La Casa Blanca

[Scroll for English translation!]

Hoy es Spanish Friday pero casi no tengo tiempo por escribir mi post. Es las 5 de la mañana y estoy lista por ir a la casa de mi amigo, El Presidente Obama.

(Gracias a mis padres, hoy, la familia López anda en un tour de La Casa Blanca en Washington D.C.)

A visitar Barack voy! (Si está en casa!) Hasta luego, y si participaste en Spanish Friday, deja tu link en comentarios!


Today is Spanish Friday but I almost don’t have time to write my post. It’s 5 o’clock in the morning and I’m ready to leave to go to the house of my friend, President Obama.

(Thanks to my parents, today, the López family is going on a tour of the White House in Washington D.C.)

Off to visit Barack! (If he’s home!) See you later and if you participated in Spanish Friday, leave your link in comments!

14 thoughts on “La Casa Blanca

  1. how exciting!!! Obama is California right now, que no? De cualquier manera, enjoy the tour of what can be your future home if one of your kiddos decides to become president!!
    Will be back with my link after I do laundry lol

  2. Seriously? That’s pretty cool!

    In Canada, we can visit the Parliament for free pretty much anytime but I hear getting to visit the White House was difficult.

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