Duritos & Fútbol

Reading La Cocina de Leslie the other day, I came upon her blog post about Duritos. I knew I had seen something similar at the Latino Market many times before, but I always passed by without really checking them out, assuming it was some sort of healthy spaghetti.

With Leslie’s post in mind, I bought a bag for less than $2 when I went to the Latino Market. I let the kids watch me cook them so they could witness the magic. It’s neat to watch them puff up when they hit the hot oil, (and I never would have guessed you cook them this way. I would have boiled them if I hadn’t been told otherwise!)

When Suegra saw me preparing to cook them, she tried to act like she knew all about them even though in more than a decade she has never mentioned them, eaten them or cooked them in my presence. She gets jealous when I know something she doesn’t when it comes to cooking.

She asked where I heard about them and I replied “una amiga que vive en México.” Suegra sniffed and then claimed that El Salvador has Duritos too and that she used to cook them “all the time” – (even though she hung over my shoulder and couldn’t hide her surprise as they puffed up in the pan.)

I wasn’t in the mood for her games so I told her, “I don’t believe you ever ate them or cooked them.” Then, just to get her goat I added, “I discovered them first.” She sucked in her breath and finally left the kitchen saying, “I suppose you invented pupusas too!”

Anyway, we ate them while watching the opening game for DC United which was just as good as the Duritos. The boys preferred the Duritos plain while Carlos and I experimented with Valentina hot sauce, salt and lime.

(Thanks, Leslie, for a new favorite snack!)


  1. Hahahah when I saw your first picture I said damn adonde esta mi valentina!!! I don’t eat pork so these to me are the best since they are like the flour version of pork rinds lol Ya me distes hambre mujer!!

  2. Mmmmm I love duritos, although many chilangos call them pasta. I had always eaten them with Valentina and lime, but my best friend from Culiacan schooled me on doing them with chamoy and lime. its hard to find good chamoy where I live. In Sinaloa we get a kind that has whole ciruelas in it. Or other times with tecojotes y chabacanos. At any rate, if you can find some that has actual fruit in it, try in on your pastas/duritos! it is delicious!

    • Fruit? Now you’re making it healthy! Snacks for watching fútbol can’t be healthy ;)

      Chamoy… I don’t think I’ve even ever had that in my life but will keep a look out! Thanks for the tip!

      • Probably not any healthier! Chamoy is a kind of hot salsa made with a base of fruit (like the way milperos or tomates are used as the base for salsa verde) and lots of chiles. It’s sweet and acidic and spicy all at once. Usually is made with ciruelas, but I think the fruit varies depending on the region. We use it in place of Valentina. Maybe I can send u a bottle…

      • Ooo, but if you send me one, I’ll have to send you something. E-mail me if you want to do a penpal exchange :)

    • Leslie is the best. I have a lot of Latina food blogs that I love, but I think I have made more recipes from Leslie’s than anyone else’s!

  3. Mmmmm I like Duritos, although i’ve only had them once. The Mexican made some for me and they were good. It involves oil though and well, he’s not that careful when it comes to cooking with oil. I need to get some and try them again. I bet my son would like them because he loves popcorn! The last time I had them, was before he was born!

  4. Yummy! I had no idea! I always thought it was pasta! Now I’m going to have to try them. Thanks for sharing.
    My response to Suegra would’ve been, “no, YOU invented pupusas. A long, looooooong time ago.” Jejejeje. Que mala! Ok, i wouldn’t have said it, but I would’ve thought it. :-)

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