Rapeando otra vez

No puedo imaginar hacer un hábito de crear videos de rap, pero aquí tengo uno más para mis “fans” …jijiji.

Estoy rapeando la canción “Yo Soy La Voz” de Maleco Collective. Y sí, bien puedes ver que me divertí en el proceso de editar el video. Es que tengo una computadora nueva y el programa por editar videos es muy diferente que el programa que use antes. Hay muchos más butónes y no puedo resistir jodiendo un poco.

Les digo otra vez en caso que olvidaron – rapeo sólo por practicar mi español y divertirme. En este espiritu, lo comparto con ustedes. Dios no me daba el talento de música, pero creo que me daba la abilidad de hacer la gente sonreir.

Entonces, que disfruten.

English translation:

I can’t imagine making a habit of creating rap videos, but here I have one more for my “fans”.

I’m rapping to the song “Yo Soy La Voz” by Maleco Collective. And yes, I’m sure you can tell I had fun during the video editing process. It’s that I have a new computer and the program to edit videos is really different from the program I used before. There are a lot more buttons and I can’t resist screwing around a little.

I’ll tell you again, in case you forgot, I rap only to practice my Spanish and have fun. In that spirit, I share it with you guys. God didn’t give me musical talent but I think he gave me the ability to make people smile. So then, enjoy.

Did you participate in Spanish Friday? Leave your link in comments!

20 thoughts on “Rapeando otra vez

      • Work computers suck. LOL.

        Also try clearing your cookies/browsing history and then refreshing the page. If not, it must be your work forbidding you from enjoying a little gringa rap while on the clock. LOL ;)

    • Gracias, amiga :) Hope it made you smile. BTW, I get tongue tied in English. I wonder if our second language uses a different part of the brain? … Maybe you will rap better in English?! lol

  1. Impresionante! El uso hace maestro-es verdad. Yo tengo un método similar…anuncio de un libro en español para mejorar mi velocidad y pronunciación. Well, I used to. I’ve gotten perezosa en mis estudias. :/ Pero yo puedo ver como los canciones les ayuda. Sigue sigue! Feliz Friday! ;D
    P.s Great job with the new video techinques!

  2. No Traisy, definitivamente ya te gusto la idea de Rapera del Pueblo…y aparte lo haces muy bien, bien simpaticamente! Ojala te animes hacer mas videos de aqui en adelante porque siempre nos hacen sonreir :-) By the way, what system are you using to edit?

    • LOL, peer pressure. I must give the people what they want ;) (Gracias)

      …As for the editing program – like I said, I have a new computer and it came with Windows Movie Maker Live. I used to use regular Windows Movie Maker and I’m very used to it. I prefer the old one because it has a timeline — the new one does not have a timeline and is really different.

      I tried to copy the old program to the new computer, and it worked but for some reason it’s not showing the videos when they’re in AVI format anymore – just audio. I thought maybe to convert the AVI videos to something else before using in the old program, but I don’t have the patience. For now I’m just going to try to get the hang of the new program.

  3. Hey Tracy…can’t see the video probably because I am at work now.

    Anyway…when I was in Spain (2004), we bought a spanish tape and guess what? I’ll be going to Spain end March and trying desperately to learn some words & sentence. can you help??? :)

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