A Magical Trip To Mexico – (a story by my 9 year old)

I don’t know what makes me happier – the fact that my 9 year old is writing stories, or the fact that they contain a little Latin sabor.

At school they’ve been practicing for a writing assessment, and my son brought home some of his stories.

I may be biased, but I think he shows promise. I gave him a hug and told him I loved his stories.

“Writing must be in the blood!” I said proudly. Carlos smacked his forehead.
“I guess we’ll have to build an addition onto the house so he can live with us forever then,” he said.

Hee hee…

Anyway, here is his entire story transcribed. I corrected spelling and some punctuation but everything else is as he wrote it.

A Magical Trip To Mexico
by J. López (9 years old)

I was wanting to go to Mexico with my family. I snapped my fingers and I was there. I decided we should make a party. My family came along. We had a lot of snacks. The snacks were salsa, chips and much more. We even had a confetti machine.

The music was very good. Now it’s time to hit the piñata. The piñata was a donkey and was purple, green and red. Everyone hit the piñata – nothing came out. Now it was my turn. I hit the piñata – Whack! Whack! The donkey broke in half. All the sweets fell on the ground. There were red, blue, yellow, and green candy. I put so many in my pockets that I thought it might explode.

They had big hats. They were colorful. Some were black – I tried them on – way too big. I tried the colorful ones – too small. Then I saw a black and white hat that looked like a mariachi hat. I tried it on – just right. Then I went to the costume room. Next I looked for a suit that would match my hat. I saw a suit that was just right. I tried it – it was great.

When I came out of the dressing room I saw a mariachi band on the stage, so I went back to the costume room. I saw a chest full of instruments. I saw a blue guitar. It looked sapphire blue. I took it. I went back onto the stage and played with them. Then I tripped and I was back in my room. In my pocket I found a piece of confetti. I wondered if I really went to Mexico or if it was a dream.

The End


  1. Tal como su madre! I was totally captured by the details of the story, and the pure excitement he conveyed. I was totally in Mexico with him, until I was pleasantly surprised by the end! Loved it. Please give him another hug for me. I’m a proud tia.

  2. Very colorful and vivid this story of your son’s! I wonder how old Edgar will be when and if he becomes fond of writing. I try to encourage him to write for me, just little things here and there, and would be happy with anything he chooses… but a little writing spark would definitely stroke the ego! Keep encouraging him… and tell Carlos to hold off on that extra room. He may the accomplished author in our circle :-)

    • Ojalá! – Though even before he showed an interest in writing, our younger son informed us that he wants to live with us forever. LOL.

      Can’t wait to see what Edgar comes up with some day :)

  3. Federico, Chantilly, Angelica – Thanks for taking the time to comment! I will tell my son how much you liked his story :)

  4. Your son’s already a good storyteller and knows how to finish the story with that extra punch. I love the texture. He’s only nine? I say feed that writing gift of his as much as you can, Tracy. You’re blessed! Might even have a novelist or poet on your hands. ; D

  5. Ay Tracy your sons´s story gave me goosebumps! It is so vivid, detailed and with a great twist!
    Please tell him that whenever he wants to come to Mexiquito and whack some piñatas he is more than welcome to bring you all and stay at my house! Gosh your kid rocks!
    You must be one proud Mamma. :D
    Felicidades Amiga!

  6. I’m so sorry I missed this great post on Sunday! Your son definitely takes after you. What a great and vivid story. I loved it. :) And please tell him that it wasn’t a dream…it was a party at my house. :)

    • Smart kid! He’s already using descriptive words like “sapphire blue” and casting himself as the hero who finally breaks the piñata. He obviously knows the difference between reality and fantasy and leaves us wondering. Is he taking music lessons? He obviously wants to play that sapphire blue guitar with the mariachi band.

      • The “sapphire blue” impressed me too! … He loves music – no music lessons yet, but he will as soon as he’s old enough to take them in school. (His older brother plays trumpet and piano and he just loves all musical instruments – so that was insightful of you to realize!)

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