Eastern Market

Because we went to try Tortilla Café recently, we also had a chance to walk around Eastern Market in Southeast D.C. which is right across the street.

Eastern market has a little of everything – mostly food and handicrafts. It’s an excellent place for people watching, photography, spending an afternoon, and shopping, of course. The mix of scents; sliced apples to sample, fresh popped kettle corn, spicy incense, and a dozen other things, reminded me of the market in El Salvador. You could also hear a mix of languages, music, and a man selling newspapers on the corner.

There is a building that houses the indoor market which is mostly butchers/meat counters, fresh produce, baked goods and a few other things mixed in. (This is also where the restrooms are.) At one end of the indoor market there is plenty of seating if you want to eat something you’ve purchased right there, while listening to live music.

The market spills out onto 7th Street which is closed to traffic. Vendors line the sidewalks under canopies selling everything from candles, handmade toys, scarves, jewelry, paintings, and wind chimes, to apples, salsa, handbags, hats, antique furniture and more. Across the street in a fenced lot are even more vendors.

Peruvian vendors were my favorite, of course.

I made Carlos buy me a llama.

While we were walking around, I kept seeing this little dog. She was so adorable and I wanted to take her photo but I didn’t want the owners to see me do so. Since they never looked away from my general direction, I decided I wanted the photo badly enough to ask them.

“Is that a Chihuahua mixed with Dachshund?” I asked.
“That’s exactly what she is! She’s a Chiweenie!” she said.

I can’t think of a sweeter mix than that. I asked the owner if I could take the dog’s photo and she very willingly agreed.

Tips If You Go:

• Bring cash. There’s an ATM in the indoor market, but if it’s not your bank, you’ll pay a fee.

• Bring toilet paper. The women’s bathroom didn’t have any. I made Carlos steal me a roll from the men’s.

• Bring your appetite. There’s plenty to eat, including free samples.

• Bring the kids. This market is very family friendly.

For directions, hours of operation and more, visit EasternMarket-DC.org.


  1. I prefer bigger dogs but that’s a cool mix. Peruvian handicraftsmen are very good but you should see the argentinians that live at the Altiplano area (near Bolivia). When I’ll go visit you, I’ll take you a real llama!

    • LOL – Hmm… Argentinian crafts – are you sure you aren’t biased in some way, che? ;)

      You should go to a market in Altiplano and take photos and share them on your blog so I can see!

      As for the llama, my birthday *is* this month. He will have to sleep in Suegra’s room though.

  2. Wow, sounds just like some markets in Bolivia…where you have to take your own toilet paper and all. I always heard llamas made good pets.
    I was up your way last weekend and saw a license plate that said ‘cipote’ and only knew what it meant because of you! :)

  3. I love eastern market! I lived close by and would spend many weekends there. It’s a friendly and happy place. The food is delicious too. I like the guy that makes giraffes out of aluminum cans.

    • Is that the same guy who was painting? I saw someone showing a kid how to bend cut up aluminum cans and figured he was one of the artists but didn’t watch for more than a few seconds – just thought it was cool that he’d take the time to show the kid his trade.

      That would be an awesome area to live in – walking or Metro distance from everything.

  4. In the few times I’ve been to D.C. nunca he visto este lugar, but it seems really cool, and now I know where to tell my sister to take us when we go visit…maybe this summer :-) It sure beats the museums, as I’ve never been much a museum aficionado…I much prefer pigging out and drinking a few beers, while doing a little people watching. The exception of course being the Library of Congress – I was literally mesmerized with that place!
    But I digress. Nice post, and the do is cute, even for someone who is not much of a pet person :-)

    • It would be a great place to just hang out for an afternoon – definitely tell your sister to bring you.

      Fijate que – all my years here and I’ve never been to the Library of Congress. Maybe this summer.

  5. I live in Iowa and read your blog religiously. I am married to a Mexican, and get so much humor from your writing and experiences. I absolutely LOVE the sweaters…I want one for my daughter!! I think you should let me send money and you pick one up and mail it…because I just won’t find that online. :)

    • Aren’t they adorable? I have two sons. Tantas cosas lindas que no puedo comprar! If my boys were little enough, I’d probably put one of those sweaters on them anyway. LOL.

      Oye, next time I know I’ll be at the market, I will try to let you know ahead of time and we’ll see what we can do, okay amiga?

      Thanks for reading my blog :)

      • Awesome! :) PS…I’ve been to El Salvador twice on house building missions of two weeks each. I can relate when you share stories of the area your Suegra visits…and the stories of Gringa invasion there. It is mighty tempting as a visitor to fall in love with la tierra, la gente, las pupusas. I wanted to stay! I soon realized this was a short lived fantasy when I got back on the plane and was offered a diet coke with ice cubes. Mmm…oh how I missed ice cubes…and toilet paper.

  6. Beautiful photos, and what a cute doggy! Ay chihuahua! I love saying that ;) Is this a seasonal market or more like a special festival market that’s only open for a limited time? I wish I lived closer. So many cool things…thanks for sharing with us!

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