Miami, regresaré!

(Today is Spanish Friday so the following post is en español. Don’t speak Spanish? No problema! Just scroll down to the English translation below.)

Por tres días no puedo parar de sonreir. ¿Quieres saber por qué? Porque recibí una invitación de Telemundo por venir a Miami para los Billboard Latin Music Awards!

Me cuesta mucho buscar las palabras por explicar cómo me siento yo ahorita – (¡aún en inglés!) … Es casi el mismo sentido que uno siente cuándo está enamorado. No puedo pensar en nada salvo los Billboard Latin Music Awards. No tengo nada de hambre, no tengo sueño – sólo tengo mis ensueños de caminar en la carpeta roja con un vestidito super lindo, la playa que me recuerda mucho, la música, mis amigas, y estar rodeada de hispanohablantes y la cultura Latina – Miami y este evento son nada menos que el paraíso!

¿Y sabes qué? Espinoza Paz está nominado en varias categorías! Ay mi madre! Sí está mi Espinoza, y sí tengo el chance de conocerlo cara a cara – me muero! (Pero me muero feliz!)

La unica cosa es que quiero llevar Carlos conmigo. Él tiene muchos años trabajando fuerte sin irse en vacaciónes y lo merece mucho. Carlos no conoce Miami y ya sé que va a enamorar de la ciudad como yo lo hice el año pasado. Entonces, estoy buscando más trabajo, (escribiendo), y Carlos buscando trabajo en cortar grama o cualquier cosa que puede encontrar fuera de su trabajo regular, para que ahorramos un poco extra por comprar el boleto que necesita.

Así que, a trabajar voy, mis amigos! … Y Miami, mi amor, regresaré muy pronto!

Te dejo con un video: Armada Latina – Cypress Hill featuring Pitbull and Marc Anthony.

Pitbull está tan lindo y chistoso en este video. Chécalo!


For three days I haven’t been able to stop smiling. Want to know why? Because I received an invitation from Telemundo to come to Miami for the Billboard Latin Music Awards!

It’s difficult for me to find the words to explain how I feel right now – (even in English!) … It’s almost the same feeling one feels when they’re in love. I can’t think of anything except the Billboard Latin Music Awards. I’m not hungry, I’m not tired – I just have my daydreams about walking on the red carpet dressed in a super cute gown, the beautiful beach I often think of, the music, my friends, and being surrounded by Spanish speakers and the Latin culture – Miami and this event are nothing less than paradise!

And guess what? Espinoza Paz is nominated in various categories! If my Espinoza is there, and if I have the chance to meet him face-to-face – I will die! (But I’ll die happy!)

The only thing is that I want to bring Carlos with me. He has spent a lot of years working hard without going on a single vacation and he really deserves it. Carlos has never been to Miami and I know he’ll fall in love with the city like I did last year. So, I’m looking for more work, (writing), and Carlos is looking for more work, cutting grass or whatever he can find outside his regular work, so we can save a little extra that we need to buy his ticket.

So then, back to work I go, my friends! … And Miami, my love, I’m coming back real soon!

I leave you with a video: Armada Latina – Cypress Hill featuring Pitbull and Marc Anthony.

Pitbull is so cute and funny in this video. Check it out!


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  1. Yaaaaay amiga!!! Está increible que vas a Miami a un evento asi! WIHIIIII!!!
    Ojalá que les “llegue” el dinerito que necesitan (con lo such hardworkers que son los dos, seguro que si!) y puedan disfrutar en pareja – uuuuuyyyyyy!!!! – de este viajecito.

    Y OJALÁ PUEDAS CONOCER A TU ESPINOZITO! Nomás de imaginarte me muero de emoción (feliz) contigo! Jajajja!
    Nos vas contando todo cuando estés allá, eh!

    • Sí – voy a contar todo, amiga! Gracias por estar emocionada por mi :) So excited and can’t wait to share it with all of you the best I can!

  2. YAY! I’m so excited for you! What a great opportunity…seriously I don’t think I’d be able to eat, sleep etc because of the excitement :)

    • Thanks, Patty! Still sooo excited. I think it’s actually building as the date comes closer instead of wearing off. LOL.

