Queso trafficking

You know those photos you sometimes see en las noticias of drug seizures? Bricks and bricks of confiscated cocaine, weapons and stacks of cash that the police lay out?

This is my freezer…

Before anyone reports me to the authorities, you should know that despite appearances, this is queso duro, (Salvadoran cheese), that my Suegra brought back from El Salvador. If you don’t believe me, you can come smell it for yourself. I’m not sure what cocaine smells like but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t smell like stinky socks.


  1. JAJAJAJAJA!!! Leave it to grandmas and suegras to smuggle anything from stinky cheese to tortillas to… you name it! Mi Abuelita would do that every time she went to visit someone living outside of Mexico. We got really scared that she would get detained for having fresh cheese, vegetables, nopales, chorizo… whatever! But she said that all she had to do was “dejarselo a la Virgen de Guadalupe”.
    So, gracias Virgencita because mi Abuelita never got the dogs to sniff the chorizo and the Mexican sntinky cheese either!

    Your Suegra stories are hilarious Traaaysi, thank you for sharing them!
    Un abrazo amiga,

    • She usually keeps enough to last her until her next visit to El Salvador, (usually once a year) – the rest she sells or gives away.

  2. Omg!! You hand to tell how did she do that?? My mom always asks for queso when relatives come to visit but it’s only 1 piece y de casualidad! I felt bad when my mom asks for it buy now I see we’re not the only ones! I’m sure going to show her this picture!

    • Dariela – she just packs it into her suitcase with her other things (stinky queso-smelling clothes! LOL) and somehow she makes it through every time. She is a very lucky person – always winning scratch off lottery tickets and such. I know if I tried to bring something like that through Customs, I’d never make it!

      She did have a few things taken from her carry-on this time, (spices she was bringing for me! ) – but the queso made it in the checked luggage.

  3. Love it! Years ago, my grandmother would bring back a whole lot of cheese to sell. In those days you couldn’t find it in your average Latino market. Our refrigerator would look like that when she would visit!

    Love it!

  4. That’s a huge amount of queso! My suegra brings queso, too. I think it’s an odd thing to bring. I know our quesos are different, but I never think to bring queso to Bolivia.

    • If I lived in El Salvador long term, I wonder if I would want to bring cheese with me? (Because I can’t stand the queso she brings here!) … I imagine that they have all the cheeses I like at the American-style grocery stores these days… I really missed peanut butter that week I went to ES in 1999 though. LOL.

  5. Can I live in your freezer? wow, that is a lot of queso? Is it all duro blando or did she bring duro viejo, morolique, capita, etc.
    BTW– just heard in the news that EL Salvador has encountered a shortage of cheese. People are about to take the street in demand of that sacred food. Cows,sheep, goats and every milk-producing mammal has been taken hostage!!! jijijiji

    • Creo que es todo duro blando… As for the noticias from El Salvador, this seems highly likely and I totally believe you ;)

  6. How in the WORLD did she travel to the US with all that cheese?! Did you have to hurry up and eat all the stuff out of the fridge/freezer to make room for all of that, or does she have her *own* cheese freezer for all that contraband?

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