Botas Picudas

The first time I saw botas picudas was in a WalMart parking lot. The boys piled into the car with Suegra while Carlos and I put the groceries into the trunk. Across the row, a group of young Mexican guys walked by and caught my eye.

I nudged Carlos. “Look at those boots!”

These tipos were decked out – cowboy hats, jeans tighter than I could ever hope to fit into, fancy button-down shirts, big belt buckles, and these pointy toed boots I couldn’t take my eyes off of.

Carlos sneered and went back to putting groceries into the car.

“If we find you boots like that, will you wear them?!” I asked, handing him a bag from the cart.

“No. They look ridiculous,” he answered, before reminding me for the millionth time that he wasn’t Espinoza Paz, he wasn’t Mexican, and he wasn’t even from the Salvadoran countryside – he’s a city boy.

I watched the Mexican guys get into their truck and pouted. That was a year ago and I still haven’t convinced Carlos to buy a pair of botas picudas. In fact, the fashion has gotten so out of hand that now he definitely wants nothing to do with it.

Apparently the men wearing these boots got a little competitive about whose boots were longer and pointier, (*ahem* … we are talking about BOOTS here but it makes you wonder.) … Now, some of the botas picudas can be so long that the wearer attaches the tip of the boot to their wrists to keep from tripping.

This documentary explains how DJ Erick Rincón and the Tribal music scene in Mexico City played a part in popularizing botas picudas, (which can be seen even in the United States – especially in Texas.)

People who wear these boots are sometimes called “nacos” and “chuntaros” – but they’re not ashamed and you have to admire that.

¡Que Chuntaro! by
Erick Rincón, 16, Spins Mexico’s Newest Craze by
[free downloads]
Erick Rincón on Twitter

(Gracias to mi amiga, Elsie, for sharing the video and inspiring the post!)


  1. Santo Cielo… bueno, cada quien con lo suyo y con sus gustos. Me dio pena ver al chiquito bailando en calzoncillos; not funny!
    Les deseo buena suerte con esa su moda, haber si luego no se quejan de mega juanetes y unas hernias por usar los pantalones tan apretados!
    Yo… me quedo con el DJ Erick, me gusta la fusión de lo moderno y pre-hispánico en su música.

    • Honestamente, me dio pena este parte del video también. Está muy joven por bailar asi — pero el resto de el documentary me gusto mucho. Muy interesante, no?

      DJ Erick is awesome!

  2. Great insight to los Nacos! that was an excellent video as well. I’m cracking up thinking of what Carlos must’e been thinking when you asked why he didn’t wear those boots. Must’ve been a priceless expression!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Tracy, thanks for the shout :-) The first time I saw those boots, I thought it was a joke (a Halloween costume or something)… a really bad joke, until I noticed all the other little guys in the club were wearing the same thing. Then I was like WHAT THE HELL, QUE LOCURA!! To each his own, me imagino, pero en serio, para mi, es una completa ridiculez, jajajaja!!!!

  4. Very interesting! Shoes as a power statement!! i think the same thing happens with high heels or designer shoes.
    In my hometown the people that wear boots are from the rancherias around the city, so we call them rancheritos..But I haven’t seen anyone with botas tan picudas, they look like those Moroccan pointy shoes!!

  5. Tracy,
    My husband is out of town, but as soon as he gets back I plan on showing him this video! I think he is going to fall over… either from shock or from laughing.
    He is originally from Northern Mexico where botas are seen on everyone (almost). Although he likes his little rancho, he has converted into more of a city guy. I’m curious to hear what he has to say about these botas picudas.

    I’ve never seen or heard about them until now. How interesting! I enjoyed the documentary. I agree with the comments above about the little guy bailando en su calzones fue inappropriate, pero el documentario fue muy interesante! The actually dance contests look pretty cool. I just find this trend…hmmm…. interesting. :p

    The next time I go to la tienda mexicana I will have to stop into the store next door and check out their botas. I wonder if they have any? I would love to see a pair in person.

  6. Holy crap! I’ve seen botas picudas like the ones that some guys usan para duranguense pero AY GUEY!!! Nunca eh visto a botas asi!

    (And I think we share an obsession with mi Espinozito. He’s coming to Utah in May y Cangrejo no me quiere llevar.)

  7. Ay Dios mio!!!! Tracy qué es esto?!!! Qué horror! Jajajaja!
    Poor men… they´ll do anything to see who´s got the longest, strongest, pointy-est car, boots, cigar, etc!

  8. gracias amiga para el “shout-out!” Muchos vaqueros en este parte de Tejas llevan botas picudas. My first sight of them was at a quinceanera, muy tradicional, the young guys were dancing in a circle to the tribal music, doing a half-jump, half-turn move, and it was entertaining! Their boots were not as long, but they sure were pointy. My dad is a fan of pointy boots, but when I suggested these to him, he said the same “ridiculous!” I like how these mexicanitos use their own style and are not afraid to put it out there – que rico!

  9. I can’t remember seeing anyone wearing these boots but an aging musician who hang around Ottawa. A 100 per cent NON-Mexican musician on top of that. :lol:

  10. Oh my cousins… No, en serio, my cousins are all into that ‘fashion’ trend and all we can do is LOL. I’d like to applaud Carlos for having some sense and saying NO! to Botas Picudas.

  11. no that fashion hasn’t come this far North yet.

    There was a time in Medival Europe that the extremely pointy shoes for men had to be tied to the knees of their hose to prevent tripping, so these guys aren’t quite as original as they thought!

  12. OMG!! When you were asking about these boots I had no idea! My DH has a pair of Ostrich botas with a pointy tip but nothing like the ones these guys are wearing. WOW! Um, have mercy on Carlos- those boots are extreme. :)

  13. Wow dass crazy lookin. Down here in Texas, rancherotes in full regalia are a common sight, but I have never seen any boots like that. Anyway, you know how footwear trends are. Uggs and Crocs are pretty hideous, too. I’ll have to see if this takes off in my parts, too.

  14. I just posted about this earlier today and didn’t even realize you had! I’m so out of the fashion loop since I’ve been working so narrowly on just school related things.

    I guess great minds think alike!

    • Since this little documentary came out – everyone is talking about them! LOL.

      Keep up the hard work in school. Botas picudas can wait jajaja ;)

  15. Hola soy duena de una tienda de Botas vaqueras y aqui estoy empesando a producir todo tipo de Botas incluyendo este tipo de bota picuda Aqui somos pocas tiendas que estamos trabajando estas botas nos gustaria que pasaras por nuestra tienda y echaras un vistazo a todo lo que tenemos

  16. Saludos,
    Admito que hasta hace poco no me molaba demasiado estesitio,
    sin embargo con los ultimos posts estoy visitandolo regularmente
    y me esta gustando mas.

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