I’m in Miami, trick!

(Title from a LMFAO song feat. Pitbull)

I’ve been in Miami since Tuesday morning and have been going non-stop since the plane touched down. I should be in bed right now because mañana is the big day (Latin Billboard Awards!) … but I have too much I want to share.

First, the hotel. Okay, gente, this place is so chic and exclusive – and yet the design of it is … well, let me show you.

Chandeliers inside of bronze bells.

The decor reminds me of chess and Alice and Wonderland… pero, when we arrived, our rooms weren’t quite ready yet, so Carrie, (from TikiTikiBlog.com) – and I, waited out by the pool. (I was also waiting for Carlos to arrive since he took a different flight.)

Carrie offered to buy me a [very expensive] drink. When she asked me what I wanted, the first thing I thought of was a Cuba Libre, never mind that it was still before noon and I hadn’t eaten since 4 am.

A Cuba Libre is basically a rum and Coke with lime. (Gracias for getting me half-borracha, Carrie!)

Soon enough our rooms were ready except I had a small problem. I had been told my debit card would suffice for check-in, but it wasn’t working for some reason. I didn’t have a credit card to offer them so I called up my little sister and thankfully she gave them her card instead. I felt totally naca, but I got my room key.

(View from the room.)

(Mini-bar treats I can’t touch or my sister’s credit card will be charged.)

Really – The Mondrian is amazing in every way, but I do have one complaint and it’s this…

This carita loca is in every hotel room and she’s seriously freaking me out. She stares right at the bed… which is where I need to go now. More soon! Besos from Miami!

Disclosure: I’m in Miami for the Latin Billboard Awards at the invitation of Telemundo. All opinions are my own.


  1. I am so happy you are there..I almost feel like I’m there…but not really.

    That face would totally freak me out. What’s up with that anyway? Someone must have really been in love with that girl to put her up on every room ( :

    Enjoy Miami! Enjoy friends! Enjoy your no kids time with hubby!

    and then tell us all about it….

    except the Carlos and Carita time ( :

  2. Yay! So your husband is coming, too!!…how exciting for both of you!! I hope it’s beautiful weather the whole time…rain and tornado watches here.
    Fancy rooms… but that face is definitely weird.

  3. Yay! I’m totally going to look for you in the crowd on TV. :-) I’m so glad Carlos is going to be there. What a fun adventure for the two of you! Enjoy your time in Miami, Amiga!

  4. O…..M…..G!!!! I can’t believe how freaking cool this whole thing is turning out!! I love all of it! Show lots of pics please!!

  5. What a great looking hotel (except the face) it’s very modern looking!

    I love that there are aluminum bottles in the US. We don’t have those up here, we just have cans.

  6. What a gorgeous hotel! I’m glad you had this time to share with your husband.

    That head on the closet is the only thing I’d change! :)

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