannot follow through. Berta’s also not quite sure what to make of Modesto’s advances.

    Consuelo admits to Johnny that she’s pregnant, but he’s not excited. She doesn’t know what to think of that. He’s not excited because he knows he’s not supposed to be able to father children, and thinks that this explains why Consuelo has been out late and dressing so provocatively lately.

    Consuelo later meets with Rosario to talk about what she should do, since Consuelo does not want to admit to Johnny that she was raped. Their dad ends up hearing the sisters’ conversation and he realizes they’ve both been raped by the same guy. He does not know who the guy is but is livid and wants to know so that he can seek justice.

    The brothers fuss a lot, but Lucas is very happy to know that his father is still alive, as is Pedro. Jose only wants money and for Paula to have none.

    Near the end of the show, Efrain goes to Beatriz’s house to visit Simon and she notices that Efrain seems happier than usual. She asks him, “Could it be that you’ve fallen in love?” It ends before he responds. (It’s Adela that has him so excited, since they’ve met at the Gavilan.)

    We did not hear much about Julieta and her mom Rosa. We just know that they were getting on a plane, the night before.

    Emilio seems to be dying, but does not want any more medical help. He has some things to say and he has some folks who want to hear from him, so this should be a busy final week. It said online that the Gran Final is July 15th, so here’s hoping for some resolution!

    Hope this makes sense and that you feel caught up now! :)

    • Thanks for posting this Amanda! I hope it helps out those who needed to be caught up. I missed this episode because I was at a hotel with no Telemundo, (tragedy of tragedies! LOL.) … I saw the episode before it though – so romantic when Juan stopped the taxi and then when he pulled his helmet visor up and Paula saw who it was —- the way she said his name and exhaled surprised at the same time, “Juan!” … loved it. And then he paid the taxi driver off to rent the taxi. *swoon*

  26. Thanks 4 informing me(: i really wanted 2 c wen juan rode up on the motorcycle but, as luck would have it, i had 2 go get my brother from work and had 2 miss it:( i hope this is a grand finale that we all will love!

  27. Thanks 4 informing me on da show(: i wish i wouuldve seen wen juan came on the motorcycle but, as luck would have it, i had 2 go get my brother from work:( i hope diz grand finale is 1 dat we all will enjoy.

  28. I hope they’re gunna make dvds of this cuz if they do imma watch them over and over and over and over again (:

  29. Yay! i found the youtube link 4 wen juan rode up on the motorcycle and it WUZ romantic! thanks 4 the advice(:

  30. I’ve seen half of this show so far, and it’s good. But I’ve noticed in the last ten episodes that the writing is getting weaker, so I couldn’t help but look up some spoilers and I can see it will only get worse. :( *sad* I know telenovelas are cheesy, it’s a part of their charm, but I wanted something a little different. Juan & Paula are a good looking couple, but I got bored of them pretty quickly – after their first hook-up the night before his wedding to Julieta, they lost a lot of tension and fun. I loved Julieta – the actress is freaking adorable. I know Pedro has boring tendencies, but his undying childhood love for Julie made the two of them one of my favorite couples (also, I give them the award for most chemistry & best kissing) Passionate but not sloppy. I’ve been hoping the two of them would get a happy ending…instead, Julieta goes off the deep end? Ok, I get it. She’s hurting over Juan and the baby she lost, but couldn’t she get some redemption? After all, Paula became a saint over night after her friend declared how amazing of a person she was.. this is what I’m trying to say about the writing. I think there were ways that Julieta could get revenge without becoming a criminal. First few episodes in, Gaspar & Lupe were my favorite couple – cute & sweet.They fizzled a little, but remained cute enough to marry. But then he chases Paula’s friend and starts to abuse Lupe? Sigh. Ok, but then there’s my favorite couple next to Pedro & Julieta – Lucas & Rosario. I loved Lucas from the start, as he was seemingly the most innocent and least messed up of the brothers. And I loved Rosario – beautiful actress whose character had a quirky sweet personality. I thought her crush on Lucas turning into a reciprocal relationship was nice. Again, great chemistry, great kissing. Even the triangle with Amador was perfect as it did it’s job in making me as torn as Rosario was feeling. Hopefully they get a happy ending at least, though I’ve read he takes his rapist friend’s word over hers again…daw.. chalk it up to drama. I get someone has to be a villain and Jose was the one chosen, but even he had a cute thing going when he started to see himself as a father. I could let that one go, but I wish everything else wasn’t so screwy. Pedro chasing after Berta? What? lol Then ends up with Beatriz, I’m baffled :) But I’ll continue to watch.

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