My Chicharito

My youngest son watches fútbol with me, and he likes to play. His favorite futbolista, (and mine) – is the ever popular “Chicharito” of El Tri (Mexico’s national team), who also plays for Manchester United.

During the World Cup, I couldn’t help but notice the resemblance between the footballer and my son. You can let me know if it’s my imagination, but I think it’s muy obvio. Now we call our son “Chicharito” – (one of about a dozen nicknames which seems to be the birthright of every Latino child.) … He’s totally embraced it. When I cut his hair, he tells me, “Cut it like Chicharito’s.”

So, if anyone out there is planning on making a movie about Javier Hernandez’s life, now you know where to find the actor who will play him as a child.


    • LOL, thanks, MJ. He’ll send you an autograph if this fictional movie set in the uncertain future is ever produced and they choose my son… jajaja…

  1. Wow! Si se parece! They are both so handsome! My youngest, tambien es un Chicharito. He can’t wait to start little league soccer this summer, so he can show everyone his mad soccer skills. :)

  2. Ay si se parece mucho! Such handsome guys!
    It is so true what you say about nicknames and latinos! JAJAJA! My husband has so many nicknames from his family that I´ve lost track. Some I can imply why they gave it to him, but others elude me completely! And of course, other nicknames are just hilarious. :D
    Ay Tracy que bonita familia tienes!

  3. De veras que se parecen. Ojala que no se te vaya a Manchester y se termine casando con otra Spice Girl. LOL

  4. Que guapos! Los dos! What does your Esposo think about this? Heeyyyy, did you take any trips to Mexico and/or Europe a few years ago, by chance…? ;-)

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