Camisas Guanacas

Suegra nos trajó muchas cosas de El Salvador – bastantes cosas que todavía no he tenido tiempo por compartirlas. Aquí están las camisas que me trajó ella, (Yo pedí especificamente camisas con palabras en Caliche – [palabras regionales salvadoreñas]. Suegra va a recibir una estrella de oro por la misión cumplida!)

Suegra brought back many things from El Salvador – so many things that I still haven’t had time to share them all. Here are the shirts she brought back, (I specifically asked for shirts with Caliche [Salvadoran slang] – Suegra gets a gold star for mission accomplished!)

Bueno, mis hijos no son exactamente 100% – pero me imagino que no hacen camisas que dicen 50% jijiji…

Well, my sons aren’t exactly 100% – but I imagine they don’t make one that says 50% hee hee…

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  1. The second shirt is SO my grandmother. She is always so happy to get here, bring gifts and food but it never fails….a week later esta desesperada por regresar!

    What I wouldn’t do for a mango right now!

    • Suegra is the same – especially in the winter time. She mopes around griping about how boring and depressing it is – that there’s no one to talk to and no where to walk and that Americans stay “cerrados en la casa” all day and night. LOL. It’s true – I do like how everyone is out and about in El Salvador – even if they have nothing specific to do, they’re on the porch talking to neighbors, etc. Much more social.

      Sending you a virtual mango. It’s the best I can do. LOL.

    • Ana, I checked with Suegra. First she said, “Who wants to know?” When I told her it was a friend she asked where the friend was from. I said she’s Salvadoran and Suegra responded, “Puchica! Y no sabe, pues?!” … jajaja! ROFLMAO. She went on like that for a minute talking about how the younger generation has forgotten everything, then she explained.

      She says that “punches” are a type of cangrejo. She said in this type of crab, there’s a part of them that is amargo (bitter?)… *shrug*

      Felicidades, amiga. You’ve officially been scolded by Suegra. (I think that means she likes you… cause she likes me A LOT.) lol….

  2. Que buena puntada de la Suegra!!! And your son, he is sooo cute Traysi!!!
    Hmmm… Salvadorans and Mexicans have many things in common from that list, so funny! But also many of the words are like a complete foreign language to me.
    My favorite item on one of the t-shirts was queso duro blandito! Leave it to us Latinos to say opposite things that mean the same! Por eeeeso, es lo mismo pero no es igual!
    Great post amiga!

    • Thanks about mi hijito :)

      That’s cool to know that Mexicans have some things in common from the lists.

      I will have to post a “Caliche dictionary” one of these days so that the non-guanacos aren’t left todos confundidos! :)

  3. Tracy,
    I did not know that pupusas were salvordean! I LOVE PUPUSAS. They are hard to find in my area. We have to drive like an hour away to get them. I realized they must be a Salvordean food, since it said In El Salvador we don’t eat Hamburgers we eat pupusas! Loved the shirts!

  4. Pususas rock!!! My son’s 3rd birthday was a Saturday and he & I were on our own the whole early part of the day. I said, your party’s tomorrow, but since it’s your birthday today I will take you out for lunch, anywhere you want. Quieres ir a McDonalds Playland? He said “No. Quiero Pupusa.” Hm, I said. Are you sure? No quieres ir a jugar con los niños en McDonalds? “Mommy, quiero Pupusa.” OK!!! so we went to Pupusa Alegre!!!

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