Next time, Daddy only checks Math homework

(Overheard conversation)

Our 9 y/o son: Daddy, can you check my spelling homework?
Carlos: Where’s Mommy?
Our 9 y/o son: Writing.
Carlos: …Okay…..What am I checking? What is this?
Our 9 y/o son: My spelling homework.
Carlos: Oh… There.
Our 9 y/o son: Where?
Carlos: You see? You missed the “d” on napkin.
Our 9 y/o son: Daddy!!!
Carlos: What?
Our 9 y/o son: There’s no “d” on napkin!
Carlos: You need to put one.
Our 9 y/o son: Daddy!!! No! Napkin doesn’t have a “d”!
Carlos: It doesn’t?
Our 9 y/o son: No!!! {laughing}
Carlos: …napkind, napkind, napkind…It sounds like there’s a “d”
Our 9 y/o son: NAP-KIND, Daddy? Nap kind?! … Mommy!
Carlos: You don’t have to tattle! Sheesh.


    • Yup, me too. We balance each other out. Our youngest is only in 3rd grade. He’s doing simple fractions and I’m already lost. LOL.

  1. Too funny!! When my little sister was in first grade she would ask her dad to read the books to her..But he would change all the characters names to other ones like: Juana, Jose, Pancho, etc.. My mom is the one that reads books to her now! LOL

  2. that was really super-sweet

    my husband can’t help with spelling eithre (and English is his only language)

    but I can’t help fix their bikes, so it’s fair.

  3. Mi spelling no es TAN mala pero mi hijo me dice que tengo que mejorar mi acento!!!! How dare he tell me that!! jajajaja (he is right) Bueno, por lo menos lo tengo mejor que Sofía Vergara!

  4. LOLOLZZZZ (that’s me laughing out loud and snorting, because that really did happen)

    He reminds me of my Mom. One day, after my parents finished setting up their fancy new flat screen TV in their bedroom, my Mom steps back and tells me and my brother, “Ahora, lo unico que nos falta es un rib-eye”. My brother and I just glanced at each other and then I asked, “So… tienes hambre?”. Then she kept saying “NO! Un rib-eye! RIB-EYE!!!” You could tell she was getting pissed off because we weren’t understanding. My brother finally caught on and said “OHHH UN BLU-RAY?!”

    We ended up on the floor laughing our butts off.

    Napkind. Ohman…. napkind…. *giggling and running off to tell my Husby*

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