(English translation available below.)

Cuándo Jarritos me invitó a probar unas botellas de sus bebidas y compartir mi opinión aquí en Latinaish.com, claro que la acepté. Tengo muchos años tomando Jarritos y es una de mis cosas favoritas.

Entonces, recibí la caja por correo ayer – (Suegra estaba super curiosa – Preguntandome por qué me mandan los Jarritos. Expliqué que es para mi “trabajo” … Ahora sí, ella piensa que soy alguien muy importante. Jajaja…)

Las ponía al refrige para que se enfríen y las saque en tiempo de cena. Ahora eran los niños que estaban curiosos. No dejo que tomen muchas bebidas con calorias – mejor que tomen leche o agua, pero todo en moderación. (Y los Jarritos tienen sólo 100% azúcar natural – nada de high fructose corn syrup.)

Los sabores que tuvimos fue: tamarindo, mandarina, tuttifruti, jamaica, limón, toronja, guayaba, piña, fresa, mango, y cola.

Carlos afirmó el tamarindo para él muy rapido, y me cae bien porque nunca me ha gustado el sabor de tamarindo en nada. Mi hijo mayor quería cola, (que me gusta mucho), y mi hijo chiquito quería mandarina, (que también es buena.) … Por curiosidad abrí la botella de jamaica porque, para mí, Jamaica es un país – no un sabor. No tenía ningúna idea que jamaica es un tipo de flor. Bueno, no me gusto. Suegra rapida venía, “¿Es de sabor jamaica?” preguntó. Le dijé que sí y ella me la quitaba por probar. “A ver sí es buena,” dijó, tomando un trago. Después, Suegra dijó que le gusto mucho, (y me explicó que jamaica es una flor.)

Siempre me ha gustado el sabor de sandía, pero no habia un Jarritos de sandía en la caja. Abriendo todas las botellas y echando un poco de cada sabor en una taza, probe todas. No creo que puedo selecionar una favorita. Me gustaban todas, (salvo jamaica y tamarindo.) …Guayaba, piña, y fresa son muy buenas, pero toronja y limón son más refrescantes. En fin, hay un sabor de Jarritos por cada sabor de persona.

Link: Puedes mandar una botella virtual de Jarritos a tus amigos en Facebook. ¡Qué chévere!

Divulgación: Los productos fueron recibidos con el propósito de la revisión. Esta revisión contiene sólo mi opinión sincera. Esta no es una revisión pagada.

—English Translation—

When Jarritos invited me to try some of their drinks and share my opinion here on Latinaish.com, of course I accepted. I’ve been drinking Jarritos for many years and they’re one of my favorite things.

So, I received the box by mail yesterday – (Suegra was super curious – Asking me why they sent me Jarritos. I explained that it’s for my “work”…For sure she thinks I’m someone important now!)

I put the bottles in the fridge to get cold and took them out later at dinner time. Now it was the kids who were curious. I don’t let them drink anything with calories too often – it’s better that they drink milk or water, but everything in moderation. (And Jarritos are made with 100% natural sugar – none of that high fructose corn syrup.)

The flavors we had were: Tamarind, Orange, Fruit Punch, Jamaica, Lime, Grapefruit, Guava, Pineapple, Strawberry, Mango and Mexican Cola.

Carlos quickly claimed the Tamarind for himself, and that was just fine with me because I’ve never like tamarind flavored anything. My older son wanted the cola, (which I really like), and my little son wanted Orange, (which is also good.) …Out of curiosity, I opened the bottle of Jamaica, because to me, Jamaica is a country, not a flavor. I had no idea that Jamaica is a type of flower. Well, I didn’t like it. Suegra appeared, “Is that Jamaica flavor?” she asked. I told her that it was and she took it from me to try. “Let’s see if it’s good,” she said, taking a swig. Afterward, Suegra said she really liked it, (and she also explained that Jamaica is a flower.)

I’ve always liked watermelon flavor, but there wasn’t a watermelon Jarritos in the box. I opened all the other bottles and poured a little of each into my cup one-by-one to try them out. I don’t think I can pick a favorite. I liked all of them, (except Jamaica and Tamarind.) Guava, Pineapple and Strawberry were all really good, but Grapefruit and Lime were more refreshing. In the end, there’s a Jarritos flavor for every flavor of person.

Link: You can send a virtual bottle of Jarritos to your friends on Facebook. Chévere!

Disclosure: These products were provided for review. This review contains only my honest opinion. This was not a paid review.

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20 thoughts on “Jarritos!

  1. Que chevere! Tengo celos, jeje! I love Jarritos Toronja, but I haven’t tried every flavor, just a few. I do love tamarind juice, but I’m not sure about how I’d feel about it being carbonated though. One day I’ll have to try it. I’m with you on the flower flavored sodas though. Postobon makes a red cola that tastes like roses. Not for me. :/

    • I had a rose flavored soda a long time ago which I surprisingly found kind of pleasant – can’t remember if that was in Italy or where… but in general, when I’m thirsty, the idea of drinking flowers doesn’t appeal to me. LOL.

