Telenovela Vocabulary

Desde que escribi sobre mi obsesión con la telenovela, “ Herederos del Monte ” – ha venido a mi atención más que nunca, oradores de Inglés, (anglo y latino), que no hablan español con fluidez, están mirando la telenovela también. Algunos confían en subtítulos para seguir el show, pero si su televisor no tiene esta opción, o simplemente quieres aprender a entender más, les presento a ustedes, “Vocabulario de las Telenovelas” … Esta es una lista de frases que he recopilado de ver “Herederos del Monte” … Aprende estas y estás en tu camino de tirar los subtítulos al lado de una vez para siempre!

English Translation:
Since I blogged about my obsession with the telenovela, “Herederos del Monte” – it’s come to my attention that more than ever, English speakers, (Anglo and Latino), who don’t speak Spanish fluently, are tuning in as well. Some are relying on subtitles to follow the story, but if your television doesn’t have this feature or you just want to learn to understand more, I present to you, “Telenovela Vocabulary” … This is a list of phrases I’ve compiled from watching “Herederos del Monte” … Learn these and you’re on your way to ditching the subtitles once and for all!

Telenovela Vocabulary/Vocabulario de las Telenovelas

No lo meresco/No lo mereces – I don’t deserve it/You don’t deserve it
Te amo/Te quiero/Te necesito – I love you/I love you/I need you
No te amo/No te quiero – I don’t love you
Por supuesto – Of course
Te agradesco – I’m grateful to you
Creo que sí/Creo que no – I believe so/I don’t think so
Qué te pasa? – What’s wrong with you?
Qué has hecho? – What have you done?
Quieres matarme? – You want to kill me?
Cobarde! – Coward!
No me molestes más! – Don’t bother me anymore!
Vete/Largate/Múdate/Marchate/Fuera/Dejame en paz/Aléjate – All different ways to say Go away/Leave me alone/Get out of here, etc.
Eres muy especial para mi – You’re very special to me
Desagradecido/a – Ungrateful person
Me hiciste daño – You hurt me
Te odio! – I hate you!
Estoy embarazada – I’m pregnant
Eres el padre – You’re the father
No lo creo – I don’t believe it
Nadie te va a creer – No one is going to believe you
Qué puedo hacer? – What can I do?
Mentiras! – Lies!
Está en la hospital – He/She is in the hospital
Se cayo – He/She fell
Habia un acidente – There was an accident
Es muy grave – It’s very serious
Se murio – He/She died.
Está muerto – He/She is dead
Cásate conmigo – Marry me
Nos vamos a casar! – We’re going to get married!
Tengo un amante – I have a lover
Quiero el divorcio – I want a divorce
No lo/la puedo olvidar – I can’t forget about him/her
Te juro/Te prometo – I swear/I promise
No se qué hacer – I don’t know what to do
Tiene otra mujer – He has another woman (on the side)
No es justo! – It’s not fair!
No llores – Don’t cry
Cómo te sientes?/Te sientes mejor? – How do you feel? Are you feeling better?
Me siento bien/triste – I feel good/sad
Estoy muy mal – I’m [feeling] really bad
No aguanto más – I can’t take it anymore
No lo soporto! – I can’t stand it!
Dime la verdad! – Tell me the truth!
Me amas! – You love me!
Se acabo! – It’s over!

Can you think of more essential telenovela phrases/vocabulary?
Puedes pensar en más vocabulario y frases esenciales para las telenovelas?

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  1. I too love Los Herederos del Monte! I never really followed a novela closely until this one. I cannot miss a single episode! I desafortunadamente rely on subtitles to fill in the blanks in my spanish vocabulary. I would love to throw away that crutch, but I’m afraid I’ll miss algo muy importante! Hopefully by the end of this novela’s run, I will feel confident enough to turn them off.

    • Using subtitles is nothing to be ashamed of! Keep watching and learning. By the grand finale I’m sure you’ll be able to fall in and out of love in Spanish with ease ;)

  2. This was a great post~! I haven’t watched any novelas since Munecas de la Mafia y Gracias a dios que tuve mi amiga de Colombia at work that reassured me every day what i understood was what really happened the night before.

    The next big novela that everyone jumps on……. i hope i get to watch. I miss watching them, there is nothing like them honestly. The American soap operas are too boring!

    • It’s very rare that I find one I like but Herederos del Monte is GOOD. I’m also hearing good things about La Reina Del Sur but I can’t commit to another one right now. LOL.

    • LOL. That’s a new one for me. I like how Sophia on Herederos del Monte keeps calling the brothers “orangutanes” … jijiji…

  3. You hit all the best phrases right on the head, Tracy! I’ve been using the Spanish by Telenovelas Method for a few years, and started up again right around the time that Herederos began. I think the first thing I ever learned was that “embarazada” does not mean “embarrassed”!

  4. My grandpa was supposed to help me with my blog but we had to reschedule for next week. Does a Spanish Tweet count? With the help of my friend I decided to send a seductive Spanish tweet on Friday to Fabian Rios. I began by commenting on his fierce twitter picture.I said : “@FabianRiosS: No me miras asi Como me estas mirando en su foto. Te quiero pero por favor no seas tan enojado! Amor, let’s runaway together!”

    Ok,ok so my English slipped out in the end but I couldnt help it! I got flustered and had to propose a way for us to be together as quick as I could. He hasn’t responded but I guess it’s because he has to get his things in order before he can take off with me. I understand. (;

    • jajaja that tweet TOTALLY counts… and if I weren’t married I’d be sending similar tweets to Espinoza Paz.

      Hope you blog in Spanish next week!

  5. LOL that you included all those ways so say go away…it’s soo true and you can’t watch a single capitulo without hearing someone say ‘vete de aqui’ (mainly paula) or ‘dejame en paz’ (julieta to pedro)

    my favorite novela expression I’ve picked up on is
    ‘misericordia!!’ hahahah i will never forget one of the characters(an old woman) from ‘el clon’ (which was fantastic) saying that…
    another funny one…’que demonios…!!!’

    • LOL – Yes, it’s usually Paula or Julieta – exactly.

      I love how characters have their own little expressions which they repeat. Sofia, (Paula’s mother), repeatedly called the hermanos del Monte, “orangutanes”…lol

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