  3. Super EXCITING!!! I love Miami havent been there in 6 years! I would love it even more being able to go to the awards! Disfrutenlo!!! =)

  4. Felicidades Tracy!!!! Que emoción tan emocionante LOL vas a conocer a tu Espinoza!!! Y que bueno que llevas a Carlos, esto me huele a otra luna de miel?? :P
    Estoy trabajando pero cuando regrese a casa te dejo el link a mi Spanish Friday!

    • Espero tu link, MJ! … As for luna de miel – this would be our first … and after 13 years of marriage. jajaja. Don’t you remember? We got married on a cold, rainy January day in a court, I was knocked up and then we moved in with my parents?

      Super glamorous ;)

  5. Hermana, I can’t tell you how happy I am for you… although I won’t deny, also a little jealous :-( LOL! But that is great!!! Really. You deserve it and I know you and Carlos will work it out for him to join! En realidad muchas felicidades… eres toda una estrella :-)

    • LOL – I so wish I could take you all with me, Juan! {{abrazos}} I would be jealous too but I know you’re also happy for me at the same time. I’ll try to get a pic of JLo for you, hermano. That will cheer you up, no? :)

  6. FELICIDADES! WOW! That’s VERY exciting news! I hope you post pictures of you with your fancy gown on the red carpet!!! Woohoo! Have a blast and say hi Enrique Iglesias for me. Actually give him a BIG beso from me. LOL!

  7. That is beyond exciting! I’d have to pinch myself! Suegra must realllly think your super important/famous now! ;) jejeje! Make sure you take a pic w/ J.LO for Juan! I wish I was closer…I’d volunteer my hair & makeup services for your red carpet debut! :)

    • I wish you did live closer because I would love a hair/makeup artist. LOL.

      Okay, a J.Lo pic for Juan… I have quite the to-do list… That’s if I even see any of these people in close enough range! I’ll take a photo of them on stage and it’ll be a tiny speck. LOL.

  8. P.s. Can you give Enrique or Juanes a kiss from me as well? You can show this to Carlos as proof that you are “on business” lmao!

    • LOL – Yes, I’m sure your comment will totally make it okay with him ;) … geez, I have a lot of besando to do. Hard work, hard work. lol

  9. Tracy, congratulations! Estoy tan emocionada por ti. Espero que todo salga bien y que, con el favor de Dios, los dos puedan disfrutar del viaje a Miami. : D

    Participe en Spanish Friday esta semana. Me compre un buen diccionario! Gracias por todo.

  10. How exciting!!!! Congrats amiga! I wouldn’t be able to stop smiling either! What an honor! Can’t wait to read all about your experience. Take lots of pics and if you see mi amor Alejandro Fernandez, tell him i love him…..OOPS i mean hello.


  11. Yay! Que honor! You are going to have so much fun! I’ll pray that the funds come so that you can share this awesome experience with Carlos. When are the awards? Can’t wait to see pics and see what cute dress you end up wearing on the red carpet! If you see Juanes, give him a big beso from me, and if you see Maná, tell them they need to go on tour in the US again, por favor!

  12. WHAT???!!!! Como?? Y porque quieres llevar a Carlos? TAKE ME!!!! Te seguro que nos pasa un buen tiempo!! hahaaahaa! Pues, ni modo….have fun…*totally bitter*

  13. Ay con solo mentionar su nombre mi corazon casi no aguanta! Estoy ENAMORADA de Espinoza Paz! My hubby is obsessed with Shakira pero Espinoza is just…wow.

    I was actually looking for my Espinoza CD (lo intentamos) yesterday and I can’t find it ANYWHERE! Tengo ganas de llorar porque I still can’t find it!

    • Oh no! Did you find it yet? I would be devastated. LOL.

      And I’m sorry you’re in love with Espinoza. You can’t have him ;) hee hee hee…

      (I can’t have him either. Ah well. We can pretend.)

  14. So exciting!!!!! Miami’s beautiful. I hope Carlos can go with you. I can’t wait to see and read all about it!
    And Espinoza’s going to be there??? This is a dream come true.

  15. Tracy!!!! This is sooooo awesome!!!! Felicidades, amiga! I can’t think of anybody else that would enjoy this as much as you!!! Lo máximo!!!

    You know I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you and Carlos! And I can’t wait to read your impressions and see your photos of the event!

    I’m sending un montón de buena vibra your way!!!

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