Clementino Part III

I still really haven’t had closure to the whole Clementino situation. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out Part I and Part II.) What kind of closure am I expecting? I don’t think there can really be any.

Suegra went to the market the other day with my older son to buy phone cards. Clementino’s wife was at the counter and Suegra said she could hear Clementino in one of the aisles stocking shelves. Suegra bought the phone cards and then requested to purchase Bubu Lubus, (for me of course.)

Well, Suegra says that as soon as she said the words “Bubu Lubus,” – Clementino raced to the front, almost tripping over himself. He came out to the front counter, and seeing Suegra at the register, started looking around the rest of the store. When he presumably saw that I wasn’t there, he went back to re-stocking shelves.

To make sure Suegra wasn’t just making up stories, I asked my older son and he said that’s exactly what happened.

So anyway, yesterday was Valentine’s Day and I received a package in the mail covered in hearts. The boys hoping there was something for them inside despite my name being on it, watched me open it. I pulled out a 24 pack box of Bubu Lubus.

My youngest son looked at the Bubu Lubus and the hearts all over the envelope and jumped to conclusions.

“Whoa!” he said, “Are those from Clementino?”

I assured him they weren’t. Silly cipote. Then Carlos came home and seeing the box of Bubu Lubus and heart patterned envelope raised an eyebrow.

“Who are those from?” he asked.
“My friend, Amanda!”
“…Hm, are you sure?”

I showed him the shipping address as proof. Obviously, Carlos is still thinking about the Clementino situation too.


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  1. Santo Dios… entonces es cierto! Cupido flechó a Clementino (btw– averigua su nombre verdadero… capaz se llama Carlos!!!)
    Será que la esposa sospecha de las “piropeadas” de Clementino y por eso lo ha mandado a los “shelves”?
    Esta novela merece ser llevada a la pantalla chica!!! “La Tienda del Amor”, de lunes a viernes a las 8 pm sólo por Telemundo!!!

    • Claudia, yo sé el nombre verdadero ahora – no es Carlos. jiji

      Tal vez tienes razón que la esposa lo ha mandado a re-stock duty. Jajaja… Good for her.

      “La Tienda del Amor” – I like that one!

  2. @claudiadelcid Estoy de acuerdo! I’ll watch it! :)
    @Tracy What a wonderful friend & beautful packaging! It reminds me of something my sisters would send me. Did she know of the Clemintino story before she sent the package? Hopefully with time this situation will pass and things will return to normal.

    • Yes, Victory – she knows of me through my blog, so she knew about Clementino. That was just the package envelopes available at the post office. LOL.

      I’m sure things will return to normal soon!

  3. Ay ahora si se puso incómodo!
    On the bright side… you get to pamper Carlos A LOT so he can rest assured that you´re all “his”, no? ;)
    Toda una telenovela! Hope it all ends well.

  4. Hhahahaha! Your friend Amanda is awesome. As i was reading it (and saw the hearts) I totally thought it was from Clementino and then totally freaked out because I was like “this guy knows where she lives?!”

    Hopefully you and your Esposo enjoyed a lovely V-Day juntos! :-)

  5. So sorry to have contributed to more drama y locura, but this all started with “Los Herederos del Monte”!

    I was so grateful for the great synopsis you gave that night, (when mi esposo and I went out on a date and I was afraid I would miss “the show”) so I felt like I didn’t miss a beat. So, it’s Los Herederos’ fault….to further complicate this matter :)

    Thanks for all the fun!

    • Seriously Kim! Who knows how many people I’ve now hooked on Bubu Lubus. They are making mucho dinero because of me LOL.

  6. jajajajaj ke chistosoo….ok es un confession aveces a mi me gusta jugar con mi novio ponerlo celosa…ya no mucho por que la ultima vez se puso todo lastimado con sus calzones all tangled jejeje…. anyways bt its when me on the other end though its not very funny… i am a nut case with jealous… i think carlos is my long lost brother jajaja

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