Los Herederos del Monte vs. President Obama

As much as I like President Obama, I think those of us who missed our telenovela on account of the State of the Union address are feeling un poco triste today. I mean, don’t get me wrong – President Obama is handsome in his own right, but it’s kind of hard for anyone to compete with 5 shirtless cowboys.

Well, here is a photo to cheer you up. Now, recuerda, I’m doing this for you, not me.

Te sientes mejor? … jijiji… Seriously though, does anyone have any idea how to style hair the way Paula has it? I managed a similar style but I think that my curling iron isn’t fat enough. (After an hour working on it Carlos told me, “Come back to reality! You’re not in a telenovela!” … but when I was all finished he really liked it. Men! They don’t realize that beauty takes time – at least for most of us.)

Anyway… the most dramatic thing that has happened in the past few episodes has been Efraín catching José and Beatriz kissing and then basically kidnapping baby Simón. That’s the subplot that has me most interested right now. I sort of hated Beatriz at first but now I feel bad for her. I also felt bad for Modesto when Sofia told him that Simón isn’t his real grandchild. I don’t like Sofia at all.

Who is surprised that Juan has been resisting Paula’s seduction! Go, Juan! … wonder how long he’ll last before kissing her again? (And yet, I can’t help but feel badly for Paula now that she’s really in love with him and not just playing games.)

Okay – enough chisme. Someone requested lyrics to “Desde Que Estás Aquí” which is Juan and Paula’s theme song. I listened to the song and transcribed the lyrics, but because I can’t find the complete version of the song online, this is only the part of the song you hear on the show. (Gracias to my husband, Carlos, for helping me.)

Desde Que Estás Aquí (Lyrics/Letra)
performed by Paola Vargas and David Castro

(Listen here)

Desde que estás aquí
el centro de mi mundo se movio
llegaste a estremeserme el corazón
desde que estás aquí

Desde que estás aquí
no hay logica respuesta ni razón
late desorvitado el corazón
desde que estás aquí

Dejame ser lo que soy
Ya no se cuál es tu amor
Todo lo que tengo es lo que doy

Desde que estás aquí
Preciso otro momento
Para saber lo que siento
aquí en mi pecho

Desde que estás aquí
tu fuego es mi alimento
quemandome por dentro
Tú tienes como el viento.

14 thoughts on “Los Herederos del Monte vs. President Obama

  1. ayy mamá, cuanta carne y yo a dieta!
    En cuanto a Barack… tenemos que verlo sin camisa a el también para ver qué ondas! Lo vi bastante delgado pero a lo mejor, abajo de esa camisa hay un six pack como el de Gaspar!
    En cuanto al pelo de la chica… ni idea. Recuerda que ellas tienen un ejercito de maquillistas y peinadoras que a veces hacen milagros (not fair).
    Yo una vez quise imitar un peinado (de la esposa de JK jr) y mi esposo cuando me vio me dijo: “Baby, por qué andas tan despeinada”? Y yo juraba que andaba peinada al último grito de la moda! HORROR!!

    • “ayy mamá, cuanta carne y yo a dieta!” << LOL! I love that piropo.

      As for Mr. President – sabes que hay fotos de él en la playa sin camisa. No es un Gaspar, pero no está tan malo. LOL.

      About pelo – sí, tienes razón – ellas tienen un montón de gente ayudandolas a aparezcan perfectas. No es justo :p

      Me encanta la historia de tu peinado …jajaja!

  2. Glad to see I’m not the only who gets upset when her novelas are interrupted. And, like you, I’m pretty happy with Obama otherwise. :-) Ah well.

    • Hot rollers seems so complicated. I bought a fat curling iron but the curls fell out of my hair after 10 seconds. It was very weird. I went online to read reviews and other people had the same problem so I’m returning it and trying a different one. You would think a curling iron just need be hot and round to do the job. It’s not rocket science! (By the way – The curling iron was Revlon Perfect Heat Ceramic Plus styling iron with 1 1/2″ barrel – Don’t buy it! No vale.)

    • Ya sé… {suspira} lol … Y esta noche unos de los hermanos va a poner un video camera en el cuarto por captuar Juan y Paula juntos en la cama. (Tal vez quiere enseñar el video a Julieta porque quiere que la Julieta deje a Juan.)

      Qué caliente!

      • Seguro q es Pedrito con la camarita. I bet it’s Pedro.
        Its about time they get caught .I know Juan is trying to avoid Paula like a rash in that “murky” lake, but he is a man!! So he will take the bait cook it or eat it raw like a Del Monte man..yumm yumm( asi hasta yo me tiro al lago)I will love to see a sweeter Paula interacting with Juan, even when they kiss Paula’s looks like she wants to kill him.
        It’s always that “look” and that antagonism present. I can’t see her love for him, so far Juan is a challenge to her maybe later her walls will fall…I just don’t want to see her boxing him at every moment is exhausting! She is a strong woman but so far she is coming across like a “macho man in high heels”
        Ok, a very pretty macho-man
        Lets see after 2nite

  3. Hola! So I too am so into this novela. I write about it in my new blog. Check it out above!
    And keep it up, your posts are hillarious!

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