Somos Muchos Latinos!

If you watch the Spanish language TV networks then you’ve seen the commercials a million times. Toyota has found a way to build brand loyalty by tapping into Latino pride – genius!

Toyota has been going around giving away free bumper stickers that announce the family’s nationality in a fun way. People put the stickers on the vehicle because, number one, it’s gratis, and number two – Latinos are proud of their roots. Toyota wins because the sticker is incredibly cost effective advertising. (And look, I’m even talking about it for free just because I think it’s chévere. They must know what they’re doing over there.)

After seeing the commercials over and over, I finally went to Toyota’s Facebook page to order a free sticker for myself, (and a second one for Carlos.)

Here’s the problem, we no longer own a Toyota. We made the difficult decision to sell it, though it was in excellent condition, just to get out from under the monthly payment and save money for awhile. The next step of our plan was to buy a car with cash – just something for Carlos to use to commute. With $1,000 cash in hand, we began looking, and soon realized it was slim pickings. After a few weeks we ended up buying the first car we found that wasn’t beaten all to hell and still had some life in it… which happens to be a 1993 Nissan. (A thousand dollars doesn’t buy much these days. You can’t be picky.)

Anyway, Carlos wanted to put the sticker on his Nissan. I told him that didn’t seem quite right. I started calling his car a “wannabe Toyota” – so he didn’t do it.

I ended up putting my sticker on my laptop. Carlos sighed and set his sticker aside… “I need to buy a Toyota,” he said, “so I can use my sticker.”

Talk about effective advertising!

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post.

20 thoughts on “Somos Muchos Latinos!

  1. I totally ordered just about a MILLION of these things! My hubby is Korean-Peruvian-American, and I am in the same boat you are…”latina-ish.” We both drive Camrys, so the stickers are going to good use! Plus, I got extra ones to post on the windows in my classroom (high school Spanish). You’re right-what great advertising!

    • You are making me want to order more, Anna. LOL. You are the awesomest Spanish teacher ever… of course, I think highly of all Spanish teachers :)

  2. They were filming one of those commercials in the parking lot at the Home Depot Center (stadium) after a Galaxy game.

    I didn’t know what was going on other than them handing out stickers. I later saw the commercial and quickly recognized the location.

  3. the bf says he *will not* drive my car if i put a “Somos Muchos Chilangos” sticker on it, less he be mistaken for one. I am telling him this will not happen, since he is a 6’7″ Dominican of African descent. he is not convinced.

    • LOL – Sometimes I yell that just for fun, “Somos muchos Chilangos!” …I just like the sound of the word. Carlos always says, “No we’re not!”

      How about you get a sticker for the BF too? You can get more than one.

    • I tried and tried to think of it, but I can’t remember either. All I can think of is Mike Rowe, and I’m not even sure about that…

      (Looked on Wikipedia… nope. Mike Rowe endorses Ford. LOL.)

      We happen to own 2 Nissans right now, but it’s by chance. We’re not loyal to any car company. Whatever comes our way at the right price and runs well is the car for us ;)

  4. hola latinos doy gracias a dios por que somos muchos(as)latinos esforzandonos en este pais no nuestro y pa, alante para aatras ni para agarrar inmpulsos ok; los quiero mucho jaqui

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