My cumple is at the end of the month, but Carlos wanted to give me his gift un poco temprano.

This is Carlos’s first and only tattoo… y lo amo!

Suegra still doesn’t know about it. When she finds out, she will probably threaten to disown him, (otra vez.) She believes tattoos are a pecado and that only “mala gente” like pandilleros get them. When Carlos told me this I said, “Wait, doesn’t your older brother have tattoos?”

“Yeah,” Carlos said, “but when my mother found out, she slapped him.”

So Carlos’s birthday present to me? A permanent reminder of his love, and the promise of mucho drama to blog about in the coming days.

(Thanks, nene!)


  1. uuuuu Sexy back!!!
    Qué linda la letra, no sé porque me recuerda a Shakespeare!
    No me aguanto por saber la reacción de suegra cuando se entere!
    Estaré rezando por Carlos y ojalá no le duela tanto la cacheteada que le va a dar!

    • Jaja, prayers of protection are welcome for Carlos.

      Maybe the letters remind you of Shakespeare because of his association with the Renaissance, and when one thinks of the Renaissance they think of the calligraphy of that period.

  2. Hahaha! Yep, my hubby was chased down the street and around the block by his mom with a piece of wood over her head. She was SOO angry. And he was a grown, married, father living in his own place. That means nothing (as you know) to a Latina mommy! :)

  3. How sweet your husband is! Yall give me hope that the rough times do pass, and it is worth the effort!
    I am reading this post on my phone, so the picture didn’t load til i clicked on it. For whatever reason, in my head ihad imagined it to read “traisy” or some other spanglish spelling, then busted out laughing when i saw it says ‘Tracy’.

    • LOL! … If you wanted the tattoo spelled “Traisy”, we would have had to go to a Salvadoran tattoo artist! ;)

      As for the rough times – they do pass, amiga. We STILL go through them every now and then, but in my experience, if you hang on, it gets better. {abrazos}

  4. That’s awesome!
    I can’t wait to hear your suegra’s reaction.

    I have a tat with my astrology sign and every time I went to visit my mama, I would hide it. Mind you I was 30. When she finally saw it, she gave me the only disgusted look. LOL

    • LOL – I remember hiding a nose piercing from my mother. She found out after only 24 hours, (kind of obvious to keep shielding your face!) … She demanded I take it out right away :p I was about 16 y/o at the time and did as I was told for once.

    • I know. I told the tattoo artist that I guess after 13 years, Carlos finally decided I was going to stick around :)

    • Don’t think the thought hasn’t occurred to me! But taping video or audio without consent wouldn’t feel right, (and in most cases, isn’t legal.)

  5. Awwwww! How sweet! It really is a lovely gift. And I can’t wait to read about suegra’s reaction.

    This post reminds me of my grandmother. She hates tattoos. Not only does she think they are a sin, she also thinks they are a sign of the devil. That said, my mom had more than 40 tattoos and my Grandma never said a thing about her tattoos. But when my uncle, decided to get a tattoo of the american flag and a bald eagle to celebrate his 25 years of service in the U.S. army, my grandma had a FIT! I had never seen her so upset. She refused to talk to my uncle for like a week. When my uncle asked why she was so upset about his one tattoo, but never said a thing about my mom’s…My grandma said, “Ya sabes que tu hermana esta loca y nunca me hace caso, pero tu, I thought your were smarter than that!”

  6. awwww that so sweet…. si fuera mi novio he would put it on his ass or something….hijole cuando se enoja tu suegra try and record it so i can piss myself laughing :)

  7. Beautiful! Your guy is a sweetie pie! That was really sweet of him to get ur name tattooed on his back! It looks great and…….. I can’t wait to hear how suegra reacts. Good luck!

  8. Wow! That is a true testament to his love for you. Felicidades!! I’m not sure I could ever muster the courage to do something like that…pero que bueno por su amor :-) Pero, la cachetada…uuyy tambien me daria miedo!

  9. I’m not a huge fan of tattoos, but that one is so pretty! And the thought is really romantic too. Sexy stuff.

    • I’m the same. Most tattoos I don’t find attractive, there are a few exceptions – but I love most text/script tattoos simply because I love words/language/fonts, etc :)

    • LOL, none for me! I like the *idea* of having a tattoo, but when I’ve drawn designs with permanent marker on my skin, I get bored after a day or two and want it gone. I’m impulsive, indecisive, and change my mind a lot — not good character traits for getting a tattoo!

  10. Ooorale Tracy that´s a huge muestra de su amor! Do you think, by any chance, it had anything to do with the whole Clementino situation? Sometimes men need a little reminder about how special and awesome their mujeres are, and even though he already was super in love with you, now he´s being more open about it.
    Sea lo que sea, ay tu esposo te ama and he´s willing to risk a few chancletazos to make sure you know it! YAY!!!

    • Carlos has wanted to do it for years, but I have a feeling the Clementino situation gave him a little extra push. LOL.

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