Una sorpresa de El Salvador

(English translation in italics below!)

Usualmente cuándo viene mi suegra de El Salvador, me trae recuerdos, (ya tú sabes!) Los recuerdos son típicos de El Salvador, y a veces, predecibles – pero esta vez que regreso mi suegra, me trajo una sorpresa. El regalo que me trajo ella no sólo es lo más chévere regalo que he recibido de El Salvador, pero es uno de los regalos más chivo que he recibido en todo mi vida!

Usually when my mother-in-law comes from El Salvador, she brings me souvenirs, (you already know that!) The souvenirs are typical of El Salvador and sometimes predictable – but this time when my mother-in-law returned, she brought me a surprise. The gift she brought me is not only the most awesome gift I’ve received from El Salvador, but one of the coolest gifts I’ve received ever!

¿Puedes adivinar lo que está adentro de la caja?
Can you guess what’s inside the case?

Es una máquina de escribir! A veces siento que mi suegra no entiende exactamente que hago aquí en la computadora escribiendo todo el día – que ella piensa que estoy muy floja, pero tal vez me respeta en su manera.

It’s a typewriter! Sometimes I feel that my mother-in-law doesn’t understand exactly what I do on the computer writing all day – that she thinks I’m really lazy, but maybe she respects me in her way.

Mi hijito estaba más fascinado que yo. Me dijo, “Esto es lo qué usaban cuándo no habian computadoras?”

My youngest son was even more fascinated than I was. He said, “Is this what they used before computers?”

Ay! Pero qué lindo! Tiene la “ñ”!
Oh my gosh! How cute is that? It has the “ñ”!

Quién dijo que las máquinas de escribir son obsoletas? No puedo imaginar usandola por escribir un manuscrito, pero quizás puedo usarla por blogear?

Who said typewriters are obsolete? I can’t imagine using it to write a manuscript, but perhaps I can still use it to blog?


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  1. So cool! That’s amazing that your suegra gave you this.

    I love typewriters! It reminds me of my mom who was amazingly quick and accurate on a typewriter. I’m sure my kids would love it, too! I’d love to show them one.

  2. Que bello regalo! Mi mamá tambien creo que tiene la que ella trajo del Ecuador. Tengo que preguntarle!

    P.S. I participated in Spanish Friday today and linked back to your blog! I love this idea! :)

  3. Ay no! Esto es increible on so many levels! Para empezar que pensara que una máquina de escribir es un buen regalo hoy en día. Y segundo… ¡que la haya cargado todo el viaje! ¡Con lo que pesan esas cosas! Jajajaja!
    Tu sweter rocks!

  4. ¡Lo máximo, Traisy!!! Creo que tu suegra es más buena gente de lo que todos pensamos y que en realidad, sí te quiere. Estoy con Sue en eso de que pesan un montón y el solo hecho que la haya cargado desde allá, dice mucho, la verdad!

    Hace unos cuantos años, yo también me compré una máquina de escribir en un mercadito que tienen todas las tardes en el parque principal de Miraflores, el distrito donde nací en Lima, Peru. No se, creo que fue por pura nostalgia ya que yo también aprendí mecanografía en una máquina similar… Este post me hizo acordarme que la tengo tirada en un closet. Voy a sacarla y a ver cómo reacciona mi hija!

    • Así me dijo Carlos. The typewriter weighs quite a bit and nothing is more valuable to Suegra than the space in her suitcases. Me quiere, me quiere, me quiere :) LOL ;)

      Let me know how your hija reacts to your typewriter!

    • How exciting, Edwin! Welcome! I’m really happy you’ve joined us on Spanish Friday and can’t wait to see your post :)

  5. Que buen regalo Traisy! Muy profundo en su corazon, tu Suegra te quiere mucho. Me recuerdo mucho Mi Mama cuando veo typewriters. Ella rocked the typewriter. Me encanta ver las letras y palabras en papel, escrito por typewriters. Ay, Que romantico…

    • Ella me quiere, tienes razon :) Tambien me gusta ver las letras el papel :)

      (Forgive lack of accents here in comments. Using a computer other than my own.)

    • She must know me better than I’d like to admit – yes, the gift is “tan rara” – but so am I. LOL. I love it – everything about it. I love typing/writing/typewriters, I love the sound of the keys, the memories of playing with one as a child, I love the old fashioned art of the letters on the paper, the imperfection. I love the color of it, the “nyay” key – it’s perfect.

      Though I’m a writer, I do too much editing to make use of it for manuscripts and such – but I think it will be pretty cool to maybe write snail mail letters to friends on it? Who knows.

      • Snail mail? You’ll need a carbon paper and a copy drum. LOL! That brings so many memories of the old ditto sheets we used to get in grade school. *sniff*

  6. I learned how to type on one of those darn things (showing my age/how archaic schools can be? lol) and could never get the “A” or the “”” to work because my pinkies were wimpy. I was pretty excited when Al Gore invented the internet and computers. LOL! I love the “typed” look though! Congratulations on your souvenir!

  7. Classic! I love your typewriter. I too, learned how to type on the real deal many moons ago. It was hard to make the transition to pc and laptop b/c the sight of my fingers moving was/is distracting. Enjoy!!

    • LOL – I learned to type on a computer so the typewriter is more like fun memories of playing around at my grandmother’s house :)

  8. Espero que la hayas limpiado!
    Anyways…. disfruta tu máquina de escribir pero PLEASE no vayas a terminar como Jack N. en The Shining REDRUM REDRUM REDRUM #uyquemiedo!

  9. I used to work at office max over 10 years ago and they used to sell typewriter ribbons and we would always run out. Not sure if they still do. There are so many different ones too!
    At my last job in a high rise building, our company occupied about 10 floors and we had one of the only typewriters in our dept and people would always come to use it. Some of the young 20 somethings were so amazed by it. lol.
    Have fun!

    • She brought me an extra ribbon but when it runs out, I’m not even sure where to find them these days!

      That’s funny about the 20-something co-workers.

  10. Oh wow this is my first time ever on your blog and can i tell you that I love it??

    This post is awesome! I am salvadorian and I remember when my mom used to own one of these babies (she was a secretary). I wish I can go back time to get her typewriter. Loved reading about this =)

    P.s. I like how you said “chivo.” You are so Salvi! heheh!

    • Awh, thanks, Estefany! I’m glad the typewriter gave you some good memories.

      As for using “chivo” — I love Caliche :)

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