La Casa Blanca y La Familia López

Driving by the Washington Monument on our way to the White House. (Carlos calls this "La Aguja" - "the needle.")

The visit to La Casa Blanca was bien chivo although President Obama wasn’t around to welcome me as I had hoped. I didn’t tweet or blog until now because between waking at 4 a.m. for the White House tour and preparing for our trip to Miami, I’m just super cansada.

I wish I had a lot of photos to show you, but on White House tours, no cameras are allowed inside. And honestly, although it’s fun to say, “I’ve been to the White House” – the section they allow you into is really more of a museum than actual living quarters for the family. (I didn’t even so much as see “Bo” – the Obama family’s dog!)

When you first walk in there are photos of the Obama family on the walls of the foyer. The very first photo prominently displayed, was President Obama with mariachi. I instinctively reached for my non-existent camera before remembering – no cameras allowed so I hadn’t brought it. I did find the photo on the internet though so you can see.

(By the way, I found this photo on a website called Obama Looks Bored, which features photos of President Obama looking bored. Love it.)

There were a lot of fancy furnishings, three immense crystal chandeliers that weigh 1200 pounds each. Each chandelier takes 72 hours to clean. (And that is the extent of historical tour guide type data I retained.)

There are various rooms named for colors – The Blue Room, The Red Room (which looked hot pink to me for some reason – but I loved it), The Green Room, etc.

In the Green Room a painting caught my eye and I wanted to remember the artist so I could look it up later. Without a pen and paper I had to rely on my memory, which isn’t so good. To remember things, I usually have to play word games with myself. So, to remember the artist, Jacob Lawrence, I said to myself, “Jacob Lawrence, Jacob Lawrence, Jacob Lawrence… how can I remember his name? … Oh! Jacob Have I Loved!”

Carlos immediately turned around, “Whose Jacob?”
“The artist of that painting,” I said.
“No, the other Jacob you loved,” he said narrowing his eyes.
He didn’t believe me for several minutes that ‘Jacob Have I Loved’ is the name of a book.

The Builders - by Jacob Lawrence
The Obama family in the Green Room, (the painting I like is in the background)

(The painting turned out to be ‘The Builders’ by Jacob Lawrence, if you want to read more about it.)

Once we were outside, we were allowed to take photos, so I took a few with my cell phone camera.

White House lawn being cut.
Back outside the gates.
The future 1st Latino President and his hermanito.


  1. I love it… y tus hijos bien guapetones igual ke el Presidente… no mas listate con el grande… o pronto te digo suegra jajajaj jk jk jkjk pero bonita aya… regressate pronto!

  2. Dale!!! Si tu hijo va de presidente, desde ya cuenta con mi voto. Sólo pido a cambio algun puesto de Embajadora (pero no en Medio Oriente, gracias)!!!
    Qué bonito paseo! Nosotros pensamos hacerlo a finales de Mayo. Pero creo que tienes que reservar tus entradas como 6 meses de anticipación no? Si es así, que se conforme Obama de verme parada en la calle!!!!!

  3. Seriously, no photos inside the White House…after all the taxes we pay! But I guess for security it makes sense.

    I’m definitely voting for your lil guy! :)

    • LOL! I totally wanted to! I wonder how long he’s been doing it. Like imagine when you first get the job. You probably ride around on that riding mower feeling like the king of the world – like, “Hell yeah! I cut the lawn of the White House!” … And then after a couple years maybe it feels like any other landscaping job? … lol

      • I can’t tell you how many pictures of the White House lawn I’ve seen. That was very first one I have *ever* seen of someone mowing it. There must be a story in there somewhere.

  4. My uncle wrote a book called “the Night of the Realtor” which gave him his fifteen minutes of fame. It seems that doing research for the novel – which is about a realtor that sells the White House – he found that there is no deed for the whitehouse, and applied himself for one! Too funny! He got in the press for that scheme. (his name was Dave Jenneson BTW)

  5. :) I always wondered how they manage to keep the privacy of the president and his family when they have so many tourist visiting each week. Now I know! BTW, how could President Obama be bored with mariachi playing their heart out? I say he was soaking it in!

  6. I’ve been once only to DC, and that was for all of a few hours for an interview. Have always wanted to visit the monuments. Thanks for sharing your family’s experience. It sounds like you enjoyed yourselves. Have always wondered about security on the grounds and inside. Is it like on TV with guys in black suits and ear-pieces standing all over the place?

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