The Wall

If you’re educated on the issue of immigration, the documentary, “The Wall,” will give you some of the same information you already know. That being said, the film is very well made and worth watching providing dozens of insightful interviews with those who work directly or indirectly in industries affected by immigration, residents of border towns, and with those who are trying to cross.

“The Wall,” winner of “Best Documentary” at SF Latino Film Festival, and “Best Feature” at Tulipanes Film Festival, covers the issue from all perspectives – civil and human rights, theft of land – (as the government forcibly builds the wall on private property), quality of life issues, financial waste, politics, xenophobia, environmental impact, and security.

I hope that our congress people and President will see this film and be moved to finally fix our broken immigration system instead of placing band-aids on it that only cause more problems. Finding the solution to our complex immigration issues isn’t easy, but I promise you that a wall isn’t the answer.

Find out more about the film which is now available on DVD at

“You show me a 50 foot wall – I’ll show you a 51 foot ladder.”
– Governor Napolitano

Disclosure: This film was made available for me to view. All opinions are my own.


  1. I have a problem with the wall on so many levels…. I’m not sure if I can verbalize them all.

    Berlin Wall symbolized intolerance, brutality, desperation, division… it was celebrated when it came down. Why?

    And even this… what is the environmental impact? What right do we mammals have to make these great walls? Blocking natural routes, paths and migrations?

    The whole thing seems outrageous to me. Is there going to be a 49th parallel wall next? Oh and don’t forget about the Alaskan border too…. now thats some rugged terrain!

  2. Nice! Somehow, I wasn’t aware that our Tulipanes festivals was known nationwide. Very cool! Thanks for sharing this. I’ve had the opportunity to see “Crossing Arizona” there a few years back and that was really good, but I missed this one since moving out of state. Definitely going to take a look. =)

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