“Clementino” Part II

Okay, some of you have asked what else is happening with the “Clementino” situation.

I’ve found it amusing that I’ve now been labeled a “rompecorazones” – I don’t think I can see myself that way and I feel a little badly for Clementino – if his intentions came from his heart and not from lands further south, (si me entiendes.)

I still say it was a romantic gesture but ultimately it was made inappropriate for the fact I’m married, (and Clementino is, too.)

I tend to be a romantic and flirtatious person but I also believe there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed. I try very hard to respect my husband by not doing anything that would hurt him. Carlos is generally okay with me being a little coqueta because he trusts that it won’t go further than una mirada, or sonrisita.

That being said, I don’t feel anything negative towards Clementino. I feel bad for his wife, but he’s been so nice to me this past year, it’s difficult for me to be outraged in any way. Maybe I’m just still in shock. Mostly, I feel a little sad that he crossed the line because he put an end to what I saw as a casual friendship. I really liked going to the store – it was part of my weekly routine. It also feels strange to imagine him realizing after a few weeks, that I’m not coming back.

Bueno, I think most of you want to know more about how my husband has reacted though. Carlos has been acting differently since this happened. He is naturally a jealous type but he has worked to overcome his insecurities this past year, (lucky for Clementino!) … So, when I jumped in the car and told Carlos what had happened, he was a little on edge. He wasn’t happy about what happened, especially the part where Clementino touched my hand. He said that was pushing it too far and if Clementino tried it again, he’d break his fingers.

Knowing that Carlos felt that way, I was a little panicked to find out that he was going back to the store the next day, thanks to Suegra.

You see, after trying and failing to call El Salvador with the phone cards she had bought, Suegra came to me saying, “Tienes que decir a tu novio que estas tarjetas no sirven.” (Very funny, Suegra. She is going to get me into trouble!) – I refused to take her to the store to exchange them and so when Carlos came home from work, she asked him to take her.

Suegra told me that she wanted to scare Clementino. She said she was going to tell him she knew all about what he had said to her nuera and that she was going to tell Clementino’s wife. I begged her not to do this but she wouldn’t say anything more.

So, Carlos and Suegra went to the market. Both deny that they said or did anything. According to them, Carlos waited in the car and Suegra just went in to exchange her phone cards without mentioning anything. They are really good mentirosos though, so I don’t know if I believe them.

One thing I do know – Carlos has been super romantic since this happened. He has always been that way, but he has definitely been even more so lately. Here are some of his text messages…

When Carlos was hugging me last night, I asked him jokingly if he was worried that Clementino would steal me away. He hugged me tighter and said, “No… you’re mine.”

The feminist in me objects to the ownership implied in those words. The romantic in me says, “Yes, I’m all yours!”

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  1. i’ve got a boring but serious question:

    “por averte puesto” is supposed to be “por harberte puesto”, or is it spelled like that in el salvador?

    p.s. i know what you mean when you say it’s kind of said it ended. innocent flirts feel pretty nice, and obviously have good effect on our other halves;)

    • LOL, boring but serious questions totally acceptable.

      The answer is, my husband isn’t the greatest speller in the world :)

      “averte” should be “haberte”

      …I’m glad someone understands when I say “it’s kind of sad” – Seems weird to say and I don’t want to give the wrong idea, so I’m relieved that someone “gets” what I mean.

    • That is the best part of blogging – knowing that what we put out there affects people in real ways, like waves rippling outwards.

      I feel like cupid now :)

  2. Oh I love it! And now I’m going to hop on over to my own Latin market to see if I can’t stir up some romantic texts from mi propio esposo! :)

  3. Ay amiga que rrrrromántico “semi-ending”!!!!
    This is beautiful Tracy, how honest you are with each other and how Carlos handled the whole thing.
    I completely get your “the feminist in me vs the romantic”. Yes, I feel that way too about my husband saying those exact words. And I LOVE IT. :)
    Thanks for the great read, every single time!
    Go Tracy!

  4. Ay Tracy, por Dios, Clementino’s fingers are brooookennn!!!!! LMAOOOOO!!!

    I can’t stop laughing. All you want is your damn bubu lubus, cono! Pero despite your loss (of accessible bubu lubus) I think it’s sweet that Carlos has been wooing you with texts.

    They’re very swoon-worthy amiga, so enjoy them.

    Pero recuerdate, it’s not your fault que eres tan dulce that every cashier falls in love with you. ;)


    • But it is my fault! Clementino said so! LOL.

      I love Carlos’s texts … it’s so weird that this is romantic in our modern society though. How things have changed!

  5. How timely tu drama en el mes del amor y la amistad, jajaja! Excellently written and presented. Honestamente, a very charming story Tracy. Pero si, tambien entiendo a Carlos. I’m probably less understanding than he is and would have already gone and broken a few fingers, lol…but que bueno que esten tan enamorados :-) And tell suegra, to stop meddling, LOL!

  6. I know what you mean with the underlying message of ownership in the words “you’re mine” – but as you, I find them romantic. Mi novio and me always talk like that, but I don’t think about it as ownership as in belonging. I belong to him and he belongs to me – because we belong together as a unity.

    besitos de tu nueva amiga en el pais de los vikingos ;)

  7. OMG I know what you mean when you say the feminist inside you! I react the same way. I get it from my mom. but I’m such a romantic that it makes her sick LOL. Giving my honey carinos and serving a plate for him sends her over the edge! LOL aw Tracy, your hubby is so sweet!

  8. Awwwww! I miss getting those kinds of text messages. I also hate when someone crosses the line from friendly & flirty to inappropriate & awkward. So sorry that your weekly trips to the market will never be the same. :(

  9. for some reason i have missed ur new post in my feed…grrrr i h8 my feed some days.. so now i am catching up rofl… asi es mi viejo… he dont even notice me half the time lol which is fine cuz we love each other jst things get weird after a while not as much love.. bt the second someone else notices me he begans to go back to old roots… lots of those mensajes u were getting makes me laugh… guys are so weird!

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