  2. I see Jarritos every time I go to my Taquerias but never had one!
    I grew up having “refrescos naturales” (limonada, jamaica, mandarina, naranja, arrayán, maracuyá, tamarindo etc).
    You should give Jamaica a second chance. Yep, you brew the flower and then just add sugar. It is delicious, refreshing and high in antioxidants.
    Maybe the next time I go have my Tacos al Pastor I will try a Jarrito, maybe fresa or cola!
    BTW— todos salen muy bien en las fotos! Tu hijo chico es idéntico a ti!

    • I would give it another try. Maybe you can brew me some one day ;)

      You think my youngest son looks like me? … I think he’s much too cute, entonces tiene que ser que parece a su papá :)

  3. I have tried them all except the Mexican cola. I have never seen that one. And what’s weird is that all the times I have been to México I have never been able to find them. The first time I went I couldn’t wait to see them everywhere but noooooo. It’s not like a went to a small town I was in Toluca a big city. Oh well atleast they have them here in Alabama.

    • Interesting that you don’t see them in Mexico. Hopefully some of my Mexican friends will comment and let us know if they’re hard to find there… I know that every Latino market in the U.S. that I’ve ever been to always has them.

      Hope you find the cola. It’s really good.

  4. I usually don’t drink sweet carbonated stuff (I have a mild blood sugar issue) but now I must try Jarritos. I love tamarind so I think I’ll go for that flavor. I guess Jarritos got a new customer thru you from this post! LOL @ now suegra thinks you are a VIP!

    • LOL – Yes, now Suegra knows the truth of my fame ;) jajaja

      I try to lay off full calorie sodas too and almost always choose diet, but a Jarritos once in awhile doesn’t hurt. Now if they come up with diet Jarritos, I’m all over it. LOL.


    • LOL – Well then, we can be best friends and you can have all my jamaica and tamarindo. The rest will be mine ;)

      I would say that those are the two that are most “different” for American palettes. They aren’t flavors most Anglo-Americans are brought up on – some are pleasantly surprised and like it — some not so much.

      I have tried tamarindo in various foods/drinks over the years. No matter how many chances I give it, I can’t make myself like it. LOL.

      • Yeah, I agree! If you didn’t grow up eating them, it’s hard to get used to the taste!! I can eat tamarindo on anything!!! even soup LOL

        btw, check out my blog! I’m doing a small giveaway! ;)

  5. I’m not a big soft drink fan, so I haven’t ever tried Jarritos. I thought it was interesting that they translate lime as “limón.” I thought “lima” was commonly used for lime in México.

      • Being that I have been living in Mexico, I thought I’d add my two centavos to this lemon/limon – lime/lima conversation. Yellow lemons, like the ones used in the U.S. are rare here in Mexico. What we do have is plenty of green limes and Key limes. They are called limones. There is another citrus fruit called lima, I can’t remember the English name. It’s larger than a lime, not very sweet and not sour at all.

        Funny story though…I was crafting with my kiddies one day and asked them if they had a lemon yellow crayon. My kiddies looked at me like I was from another planet and said, “Mom, there’s no such thing as lemon yellow. Don’t you know that lemons are GREEN?”

  6. Very cool! Now you’re a celebrity! ;) My fav is the taronja for sure…and I don’t like tamarindo either, but it’s not my favorite flavor anyway. I LOVE Jamaica, but don’t prefer the Jarritos version. Lol!

  7. Me ENCANTA JARRITOS!!! La de pina es mi mas favorita… nunca he probado lo de Jaimaica pero en nuestro resturante hacen jaimaica… aye dios ya recuerdo cuando andava embarazada de mi hijo siempre anotje Jaimaica… y cuando lo tome empiezo el a mover como loco…si no lo sienti mover todo el dia solo tomaba Jamaica y aya andava moviendo el bote… jajaja

  8. Me ENCANTA JARRITOS!!! La de pina es mi mas favorita… nunca he probado lo de Jaimaica pero en nuestro resturante hacen jaimaica… aye dios ya recuerdo cuando andava embarazada cn mi hijo siempre anotje Jaimaica… y cuando lo tome empiezo el bebe a mover como loco…si no lo sienti mover todo el dia solo tomaba Jamaica y aya andava moviendo el bote… jajaja

  9. I LOVE Jarritos! Quiero uno de tamarindo, de toronja y de fresa. Son mis favoritos. :)

    I live in a small town (population 20,000) and almost every tiendita carries Jarritos. One thing to remember is that stores in Mexico aren’t like stores in the U.S. The merchandise isn’t always visible. Ask the store owner and they’ll get you whatever you’re looking for. :)

    Love that your suegra now realizes how famous and important you are! :)

  10. Another food-thing I’ve never seen here…. I will look out for them in the specialty shops.

    I think I may like Tamarind and Jamaica (I like floral flavors like rose, lavender and soap candy)

  11. Yum! I really love the flavor of Jamaica (you should try the tea Rosa de Jamaica, maybe that will change your opinion of Jamaica). That said, I’m also not a fan of anything Tamarindo.

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