Mini Faux Papel Picado

Making real, authentic papel picado takes patience and dexterity. If you want to make a quick, fun mini-version with the niños, here’s a fun craft to do.

Mini Faux Papel Picado

What you need:

• colored construction paper
• scissors
• clear tape
• floss, string or yarn
• an imagination

Cut out small rectangles of colored construction paper, equal in size.

Fold the paper in quarters. (You can fold it more or less – whatever you like.)

Cut little snips and shapes out of the paper at different angles. (Remember making paper snowflakes as a child? Same technique.) … Also, it looks best if you scallop the edges in some way.

Repeat this process with rectangles of different colors. When finished, line them up on the table and tape them to a piece of floss, string or yarn before hanging up.

18 thoughts on “Mini Faux Papel Picado

  1. You know anything to do with craft will get my attention! Love this! This is great way to decorate for a fun casual party. Thank you so much for sharing this “how to” with us! I’m gonna try it

  2. Yo decoré con papel picado cuando me casé por lo civil para darle un súper mega boost de color al salón. Pero el que yo compré es de rice paper, mucho más fácil de manejar (aunque te pintas las manos si te sudan).
    Y ya que te gustan las crafts y celebraciones latinas… celebrarás el día de la cruz? (May 3rd)

  3. Nice demo, Tracy! I’ve always enjoyed it and used to collect it. I’ve seen people do some amazingly intricate things with papel picado and some very simple but bold imagery as well.

    Lots of folks find it intimidating for some reason. I think your post helps make it more user friendly and easy to see what can be done and how.

    • Thanks, Joe. I’m always trying to find kid-friendly ways to do things like this. There’s definitely something to be said for the authentic method, but this is just for fun. I love authentic papel picado a lot. One of my favorite art forms – incredibly beautiful and some of it so intricate, it’s hard to understand how anyone has the patience!

  4. ok.. Dia de la Cruz (May 3rd) Pensándolo bein vendría siendo como una Cornucopia latina. Se acostumbra, en la casa, poner una cruz de madera y se decora con papel picado y cadenas de papel de colores. Se le colocan todo tipo de frutas y es como dar gracias por la abundancia de las cosechas. Como en Mayo (spring) ya se ha plantado la semilla, se necesita que la madre naturaleza nos regale lluvia. Entonces, si no ha llovido, se moja la cruz y se pide por las lluvias que ayudarán a mojar la tierra etc etc. A los días (no muchos) te puedes ir comiendo la fruta, siempre dándo gracias.
    Creo que esta costumbre es 50% española (traída al continente por los españoles católicos) y 50% indio nativo ya que ellos veían a su DIos más bien representado en la naturaleza.
    ok… ahi tienes la explicación!

  5. Aww this is so cute.. I have a bunch of left over scrapbooking paper that’s colorful with pretty designs, I think I’ll try makig these with that!

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